The Irish Visitor

It had been 11 years since they last had sex.

She was excitedly nervous. How much had he changed, how much had she?
He was over 50 now. Would he still be able to get a hard on? Would he still be able to keep it up? And for how long?
Would she still do it for him?

‘Come up to the room, 1225. I need to hop into the shower’ his message read.
She walked along the hotel passages with purpose, trying to look like she belonged there. Butterflies. Acidic taste in her mouth.

She stopped at the door and took a few deep breaths before she knocked. The door opened.
She walked in.

He was standing facing her, drying himself off with a towel.

Her breath caught… Everything she remembered and more.

2 large strides and he had her in his arms. His mouth hot against hers. He only pulls away long enough to say ‘hello Baby’ in his strong Irish accent. So familiar….

He lifts her up and throws her on the bed. Before she knows what is happening, her panties are off and he is tasting her.  His big, strong hands are cupping her hips and lifting them as she pushes into him.

She feels the blood rushing towards her inflamed, pulsating wetness. She is starting to see spots…

She pushes him away and then pulls him up towards her. She doesn’t want the first one to be like that.
As she’s kissing him, she turns him over. Her hands are busy getting his buttons and zip undone.
He pulls away and quickly removes the offending garments.
She pushes him back onto his back and takes his large throbbing cock between her lips. She sucks and licks and feels him grow even more. She feels the veins pulsating.

She can’t wait a second longer!
She climbs on top of him and slowly lowers herself onto him. She can feel ever inch of this hard cock as it penetrates her.

Before he is fully inside her she starts moving. He puts his massive hands on her hips and assists her with the motion. She can see his face become flushed and his pupils dulate. She knows he can see the same happening to her. The rhythm increases. She bites her lip.
‘Oh MY FUCK!’ ….
‘Bloody HELL’’ the sensation is shooting through her, building up. She feels herself getting wetter and wetter.
She can feel him in places that no one has reached in years.
She quickens the pace as he strokes her exploding wall.
‘JEEEEsUS!!!’ She exclaims as she explodes and he is right behind her.

She collapses. He entire body is convulsing. She rolls off him and pushes his hands away when he tries to touch her. Her entire body is exploding. Like the firecrackers of her youth.

Finally she recovers and looks over at him.

‘WOW! Welcome’

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