Dirty weekend

She stood in the queue at passport control. Her heart was racing with nervous anticipation. Her hands and legs were shaking slightly. She was looking around taking in the interesting people around her.

“Passport please” He was severe. Not even a hint of a smile on his face

“Where are you staying”

“In a hotel”

“Which hotel?”

“I don’t know”

He looked up at her suspiciously. She smiled nervously.

“How do you not know where you are staying? What are you coming to do here? How will you get to where you are staying?”

“I’m meeting a friend. He has organised it. It’s a dirty weekend” She blurted out.

He took a long look at her while her heart raced. Finally, he stamped her passport and let her go.

She saw him the minute she got out of the sliding doors. Within seconds she was in his arms and they were kissing passionately. She was instantly turned on.

“Let’s get a cab and go to the hotel” He said.

He waved down a taxi and gave the driver the address. She didn’t notice anything around them. They were kissing like teenagers. Her hands were roaming over his hard body. She was so wet and ready for him. Thankfully the drive wasn’t’ too long and they were on their way up to the room. (He’d checked them in before he fetched her at the airport)

Her top was off before they were through the door. They were kissing and she was pulling his shirt over his head. She stopped and stepped back for a moment to take in his beautiful body. She went down onto her knees and undid his zip and released his throbbing cock. She took it into her mouth and started sucking and moaning with pleasure. The reality of him was so much better than all her fantasies leading up to the weekend. He ran his hands through her hair and grabbed a handful and pulled it while she was pleasuring him. It was so HOT!

He stopped her and lifted her into his arms. He kissed her again before lying her on her back on the bed. He removed her panties and went down on her. She was wet and swollen and pushed into his hungry mouth. He was licking and sucking and fingering her. Her hips were moving and she was moaning. He kept going until she finally exploded in his mouth.

She pulled him up and on top of her and they kissed passionately. His hard cock was rubbing against her. They rolled over and she positioned herself so that she could slide her wet pussy over his massive cock. She let out a gasp as their bodies finally joined. She started moving her hips. Slowly at first but soon she was sitting up, his hands on her hips and she was moving hard. She leaned forward and grabbed onto the headboard and used it to help her move harder. They were both moaning. She could feel his cock grow bigger inside her.

“I’m going to Cum!” he said.

He gripped the headboard harder and ground down deeper onto him as she exploded with him. As they both let out cries of pleasure, there was a massive crash. The headboard had pulled free from the wall. After the initial shock they both started laughing hysterically. What an eventful start to their dirty weekend.

Finger fucking

He poured a little oil into his palm… warming it, and smoothed his palm over her bottom…

warmth of his touch swept over her…he was massaging and teasing her at the same time

All of a sudden he spanked her, not hard, but a shock in its self…a different heat came over through her…She was a bit shocked, he had never spanked her before.

He carried on massaging the warm oil into her skin, moving up and down her legs, the warm oil running between her slightly open legs.

Smack!! He did it again…Again not sore but fast and sharp…and then continued, massaging, , rubbing, smacking, massaging, smacking. Her bottom glowed bright pink, she could feel the heat of the reddened skin.She was starting to be very very turned on..

His big hands rubbed faster and faster, a finger slipping into her wet pussy as if by accident. She pushed down onto his hand, wanting more of it in her. In response he removed his hand and easily picked her up off her tummy, laying her across his waist. He was still fully clothed.She lay across his lap, as he spread her legs, pushing his big hand into her very wet cunt.

First one finger, fucking her hard, then two…on and on he went, carefully massaging, fingering and exploring her beautiful swelling pussy.

He knew her body, the curves and folds of her vagina, the lines and slick muscles of her inner body. He gave her such pleasure. She was shaking and making little animal noises, utterly under his control.

Smack!! He did it again, and this time she really jumped. Not that it was sore, well a bit, but at the power and control under which she lay.

He kissed her, deeply, passionately, and then lay her over his lap again.He was very hard and she ground down on to him with her tummy.

No my girl, no. This is about you.

He slid two fingers into her cunt and started rubbing her perinium with his thumb. She squeezed hard onto his hand, her inner muscles leaping at his touch…she started to orgasm, slowly, as he fingered and rubbed her harder and faster..her uterus was swelling fast, her pussy getting tighter and wetter by the second..He found her g-spot, pinching it firmly from inside her and from the front..the feeling washed over her and now she began to cum properly….hard waves of pleasure, clamping down onto his hand, his fingers, her hips bucking in short sharp strokes.He rode her movements, matching the rythimic thrusts with his fingers fucking her. Somehow there were now three fingers inside her, his thumb on her clit and his pinkie just inside her anus. She hadn’t even felt it enter, but she certainly could feel it now. There was a whole new dimension to the sensations raging across her genitals…he finger fucked her harder and harder, gutteral moans of pleasure now escaping both of them…she came again, crying out, no more, no more..and rolled off his lap, reacking for his arms to wrap around her, and she calmed and settled, her head on his chest. So much passion, love and trust. There was nowhere in the world either would rather be.

-written by Davothemag


They had taken the weekend to reconnect. Life had happened and between children, flu and work, they hadn’t had much alone time in the recent weeks.

It was the beginning of Spring and the days had turned warm. They tore each others clothes off as soon as they arrived at his house on the Friday evening before making quick, passionate love. They had stayed naked since then.
They’d had their usual morning wake up sex. It was functional for his release as she took a while to warm up and participate fully. He brought her breakfast in bed and they relaxed, chatting and catching up for a while.
“Go put some on some clothes, we need to pop out to the shop” he instructed her.
She slipped a short summer dress over her head and grabbed some summer shoes.


she was heading towards the door, he came up behind her. He lifted her dress and bent her over the back of the couch. He grabbed her hips and pushed into her. She was instantly wet with the excitement of being taken. He took her like a rampant beast. She had to hold onto the couch and push back against him in order to prevent herself from falling. She could feel the heat rise off him. He wanted and needed her and nothing was going to stop him form having his way. He finally let out his roar of release and collapsed onto her. She fell over the back of the couch in order to support his weight, grinning widely. It was such a turn on to be taken in that way.
They were back home, naked, and had been drinking. The music was playing and they were very cheerful. He went to the kitchen to get them more drinks. When he came back, she beckoned to him with her finger to come closer. She had a strange smile on her face. He came right up to her. She bent her head down and took his cock into her mouth. He felt the strangest sensation as she slid her mouth over his hood and then started stroking down his shaft with her hands. The mouth and hands kept sucking and moving until he was hard. She finally lifted her head and gave him a naughty grin. He looked down and realised what the strange sensation was. She’d put a condom on him with her mouth. He’d never had that done before.
It was late and they were back on the bed. Both of them were tipsy. They were kissing and getting hot and heavy. He moved down her body until his warm lips found her very wet pussy. He started sucking on her Clit. She arched up into him. He inserted a finger into her and stimulated her G-spot while licking and sucking her. She was moaning and moving with him. He could feel her getting wetter, He added another finger into her and started moving them vigorously. She was almost frantic with her movement and moans. He kept up the internal and external rhythm until she finally clamped down against him and exploded.
He took his own pleasure as day one came to an end


Full moon fantasy

The reflection of the full moon stretched along the length of the ocean. The warm air caressed her skin as she leaned over the balcony rail. She sensed his presence as he came up behind her. He put his hands on her hips and leaned in and kissed her neck. She took a deep breath. He smelled so good.

She turned around into his big arms that instantly wrapped around her. They started moving together to the music playing in the background. Their hand were moving over each other. She looked up at him and his mouth came down to meet hers. They kissed deeply and passionately. Her heart was racing. Her breathing had quickened.
They moved towards the deck table. He lifted her up and put her on the table. She lay down over the table. He pushed her dress up to around her waist and went down onto his knees. He started licking her pussy. She arched her back and pushed up into him. She looked to the side and took in the beautiful scenery of the moon playing on the water as her pleasure grew. He skillfully brought her to a screaming climax.
He helped her off the table and he leaned against the railing as she returned the favour. She licked his penis from the base, taking his balls into her mouth for a few moments before continuing up his throbbing shaft. She stretched her lips and slowly moved her mouth over his engorged head. She flicked her tongue over and around the base of the head. She had both her her hands around his shaft and moved them to the rhythm of her sucking. His penis was moving and throbbing. He started moaning with pleasure.
She slid her bottom hand down and started rubbing and playing with his balls. She ran her hand between his legs and massaged his perineum. His cock grew even harder. She moved her finger and started teasing his ass. His moaning grew louder. She slowly slid her finger into him. He started moving against her. She increased the pace of her sucking. He arched back and let out and animalistic roar as he exploded and filled her mouth. She looked up at him with a cheeky grin as she swallowed and licked her lips.

Threesome Cuckhold

They were invited to a house party. Everyone was very friendly and engaging.
The usual ‘what is your thing’ question came up all the time. The answers ranged from exhibitionism and voyeurism to soft swop and hard swop with a little bit of light BDSM raising it’s head occasionally.

They found themselves having drinks with a couple whom they’d never met before. He had dark hair and seemed a number of years older than her. She was beautiful and blond with a vervacious personality.

After explaining that they were only into soft swop at this stage with a preference for a FMF threesome (where he may penitrate both women), the husband’s smile grew large.

‘We may just be the perfect couple for you as I have a cuckhold fantasy with a twist. I want to watch my wife being pleasured by a couple. She is BI and loves the attention of both sexes so having it at once would be perfect’

They looked at each other and smiled. They weren’t ready for her to interact with a man yet, but she really preferred the dynamic of a couple to a single woman.

They agreed that they would go for dinner at their house and the play would happen afterwards.

The build up to the appointed evening was incredibly hot. They discussed what each of them would like to do and how the play would ideally play out. They were both excited by the prospect of her husband watching as they had found that they had a strong exhibitionistic side.

The night arrived. They were showed, shaved and prepped. They stopped in front of the house and kissed each other deeply.
“Ready?” He asked
“More than”

Dinner was fun and easy. The joking and flirting flowed easily. Both the husband and wife shared some of their fantasies about how the night would play out. Most of what they desired had already been planned for the night.

After dinner, they moved into the jacuzzi. The 3 of them got in. The husband brought them fresh drinks before taking a seat at the side with a good view of everyone. He asked that his wife sat in the middle. Both their arms were behind the wife’s back. They were flirting and laughing. The husband asked if the 2 girls could kiss. She got onto the wife’s lap and started kissing her. Her hand was on his cock. Stroking it’s full hardness. He had turned toward the girls and was caressing her back, neck and hair. She stopped kissing the wife and gave him a passionate kiss. Her hards were caressing the wife’s beautiful breasts.
The husband asked him to kiss the wife. He did as instructed. They were all kissing each other and hands were everywhere.
The interaction was fun, and not forced. There was a lot of flirting and laughing and interaction with the husband.
The husband instructed the girls to give him a double blow job. The girls helped him onto the side of the jacuzzi. They knelt in front of him and kissed each other while rubbing his cock.
The wife put his massive cock in her mouth. She got out and kissed his mouth. She slowly worked her way down his body. Licking, sucking and kissing. The wife looked up so that she could watch them while she sucked him.
She got back into the jacuzzi and knelt next to the wife again. She started sucking his balls. She moved her mouth up and sucked the one side of his cock while the wife sucked the other. Their mouths and tongues kept finding each other. Their hands were groping each other.
The husband instructed them to stop as he didn’t want him to cum that way.
The husband topped up their glasses as they took a breather and chatted. Their hands were all over each other and they kept kissing each other.
The husband informed them that it was time to move the show to the bedroom.
The girls disappeared to the bathroom while the men chatted and took the drinks through to the bedroom.
The girls walked out of the bathroom holding hands dressed in sexy lingerie and heels. Both men were seated on comfortable arm chairs at the side of the room.
The girls got onto the bed and kneeled facing each other. They started kissing each other. They took their time exploring each other. Moving straps off shoulders and kissing them. Loosening clasps and freeing the breasts to kiss and suck.
They were both topless and short of breath. Lust hang in the air between them.
The husband instructed him to join them. He stood at the side of the bed. The wife lay on her back with her head off the side of the bed. She opened her mouth and he fucked her mouth. He went so deep that she gagged a bit. She was kissing the wife’s body from her feet upwards. She kissed her pussy through her sheer lace panties. She slid her fingers under them and inserted one finger into her shopping wet pussy. She quickly removed the wife’s panties. She could see that she was distracting the wife from the blow job so she worked herself up towards her mouth, stopping to suck and caress her perfect nipples. He pulled out of her mouth and watched as the girls lay on top of each other kissing. He had his hand on her back and hair.
The husband instructed his wife to suck his balls while she gave him a blow job. She kneeled over the wife’s chest as she mouth fucked his cock. The wife was sucking his balls and caressing his perineum.
She stopped and left the wife to administer more pleasure while she grabbed the condom from the bedside table. She put it in her mouth and proceeded to cover his cock while she sucked him.
The husband instructed him to lie on his back and for the wife to ride him reverse cowgirl.
She lay down between his legs. She licked his perineum and balls. She moved up and licked the wife’s pussy as she was riding him. The wife was moaning and started moving harder. Her body went into spasms and she came hard. She moved around and kissed him.
The wife got off and removed the condom. She removed her panties and mounted him in regular cowgirl. The husband instructed his wife to ride his face.
The girls faced each other and kissed as they both rode him hard. Their hands were all over each other.
It didn’t take long for the wife to cry out as she exploded again. This was enough to push her over the edge and her body clamped down hard on his cock as she came too.
The husband instructed him to finish off by taking her doggy style. He moved behind her as she was on all fours. As he plunged his massive cock in her he put one foot next to her and grabbed her shoulders for the deepest penetration possible.
The wife stood at the base of the bed behind him and spread his ass cheeks. She rimmed him as he thrusted deep into her. It only took his a few strokes with the intense stimulation before he roared and erupted.
The husband was very pleased with the show and came to join them on the big bed as they all cuddled and chatted about what had just happened.

Friends who like friends

They’d spent a few days on a beach holiday with some new friends. They’d interacted with them on a number of occasions at social events but had never spent real 1:1 time with any of them. They’d heard rumours that they were Swingers but had never seen real evidence to support this. During the few days spent together the couples both seems really attentive and loving to their spouses. There was no evidence whatsoever of inappropriate behaviour.

It was their last night so they brought out the bubbly which they all enjoyed as sundowners. The conversation and laughter flowed freely. The topic of sex came up and they were asked about their preferences and opinions. They spoke about the fact that they were both sexually adventurous and were contemplating getting into the swinging lifestyle. The new friends opened up about them being in the lifestyle.

The wind came up and the air turned cold. They all moved inside. One of the men picked up a tin and spun it around on the floor. It stopped with the nozzle pointing to one of the wives.

‘Take off an item of clothing’

She laughed and removed her top. The game continued and before long everyone was naked. There was a lot of laughter and gentle teasing.

The men carried a mattress into the lounge and put it in front of the couches. The sexual energy was palpable. The other couples started kissing and interacting with the opposite spouses. They were kissing each other. One of the wives asked her how best to give a blow job. She lay down flat on her back with her head off the mattress. He kneeled behind her and fucked her mouth. He went deep into her throat causing her to gag a number of times. Everyone seemed to enjoy the show.

One of the wives was lying on the mattress one husband was kissing her then the other was sucking her nipples.

“I’m sure she would love it if you joined in”

He looked into her eyes to gauge her sincerety before asking permission of the wife and her husband. They both welcomed him into the play.

She loved watching him. It was such a turn on. She zoned in on her emotions and have herself an internal high five when she realised that there was no jealousy present.

He kept glancing back at her to check in. She gave him smiles of encouragement. The husband took his hand and put it on his wives pussy. He looked back for reassurance before starting to play with her. The wife was moaning with pleasure. Loving the attention. The other wife had also joined in the action and was kissing her.

He took the husband’s hand and replaced it with his as he came back to her. They kissed each other passionately as the other 4 continued with their play.

He lead her to their bedroom and they made love and fucked each other til morning.

It wasn’t much, but their swinging cherry had been broken and they were both rather pleased with themselves and each other

Beach sex

They’d been invited to stay with some new friends at their holiday home for a week in Mozambique. Although it was officially still winter the days were hot and the evenings were warm. They went for a walk along the beach. It was a bit windy so they found a sheltered spot in the dunes. They took their clothes off and let the sun bake down on their skins. Their eyes were closed but their hands were wandering. The sun was making her very horny. She could feel that it was having the same effect on him. She got onto her knees and started giving him a blow job. His big cock had a life of its own. She could barely stretch her lips around him. She flicked her tongue over his engorged head. He started fucking her mouth, going deep into her throat, causing her to gag. She wasn’t ready for him to cum yet, she wanted to have her pleasure too. She stopped what she was doing and lay back on her towel. “My turn” He kneeled in front of her as she bent her legs and started playing with her. He started rubbing her clit and inserted one finger into her. She closed her eyes and submerged herself in the sensation of the sun on her skin, the sand beneath her feet and his stimulation. She pushed up into him. He replaced his hand with his mouth. His tongue was warm and wet. He was finger fucking her and sucking and licking her swollen clit. She was moaning and moving her hips. His movements were getting more frantic. She gave herself over to her pleasure and rode the wave to a powerful climax. She pushed him onto his back and straddled him. She dug her feet into the sand and fucked him hard. It didn’t take long for him to explode. She sat up and looked around and realised that the beach was full of people. She giggled as she wondered who they had given a show to.