Beach sex

They’d been invited to stay with some new friends at their holiday home for a week in Mozambique. Although it was officially still winter the days were hot and the evenings were warm. They went for a walk along the beach. It was a bit windy so they found a sheltered spot in the dunes. They took their clothes off and let the sun bake down on their skins. Their eyes were closed but their hands were wandering. The sun was making her very horny. She could feel that it was having the same effect on him. She got onto her knees and started giving him a blow job. His big cock had a life of its own. She could barely stretch her lips around him. She flicked her tongue over his engorged head. He started fucking her mouth, going deep into her throat, causing her to gag. She wasn’t ready for him to cum yet, she wanted to have her pleasure too. She stopped what she was doing and lay back on her towel. “My turn” He kneeled in front of her as she bent her legs and started playing with her. He started rubbing her clit and inserted one finger into her. She closed her eyes and submerged herself in the sensation of the sun on her skin, the sand beneath her feet and his stimulation. She pushed up into him. He replaced his hand with his mouth. His tongue was warm and wet. He was finger fucking her and sucking and licking her swollen clit. She was moaning and moving her hips. His movements were getting more frantic. She gave herself over to her pleasure and rode the wave to a powerful climax. She pushed him onto his back and straddled him. She dug her feet into the sand and fucked him hard. It didn’t take long for him to explode. She sat up and looked around and realised that the beach was full of people. She giggled as she wondered who they had given a show to.


She pulled into her parking after a long, hard, sweaty workout at the gym. As she stopped she saw his shadow move. He came and opened her door for her.
‘Good evening Mam”

“Good Evening Thomas. Everything needs to go in tonight”

She started making her way up the steep stairs to the apartment while he collected her things. It wasn’t long before she heard him behind her. She made her strides slower, knowing that her Lycra gym tights hugged her ass tightly. Although he was her servant, she knew that he was still a man with many urges and desires. She loved thee power she had over him.
When she reached the top of the stairs, she stood to the side so that he could open the door for her. She went through and he followed and put her bags down.
He came back and offered her a glass of wine which she accepted. She sat for a while enjoying her wine and listened to the music playing in the background.
She watched Thomas as he busied himself putting the final touches to her dinner. The uniform she had bought him fitted him beautifully, accentuating his muscular body.He kept an eye on her glass and as she had her last sip, he lead her to the bathroom, where he turned on the shower to the setting she loved best. He took her clothes from her as she undressed. He averted his eyes.
“Look at me Thomas. I want you to appreciate the hard work I’ve put into this body”

He looked long and lustfully
“I do Mam”

She took her time, enjoying the hot water caressing her body. She shaved and washed her hair. When she finally stepped out of the shower he was standing holding a large heated towel for her to step into. He lead her to the bedroom where he had the candles burning as requested by her. He used the towel to dry her. She lay down on the bed
“I’m ready for that massage, Thomas”
He covered his hands in the massage oil that she loved and started massaging her. She had sent him for Tantric massage lessons. He was an expert at giving them. After he’d massaged the rest of her back, he slid his hands between her legs and started giving her a Yoni massage. She closed her eyes and got lost in the pure sensation of his hands on and inside her. She tried to control her breathing in order to draw out the experience. The waves of pleasure started riding up and down her body. She could visualize them and feel them at the same time. Her body started quivering. He became slightly rougher and the rhythm became faster. She gave herself over to the sensation and cried out as she came.
He stood at the side of the bed as she took a few minutes to recover.

She rolled over
“Remove your clothes Thomas, and lie down on your back. I’m not done yet”

He did as instructed. She put a condom on him and mounted him. He was large and hard. She rode him hard and exploded once again. He didn’t cum.
She got off him.

“Thank you Thomas. I’ll go and clean up and will be in the dining room for dinner shortly”

Weekend away

He was waiting for her when she got home from work with the car already packed. He was tempted to have his way with her quickly but they were already behind schedule. The talk was hot and steamy with a lot of groin grabbing on the way to collect their friend.

The drive was just over 3 hours long. The sun set about an hour into their journey. Her hand found it’s way to his crotch. She started playing with his cock through the fabric of his pants. He was going commando so there was no restricting his growing and throbbing cock. Their friend must have noticed what was going on but they all kept up the general conversation .

They arrived just in time to meet everyone out for dinner. These were all people that he’d met without her. He could see that everyone approved of her. That made him horny in a slightly possessive way. They flirted and touched throughout the dinner and excused themselves as soon as it was polite to do so.

They checked in to their accommodation. They had a beautiful, large onsuite room overlooking one of the many trout dams. As soon as they had unpacked he grabbed her, bent her over and pulled her jeans down to her knees. He was so hard. She was wet and ready for him. He pounded her hard and took his pleasure.
He kissed her and told her not to wait up. He’d promised his friends that he’d go and have a night cap with them.

She woke up with his cold hand on her. He had climbed into the bed behind her and was kissing her neck. She moaned through the layer of sleep. That was all the encouragement he needed. He put some lube on his cock and pushed it into her. She moved her leg so that he had better access and pushed back into him. He started off gently. She was soon moving to his rhythm even though her eyes were still closed. He was squeezing her nipples which were rock hard. Small moans were escaping her lips. He rolled her onto her back, lifted her legs up against his chest and rode her. She cupped her hands around his ass and pulled him deeper into her. He could feel her swollen pleasure. As her explosion contracted around him, he erupted too. She went straight back to sleep.

She became conscious of his throbbing cock against the small of her back again in the early hours of the morning. She put her hand back and started playing with him. He started fucking her hand. It wasn’t too long before he flipped her onto her stomach and fucked her from behind. It didn’t take long for him to find his release and pass out again.

She woke up with the sun high in the sky. He had made her some coffee. He let her drink it before starting to kiss her. They took their time getting really intimate and made slow, passionate love.

After breakfast they decided to go for a walk along the Weir. The water was crystal clear. They were holding hands and laughing and chatting.

“I want to fuck you”
She went and leaned over a sign and indicated that she was ready for him. He came up behind her and released his massive cock. She turned around, went onto her knees and started sucking him. He was turned on more by the knowledge that anyone could be watching them from the surrounding houses. When she could feel that he was close to cumming, she turned around, dropped her pants and leaned over the sign. He fucked her hard. As he pulled out, his cum started running down her leg. She gathered it in her hand and washed it off in the dam. They laughed about feeding the fish.

They went back and showered. Both giving each other a good cleaning. When they got back into the room she pushed him onto the bed.
“My turn”
She jumped onto him and rode him hard. This was for her pleasure. She lubed up her fingers and rubbed her clit hard for added pleasure. She wouldn’t let him move as she wanted total control. She knew her body and how to get maximum satisfaction. She knew she was close and asked for his help. He grabbed her hips and helped her grind through the sensation bringing her to the point where she was shaking with pleasure and couldn’t handle any more. She collapsed and had to take time out before they could leave for their next engagement.

They were both tired and sexually saturated by the time they were driving home. This didn’t stop her from playing with him again. This time she was a little bit less subtle. She didn’t care of the friend could see her. She had a suspicion that he was getting turned on by it too. He had to push her away from time to time as the sensation was too intense.

They dropped their friend off and rushed back to her house. He was on the bed. She straddled his face and started sucking his cock. He was sucking and licking her pussy. She started playing with his ass with her fingers,rubbing and gently pocking. She could feel him swell in her mouth. He had his fingers inside her and the simultaneous internal and external stimulation was driving her crazy. She couldn’t suck him any more. She was too distracted. She jumped on top of him and fucked him. He was moving and fucking her too. They were frenzied and almost desperate.
“Oh my fuck! I’m exploding!!” That was all he needed. He roared out as she was beating his chest and came hard too. It was the crescendo to a truly explosive weekend of fucking and love.

Ass inspection

She arrived wearing a summer dress and heals to show off her legs to their best advantage.

He met her with surprise at the door “I’m impressed. Not many people find my place on their own”. She just smiled. Not just because of that comment but because she was very happy with what met her eyes. “He’s HOT” she thought.

He poured their wine and they sat at the outside table making small talk. After a short while he moved around and sat in the chair next to her because he couldn’t hear her clearly.

There was a definite chemistry. They leaned in to each other and touched to emphasized what they were saying. The touch of his hand against the bare flesh of her legs sent shivers of excitement through her.

After the 2nd glass of wine she excused herself to go to the bathroom. When she returned he was standing up waiting for her. “Time for the inspection” he said. She turned around and he inspected her glutes. (He has said that he needs to inspect her glutes to see if all her training was paying off)
‘Nice! That’s a great ass!” He gave it a good inspection with his hands. Her heart was pounding, her breath increased in pace.
“Thank you” she said and sat down again.

He sat next to her and leaned in saying “Time to show me how well you kiss”. She showed him. More than willingly. She started moaning softly. Every part of her melting into him. She could barley control her breathing.
They eventually pulled away and she drained her glass.

He stood up “I’m going to get more wine. Go and wait for me in my room” She did as instructed. Something about him taking control turned her on even more.

She lay face down on the bed. He came in a and put the glasses on the side table. He climbed onto the bed and removed her shoes. He lifted her dress and kissed the ass that he had been inspecting earlier. Her body arched into him.

After a few minutes of kissing, prodding and licking, he flipped her over. His warm lips and tongue were urgent in the attention he was giving her. She couldn’t relax and enjoy it as it should have as she was desperate to feel him inside her. (She also needed to see his cock)

She pushed him onto his back as she started removing his clothes. Finally she had his cock in her hand. She liked what she saw and felt. Not the longest cock she’s ever experienced but its girth was perfect! She put him into her mouth. He was perfect. She grabbed the condom, put it in her mouth and slid it over him.
He was clearly enjoying this too.

She straddled him. He felt amazing!! She was fucking him. He wanted his pleasure so he rolled over so that he could take control. He pounded her hard. ‘Fuck me hard!”. He did. He rolled her over and grabbed her hair as he pounded into her.

He blows his load.

He gets dressed and she stays naked as they take their wine and go and drink the wine outside again.
That was the first of 3 VERY good sessions for the night….


The Artist

He blindfolded her and undressed her, leaving her only in her thigh high stockings and stilettos.

He lead her by the hand. She felt a cold breeze caressing her body. He seated her on a chair. He nudged her knees so that her feet were just wider than hip width and her thighs were open. She was very aware of the cool wind brushing against her fanny.
‘I’ll be right back’whispered against her ear.
She became aware of all her senses. The darkness instead of sight. The sound of traffic passing close by. The smell of exhaust fumes and a distant hint of salt. Goosebumps all over her skin. The metallic taste of nervousness and excitement.
She realised that she was on their first floor balcony. They lived next to main road and anyone who happened to look up would be able to see most of her exposed body. Her excitement grew.

He was back. She could sense and hear his movements around her. A sudden deep kiss, exquisitely intensified by her lack of sight.
A moment later a shiver ran down her body as a wet line was drawn from her ankle, along the inside of her leg and thigh stopping just short of her sweet spot. Half a minute, which felt like an hour, later, it was repeated on the other side.
A soft slow kiss at the back of her neck. She turned her head hoping that his lips would find her hungry mouth. They didn’t. She was left longing.
The same wet sensation being created around her breasts. An infinity sign getting smaller and smaller until her nipples were the point of concentration. Slow wet circles. Every nerve endings in her body was on edge. As the brush was moved away, it left a wet trail that the cool wind found sending shivers through her.
The wetness was being drawn down her body and spent some time at and around her belly button. Only he knew that this was one of her most sensitive erogenous zones.
‘Please kiss me’ she begged him. He brought his head up and she leaned her face to where she sensed that he was. He leaned forward and gently kissed the side of her mouth and pulled away again!
She was so hungry for his kiss, his touch, his love. She wanted all of him.
She sat in the silence trying to picture where he was, experiencing the cravings of her body for him to its fullest.
She was vaguely aware of some cat calling and whistling from below. She wasn’t sure if it was aimed at her.

After forever, she felt his body heat near her. He gave her the kiss she’d begged for. Slowly and gently at first, growing deeper and more passionate. She knew he wanted her as much as she needed him. He pulled away and ran his tongue down her throat , over her erect breast, around her super-sensitive stomach, finally reaching her dripping wet Pussy. He sat between her open thighs and started licking her engorged clit. The flicking of his tongue started off slowly and gently but soon became faster and harder. He inserted 2 fingers into her and started stroking her spongy front wall. She started moaning and arching into him. He started sucking her clit and rubbing her g-spot more vigorously. She was seeing spots where the darkness had been. Everything became increasingly intense. She was very vocal. Cars were hooting below. He held her on the brink for a short while before finally pushing her over the edge. She was soaked.
He lifted her out of the chair and took her behind it and bent her over the back. He pulled her blindfold off her as he pushed himself into her. She could see people looking up at them as he pounded her hard taking his pleasure.
A small part of her wondered in any of them would ever know the depths of pleasure she got to experience.


It was her birthday month. As part of her celebrations he’d told her that he was taking her to a swingers party. Although they’d been to one together before, they had never played at a club together. They’d both said they wanted to and that they were ready. They booked for the busiest night of the month, which also happened to be the busiest night of the year to date. During the build up to the night, they had a lot of conversations about their expectations and rules and boundaries. They both also had dreams about it highlighting their individual fears. They’d agreed that the night would be about her. They’d also agreed that there would only be female interaction with her and that might extend to him if she felt comfortable and in control. They agreed that there would be no penetration with another female. He had agreed that he wouldn’t leave her alone e either as she kept having abandonment dreams and it was clearly a big concern for her.

The night finally arrived. They’d decided that they would get ready together as she loved the excitement of the preparation and anticipation. When he finally arrived at her house, he was already dressed and ready, so he just kept her company while she got ready. He chose the slightly less revealing dress of the 2 options she’d given him and she was relieved as she wasn’t at her best as she’d missed gym for most of the week.

They left a lot earlier than was strictly necessary as they were as excited as kids at Christmas. The traffic ended up being terrible so they arrived at the club only a few minutes ahead of the original planned time.

After paying the entrance fee and securing their locker, they made their way to the bar. They were still deciding where to settle when they were approached by a couple asking if they were their nicknames. It was a couple who’d contacted them earlier in the week and asked if they would like to meet for a drink. The usual pleasantries were make and drinks were acquired. The other couple were regulars and a lot of people stopped to greet them and have a drink etc. She was really enjoying herself. Everything was easy. She chatted to everyone they were introduced to while keeping an eye on everyone’s arriving. She loved seeing the variety coming through the door. Young, old, peak shape and over weight, dressed to kill and very casual.

They decided to take a walk around the club. The upstairs area had been changed. They walked passed a couple and the guy stopped her and asked her if they were their site nickname. This was another couple they had chatted to. She really liked the look of both of them. They had a drink with them and they all hung out whilst watching the stripper on the pole downstairs.

Her partner left her with them a number of times. Either to go to the bar or the bathroom or to go and chat to people he knew from his past. Although she was comfortable standing with them, she didn’t like the way that some men and couples were looking for at her, possibly assuming that she was there alone.

He wanted to dance so they went and danced on the dance floor. Their friends from earlier were there and they danced with them a bit. They also bumped into some other friends who they knew from outside of the club and danced with them for a while. She realised that it was getting late and there didn’t seem to be any indication of the playing. She was shy to initiate anything with anyone else so she turned to him and told him to pull down his pants as she was going to give him a blow job. He did as instructed and leaned against the stage as she took his large cock into her hungry mouth. She sucked him until he became hard and started moaning and then stopped. She wasn’t ready for the evening to end like that. They dances with their hips gyrating against each other.

He whispered I to her ear: “I need to fuck you”.

They left the dance floor and she lead him into the voyeur room where there were loads of couples in various states of fucking. He said that it was too full, so she lead hi. To the Jacuzzi that had only 1 other couple in it. After asking for permission they stripped down and joined them. The conversation and laughter flowed easily.

After a short while a single guy came to join them. It wasn’t long before she felt his hands on her legs. She pushed them away indicating clearly that that wasn’t how they played. A single lady came to join them which evened things out a bit again. She really wanted some action so once again went to her go to party started and turned to her partner and asked him to sit on the side of the Jacuzzi as she wanted to give him a blow job. She did so for a while and he was moaning with pleasure but wasn’t really getting hard so she stopped. He slid back in next to her again. She heard his telling g the original girl that she had to ask her permission. She assumed the other girl had asked to kiss her or something and laughed and agreed. She leaned over him thinking that they were going to kiss when. She realised that the other girl was actually giving her guy a hand job. After taking a second to compute what was happening and realising that she wasn’t feeling any jealousy, she decided not to be left out and added her hand to his penis so that he was getting a hand job from both of them. He became rock hard. She was horny and climbed onto his lap. He couldn’t go into her. They got out and went to the mattress next door. She wanted to mount him and ride him but he turned her around and took her from behind. After a few seconds he came leaving her frustrated and unsatisfied.

They left the club soon afterwards. They had crossed new teriitories and this was an achievement. She had had a lot of fun and had really enjoyed the night, but she couldn’t help feeling disappointed and unsatisfied. They would just have to go back and try again some time.

Birthday treat

It was her birthday and they had decided to go to the club as part of the celebrations. They chose a lifestyle party as they were always the busiest and they had never been to one before. The timing was also great as the next one was during the week of her actual birthday.

They arrived early to ensure that they got towels and a locker. They also wanted to find space near the bar to sit as this would give them a good vantage point of everyone coming in. She decided that she wanted to let her hair down and started off with a few shooters straight away. She knew herself well enough to know just how many to have to relax her but to still keep her mind sharp. There was an excited sense of anticipation between them. It was one of her favorite feelings. She loved going on ‘adventures’ with him.

The bar quickly started filling up with people of all shapes, sizes and ages. They greeted and chatted to a few. From time to time he would mention that it was her birthday (to the ones he knew she’d find attractive) and they would give her a good, long kiss. Both male and female. It was good fun and nothing too serious at this stage. The whole experience was a huge turn on to her. She kept grabbing her partner and kissing him too.

The DJ started turning up the music. They decided to go and dance. Everyone was friendly. The shooters had started having their desired effect and she was moving and smiling at everyone. She felt some hands come around her from the back. She leaned into the body and turned her head to see who it was. Before she knew what was happening, she felt a warm mouth against hers. She turned her body around so that she could enjoy the experience fully. They finally pulled apart and she saw that it was one of the hot girls from earlier. She took hold of her hand and drew her with her to her guy. She could see that he was enjoying what he was seeing. She whispered to her new friend, and they each took one of his hands and lead him away. They were laughing and teasing him by kissing each other and then both kissing him too. The bedrooms were all already occupied. She had an idea and lead the way to the showers.

She turned on the water to start heating up and the girls started removing his clothes. They pushed him into the shower and quickly removed their own clothes and joined him. They took the soap and started washing him. Both of them were kissing him and each other and rubbing him all over. His cock was, large and fully engorged. Both girls went onto their knees on either side of his cock and started licking and sucking him. One had his balls in her mouth as the other one gave him a blow job. Every now and again, one would work her way up his torso and then kiss him. His hands were all over them too. The girls hands and mouths were all over each other too. They were vaguely aware of people watching them from the outdoor. It added to the sensation.

She had her partners throbbing penis in her mouth. The other girl moved around and started rimming him. She could feel that he was ready and added a little bit more pressure with her hands and sucked him the way she knew would push him over the edge. His moaning increased and he leaned back. The other girl pushed her thumb into his ass and he roared out and exploded in her mouth. She loved the peppery taste of him. The other girl came around and kissed her deeply. Tasting the remnants of him. She made her way down her tight stomach and stuck her head between her legs and ate her out until she cried out and came.

She suddenly became aware of everyone around her again and started laughing. What a way to celebrate a birthday.