It was her birthday month. As part of her celebrations he’d told her that he was taking her to a swingers party. Although they’d been to one together before, they had never played at a club together. They’d both said they wanted to and that they were ready. They booked for the busiest night of the month, which also happened to be the busiest night of the year to date. During the build up to the night, they had a lot of conversations about their expectations and rules and boundaries. They both also had dreams about it highlighting their individual fears. They’d agreed that the night would be about her. They’d also agreed that there would only be female interaction with her and that might extend to him if she felt comfortable and in control. They agreed that there would be no penetration with another female. He had agreed that he wouldn’t leave her alone e either as she kept having abandonment dreams and it was clearly a big concern for her.

The night finally arrived. They’d decided that they would get ready together as she loved the excitement of the preparation and anticipation. When he finally arrived at her house, he was already dressed and ready, so he just kept her company while she got ready. He chose the slightly less revealing dress of the 2 options she’d given him and she was relieved as she wasn’t at her best as she’d missed gym for most of the week.

They left a lot earlier than was strictly necessary as they were as excited as kids at Christmas. The traffic ended up being terrible so they arrived at the club only a few minutes ahead of the original planned time.

After paying the entrance fee and securing their locker, they made their way to the bar. They were still deciding where to settle when they were approached by a couple asking if they were their nicknames. It was a couple who’d contacted them earlier in the week and asked if they would like to meet for a drink. The usual pleasantries were make and drinks were acquired. The other couple were regulars and a lot of people stopped to greet them and have a drink etc. She was really enjoying herself. Everything was easy. She chatted to everyone they were introduced to while keeping an eye on everyone’s arriving. She loved seeing the variety coming through the door. Young, old, peak shape and over weight, dressed to kill and very casual.

They decided to take a walk around the club. The upstairs area had been changed. They walked passed a couple and the guy stopped her and asked her if they were their site nickname. This was another couple they had chatted to. She really liked the look of both of them. They had a drink with them and they all hung out whilst watching the stripper on the pole downstairs.

Her partner left her with them a number of times. Either to go to the bar or the bathroom or to go and chat to people he knew from his past. Although she was comfortable standing with them, she didn’t like the way that some men and couples were looking for at her, possibly assuming that she was there alone.

He wanted to dance so they went and danced on the dance floor. Their friends from earlier were there and they danced with them a bit. They also bumped into some other friends who they knew from outside of the club and danced with them for a while. She realised that it was getting late and there didn’t seem to be any indication of the playing. She was shy to initiate anything with anyone else so she turned to him and told him to pull down his pants as she was going to give him a blow job. He did as instructed and leaned against the stage as she took his large cock into her hungry mouth. She sucked him until he became hard and started moaning and then stopped. She wasn’t ready for the evening to end like that. They dances with their hips gyrating against each other.

He whispered I to her ear: “I need to fuck you”.

They left the dance floor and she lead him into the voyeur room where there were loads of couples in various states of fucking. He said that it was too full, so she lead hi. To the Jacuzzi that had only 1 other couple in it. After asking for permission they stripped down and joined them. The conversation and laughter flowed easily.

After a short while a single guy came to join them. It wasn’t long before she felt his hands on her legs. She pushed them away indicating clearly that that wasn’t how they played. A single lady came to join them which evened things out a bit again. She really wanted some action so once again went to her go to party started and turned to her partner and asked him to sit on the side of the Jacuzzi as she wanted to give him a blow job. She did so for a while and he was moaning with pleasure but wasn’t really getting hard so she stopped. He slid back in next to her again. She heard his telling g the original girl that she had to ask her permission. She assumed the other girl had asked to kiss her or something and laughed and agreed. She leaned over him thinking that they were going to kiss when. She realised that the other girl was actually giving her guy a hand job. After taking a second to compute what was happening and realising that she wasn’t feeling any jealousy, she decided not to be left out and added her hand to his penis so that he was getting a hand job from both of them. He became rock hard. She was horny and climbed onto his lap. He couldn’t go into her. They got out and went to the mattress next door. She wanted to mount him and ride him but he turned her around and took her from behind. After a few seconds he came leaving her frustrated and unsatisfied.

They left the club soon afterwards. They had crossed new teriitories and this was an achievement. She had had a lot of fun and had really enjoyed the night, but she couldn’t help feeling disappointed and unsatisfied. They would just have to go back and try again some time.


It was her bachelorette party. They had played the normal “guess the gift” games and made her drink her drink with a penis straw. She’d had a fair amount to drink and was looking forward to seeing who the surprise guest was. She really hoped it wasn’t a  male stripper as they didn’t appeal to her at all.

The door bell rang and her matron of honor went to fetch the guest. A few moments later she came back with a normal looking girl in tow.

“Ladies, meet Karin. She will be coming around to you individually while you are refreshing your drinks to tell you what she needs from you.”

Everyone dispersed to top up drinks and have a smoke.

Karin dug in her bag and took out a few pens, an empty jar and some strips of paper. She walked up to the nearest group of ladies.

“Hello ladies, please could each one of you take a piece of paper and pen and write one question related to sex down and then fold it and pop it into this jar that I will leave on the front table.”

She proceeded to give all the ladies the same instructions. Nervous giggles could be heard as the ladies were trying to decide what to ask.

“OK ladies, it looks like everyone is done. Please take your seats.
Tonight i am here to give you some honeymoon tips and tricks. – the good news is that you don’t actually need a honeymoon as an excuse to use them.
Let’s start by asking a few questions from the jar. I will read it out and then open it to the floor for everyone to share their advice. First question: “What is the best way to initial anal play with my partner?””

Once the first question was asked, everyone got involved. Some of the questions were serious and others funny but she learned a lot (also that some of her friends were way more experienced than she would have ever imagined)

“We’ll continue with questions throughout the evening. Now I’m going to teach you a very easy, sexy lap dance. You’ve been given all this lingerie and there’s no better way to show it off than with a lap dance.”


A few more questions.

“Time for the most handy skill you’ll ever learn. Excuse the pun!”

She took out a flesh coloured dildo with a flat base and placed it on the table in front of her.

“Ladies, I’d like you to meet Juan. He’s going to help teach you how to give the best hand job of any mans life. A hand job is perfect for when you are sore or not in the mood for sex of feeling playful during a movie or when he’s driving or any time really. Also a great way to get him in the mood when you are horny and he isn’t.”

She proceeded to teach them 8 different strokes and how to use them and how to mix them up for maximum pleasure.
The girls were asking questions and taking notes. There was a lot of laughter too.

More questions.

“Ladies time for my last subject. How to give a fantastic blow job. Part of every mans fantasy is a girl who enjoys giving the best blow job ever. The irony is that the most important aspect of a great blow job is letting him know how much you are enjoying it. Let’s start by learning how to put a condom on  with your mouth”

More laughter and note taking. The girls had so much fun.

This was the best bachelorette party ever.

She waited until the second night of honeymoon. They were in their hotel room in Zanzibar. They had both rested and were relaxed.

“Would you like to see some of the gifts the girls gave me?”

“Of course! !”

She placed a chair in the center of the room and asked him to take a seat and wait for her. She quickly went and changed into her sexiest number and then put on some music. She took a deep breath ‘Fake it til you make it’ she heard Karin’s voice in her head. Smile on, chest out and she started taking the slow swaying steps towards him. She kept eye contact the entire time. She stopped in front of him and ran her hands over her body. His eyes followed her hands hungrily  (just as Karin said they would) . She felt super sexy and in control. She continued the dance as she’d been shown. He seemed to love it.
She ended on her knees in front of him. She looked up at him with naughty smile as her hand undid his pants and released his throbbing cock. He let out a groan of pleasure. She used some of the hand techniques that she had been taught. He could hardly contain his pleasure but she stopped every time that he seemed like he was ready to cum. Time for her next tick.  She reached behind him and retrieved the condom in the open sleeve that she had hidden in the fold of the chair earlier. She took it out and placed it in her mouth. She looked up at him again as she slid her mouth over his cock. Her hand assisting her in securing the condom at its base. She started moving her head up and down. Small moans of pleasure escaping her. It didn’t take long for his deeper grunts to join hers. She could feel the veins along his shaft start to pump. She quickly got up, moved her lace panties to the side and mounted him. They were both so turned on. It didn’t take long for her to ride him to his pleasure while she took hers.

He knew that he had secured himself the best wife in the world!!

Christmas with a twist

It was Christmas morning. They were on holiday in Mozambique. They’d been there for a week and the friends who had been staying with them had left the evening before to get back in time to spend Christmas with their loved ones in Johannesburg. Neither of them celebrated Christmas.

They were up before the sun came up and made some coffee and walked down to the beach across the road. They walked a little distance to the dunes where they sat enjoying the coffee and watched the multiple colours of the sunrise playing over the ocean.

The temperature was well into the mid 20’s by the time they got back to their holiday home.  They made themselves smoothies with fresh fruit and ice and took it out to the pool on the deck.  They both stripped naked before diving into the fresh water. Once wet and refreshed, they got onto the lilos with their drinks letting the natural flow of the water gently move them around the pool. The music from the speakers on the deck added to the relaxed vibe.

She had her eyes closed, her senses absorbing all the stimulation. She was in her happy place, sun kissing her naked body, drinks, music, water and the best company a girl could ask for. She heard the splash as he fell into the water. Droplets of chilly water fell on her, sending a slight shiver through her body. It was perfect.

Her feet went under the water as his weight pushed the bottom of the lilo down. Cold hands pushed her thighs apart. She kept her eyes closed, concentrating on each sensation. His head was between her legs. The warmth of his tongue a sweet contrast to the icy water. The sound and occasional splash of his kicking to keep himself afloat. She had to control her movements as she didn’t want to fall and end the excruciating pleasure. She felt him insert a large finger into her, building her up to an internal orgasm along with her external one. Her entire body convulsed and she slid into the water as he let her go.

As she came up for air, her body still vibrating, he grabbed her and drew her to the side of the pool. He pushed her back against the wall and slid his engorged cock into her. She wrapped her legs around him. He kissed her passionately as he grinded into her. The waves of pleasure were running through her entire body like and electric current.

He moved her to the shallow end and turned her around. She bent over and grabbed onto the ledge at the side of the pool. He didn’t hold back he grabbed her hair with one hand and shoulder with the other and pulled her back into him with every forceful thrust. He let out a guttural growl and he finally spent his load deep inside her.

She smiled as she thought of how the rest of the world was spending their Christmas.

Beach Break

They’d known each other socially for a number of years but had never had 1 on 1 time so the call to join him and his friends on a beach vacation came as a surprise. She’d had a tough year and decided to take him up on the offer as a break would do her good.

It was day 3. They had had a great time together. The other 3 couples were happy to stay at camp and cook and drink. The 2 of them preferred exploring along the beach and local villages.

At 3am she’d rolled over and placed her small hand in his massive paw. It just felt right and so safe. He’d pulled her in close to him and she’d fallen back into a deep sleep, secure in his big arms.

They decided to go and get some beach time and to brace the winter water. They found a private alcove on the dunes with a small bush in front of them. They lay on their towels, soaking up the winter sun. He said something to her and she rolled over to hear him more clearly. As she looked down at him from the vantage point of resting on her elbow, she couldn’t help perving over his sculptured body. Without thinking, she lowered her head and took his nipple ring into her mouth. She rolled it with her tongue. She tugged at it with her teeth. He let out a soft groan. She pulled away and replaced her mouth with her fingers. She looked into his eyes for a second, confirming that he wanted her as much as she did him, before he pulled her into a passionate kiss.

She continued kissing his face, his ears, working her way down his throat and torso. Paying special attention to the nipples.  When she reached his trunks; she asked him to kneel in front of her. She slid them over him masculine hips and stopped to appreciate to size of his huge, throbbing cock.  What an unexpected surprise. She had to really stretch her mouth to accommodate him, but he felt so good. She used both her hands to add the the pleasure as one barely went around half of him. She paused to take in the moment. There she was, in paradise, on a sand dune, overlooking the bluest seas, with the most beautiful man’s cock in her mouth. Perfection. She proceeded to show him how much she was loving it and from his moans she knew that he was feeling the same.

She rolled him onto his towel in his back, stood above him where anyone who happen to look that way could see her as she removed her costume. She was so wett for him. She mounted him and slowly lowered herself over him. Feeling herself stretch to maximise capacity to accommodate him. She started moving slowly but he soon had his hands around her hips, moving her faster and harder. She couldn’t hold out and her whole body shuddered as she exploded, drenching him. He flipped her off him and entered her hard. She locked eyes with him as she watched his build up. He came long and hard and her body reacted with another explosion of its own.

They both collapsed for a few moments of recovery before racing each other into the ocean.

Kitchen fun

He rang the buzzer at the gate and she let him in. He heard his phone beep and read the message “Doors open, come in”.

He found the house and parked in the very steep driveway. After looking around a bit, he found the gate and walked around the side of the house. Everything seemed dark and he wondered if he was at the right house. He pushed the sliding door open and stepped through it, hearing the music as his eyes adjusted to the candle light.

He noticed her standing against the kitchen counter dressed in lingerie, stocking and heels.She held out a glass of wine to him.

He took a few large steps towards her and and took the wine from her as he lifted her up. He started kissing her as he put her down on the counter.

His hands were running all over her body, feeling her naked butt cheeks and the string of the g-string.

Her hands are all over him. Under his shirt, feeling his young, big body.

He suddenly pushed her away and loosened his jeans and dropped them to the floor. He moved her panties to the side and entered her very wet pussy hard. She wrapped her legs around him and moved her body with his rhythm. She leaned back so that he could go really deep. He banged her like this until she cried out as she came.

He pulled out and turned her around so that she was leaning over the counter. He grabed a hand full of her hair and fucked her really hard until they both ame.

She collapsed for a few seconds before turning around and reached up to kiss him.


Gym funnies

A sexy bitch has to stay in shape. I go to gym at least 5 x / week and follow a stringent weights program.

It’s often a challenge to leave my double down duvet bed to brace the cold and dark to make it in time to have proper workout and still get to work on time, but I do it. I always project myself to the feeling I have when I’m at the office after a good gym session. Not much can beat that.

To say that I’m not at my best at 5am is putting it lightly. I’ve been known to do a few very silly and forgetful things. I’ve opened my gym bag after a really warm shower on occasion to find that I don’t have a bra packed in. (Thankfully it was in winter so I just kept my many layers on.) I’ve had to go commando a number of times, and not by choice.

A little while ago, I was punished (by myself) for not getting up in time in the morning. I went to gym after work only to realise that I didn’t have any gym shoes packed in. I trained in my socks as I knew I couldn’t miss the session. I caught many strange glances, but I gave them a look that said “Didn’t you get the ‘no shoes’ memo?” I also made sure I trained arms that day.

My most recent adventure was on a day where I made it into the gym on time. I avoided that mirrors at all costs as I knew that I looked like the worst possible version of myself. I had woken up with a terrible sinus headache and puffy eyes and a swollen face. I didn’t really care what I looked like as I was there to train and not pick up anyone. (Thankfully there isn’t anyone at the gym who attracts me in the slightest either.)

I was training chest and back which involved a number of exercises using dumbells. I do supersets and do 4 sets of each. I find that I train harder than normal when I don’t feel well as I try and push myself to compensate for it.   I had finished my workout and took the weights back to the weight rack. As I placed the weights next to each other, I noticed something strange. I took a closer look and realised that I had been using 2 different sized weights!! I started laughing out loud right there. My day was made. I can be such a dumb ass at times!!!