I Love writing erotic stories. I find inspiration in the people around me and my vast imagination. I hope that these short stories bring you as much pleasure while reading them as I get out of writing them. Feel free to suggest themes or topics in the comment box below.

Just a reminder…. Murder mystery writers don’t go out and commit murders…

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  1. Like most Tinder messages this one started with your average “hi, let’s meet up”, and although she turns down most of those requests, there was something about this one that she just had to explore. They agreed to meet in a public place, a park, where there is just enough freedom to get frisky if she wanted to, but enough publicity to keep her safe.

    As she drove in to the park she immediately noticed that there was no-one else there. “perfect” she thought as she parked next to him. He got out, greeted her with a hug and they started chatting. The atmosphere was electric. Both agreed upfront to meeting and exchanging a kiss, but she left him to see when and how he will take his chance.

    Then, out of the blue he said ” I guess I owe you that kiss”, and without pause he took her face in his hands gently, came closer and she could feel the blood rush down to her pussy as he started kissing her passionately. He grabbed her by the hand and led her along one of the trails in the park, going a little deeper into the surrounding bush. She knew exactly where this was leading to, but the excitement was too much for her to fight against it.

    The stopped at a tree that fell down some time ago, and he forced her gently down to sit on it, as he kneeled down and slowly started kissing her legs, opening them slowly as he moved closer to her throbbing pussy. She felt his hands brushing over her hard nipples and then suddenly gasped for air as he moved her panties to one side and she felt his warm tongue sliding over her wet pussy. He pulled off her underwear and she automatically opened her legs wide as she grabbed hold of his head and forced him to suck her pulsating clit into his mouth and massage it with his tongue, while he started fingering her slowly, feeling every move her body made as she started breathing heavily from the pleasure. She knew she just had to feel him deep inside of her.

    She got up and made him stand up, and while kissing him passionately her hand started gliding over his throbbing dick. She noticed that he was not wearing any underwear, and the thought of feeling him deep inside her made her even more wet. She undid his pants and made him sit on the tree, as she moved closer to him, while he lifted up her one-piece dress and undid her bra to expose her lovely tits, taking her hard nipples into his mouth while he massaged her clit with his hand. She was stroking his cock with her hand, sliding it up and down her wet slit as the pleasure just built up more and more inside of her.

    Until she couldn’t handle it anymore, and guided his throbbing hard dick to the opening of her warm wet pussy. As she moved down slowly she could feel herself stretching open as the pleasure shot through her entire body and she got goosebumps all over. she threw her head back and gasped for air as she felt her swollen clit pressed against the base of his shaft, grinding back and forth while he pulsates deep inside her.
    They kissed each other continuously, not knowing how to handle the pleasure their bodies are giving each other, as she began moving faster and faster on his hard dick, the pleasure building up more and more as she approached orgasm, until she couldn’t take it any more and felt her pussy starting to contract on his throbbing hard dick.

    He grabbed her around the waist and forced her beautiful body even harder down on his dick as her warm pussyjuices flowed over his hard balls while she came over him, with her hard nipples being sucked into his mouth as he started stroking her all over her back, giving her goosebumps as she experienced the pleasure of it all. Her warm wet pussy made him come too, and as they both shared the ultimate pleasure together, she could feel his warm cum shoot deep inside her, filling her with warmth and pleasure as they both came together.

    They finished off with a gentle kiss, a satisfied smile and as she got dressed, she could feel his eyes worshipping her beautiful body, already fantasizing about what just happened. They gave each other a hug and a kiss, got in their respective cars and drove off, forever locking the memories of the past hour in their minds.

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