Bushveld hike

It was a hosted hike through The Kruger National Park. She was the wildlife guide provided by the South African National Hikers Park Services to host a 30 person afternoon hike through the lush South African bushveld.

Annamarie was a curvy, blonde Afrikaans girl. Dressed in 2 tone hiking attire. Her muscular calves lead up to strong thighs which filled her tight thigh high shorts. Her waisted nipped in sharply above her curvy ass. Her firm full breasts filled the issued uniform shirt.
The hiking group met Annamarie and her assistant, Fannie at the meeting point. The group were a mixed bunch of Germans and Dutch mostly.
The planned hike was into a lush green bushveld valley interlaced with streams and dams.
One of the men in the group was a very tall, large German. He was about 6 Foot 6 and was imposing in his person. (Clearly an athlete). He was accompanied by his winey girlfriend who was demanding of his time. This seemed to irritate him a little although he was very polite.
They started the hike and it was immediately evident that the two of them were substantially fitter than the crowd. There seemed to be a sense of competition growing between them. Now that she had had a chance to observe him on the hike she realised just how attractive he was.
After a quick consultation with Fannie, a decision was made that she would take her German on a slightly tougher route while the rest of the group stayed on the gentle path led by Fannie.
She turned to the German with a challenging smile and said “you look fit, let’s see if we can give you a go for your money” and with that she started briskly up a steep incline. He took a moment to appreciate her tight rear end encased in the karky shorts before setting off after her. “Man, she’s cute and physically impressive” he thought.
Annamarie took them up and around a steep incline. She knew the area well and deliberately took him to an area that she knew would be deserted.
For about ten minutes, they walked at a brisk pace, building up a sweat. There was a definite heat between them. From time to time he found his hand on her perky ass assisting her up a steep incline. He knew she could manage just fine without his aid, but that didn’t deter him. She seemed to choose a route with plenty of cause for assistance. Suddenly they burst off the trail into a small clearing. They stopped to catch their breath and she pointed out the rest of the group below them. “Do you know that they can’t see us at all?” She said to him with a cheeky grin.
“Then they are going to miss one hell of a show”, he said.
She giggled with what he read as excitement.
He took her hand and lead her to a large ant hill. He bent her over it and pulled her pants down over her curves hips. He spat on his finger and lubed his throbbing cock up before plunging deeply into her. She let out a gasp. He hesitated for a moment, allowing her body to adjust to his largeness before grabbing her shoulders and pulling himself repeatedly onto her hot, liquid centre.She bit her lip to suppress the sounds of her pleasure as she knew how sound travelled over the valley. She looked back at him whilst arching her back. “Fuck me hard and fast big man!”
He did and after a few minutes of heavy pounding he withdrew and come over the small of her back, staining the karky shirt.
She fixed her clothes “Quick, we need to get back to the others”
They sped up the pace and managed to reach the others just before the end of the hike.
He could see that his girlfriend was right at the front of the group, sidling up to Fannie. She didn’t notice them approaching and was saying “Well I think you’re very strong, Fannie” as they came into sight.
She immediately blushed and looked guilty as if she had been caught red handed.
He let her suck up to him for the rest of the day as if he hadn’t been fucking someone else like a wild animal

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