DP with a difference

They had played together a few times before and were really comfortable with each other.
They had all had dinner and a few drinks. The flirting and innuendos and laughter were flowing.
“I think you girls should give me a show”
They didn’t need much encouragement. He moved his chair away from the table as they chose their music and whispered about what they planned to do.
The music was turned on and both girls started walking towards him, hips swaying with sexy smiles on their faces. The one started touching herself in front of him while the other one went behind him. She reached her hands over and massaged his chest. Both girls leaned in and started whispering suggestive things into his ears. They kept gyrating against his body, running their hands over him. His shirt was removed. He wasn’t entirely sure by who and he didn’t care. S was straddling his lap, D was massaging his head and shoulders. They leaned in to each other and started kissing. He could feel himself growing hard.
“Let’s move this party to the bedroom”
He found himself being pushed back onto the bed. Both girls helped to remove his remaining clothes. They stood up and started kissing each other while removing their outer garments too. They were both wearing very sexy lingerie. He was stroking his cock as he watched them. The girls got onto the bed and started giving him a double blow job, one on either side of him. He had one hand on each girl and started playing with them through their panties. There was a lot of moaning going on.
S moved up his body and started kissing him. D carried on sucking his throbbing cock. After a short while, S stood up and removed her panties and lowered herself onto his cock that D was holding ready for her. D moved around and straddled his face as S started grinding on him. Both girls were moaning with pure pleasure. They were kissing and caressing each other. D come suddenly, without much warning. S seemed super turned on by it but she was wanting a lot more. D got up and left the room.
S was still grinding hard. She was getting very wet. He was big and hard inside her. He concentrated hard to hold back as he didn’t want to finish before her. D came back into the room. She got onto thee bed behind S. She moved his legs apart and moved up between them. She pashed S forward so that she was bent over his chest.
“Oh my FUCK” S cried out.
D was moving behind her. S was gripping his shoulders. He put his hands on her hips and helped her move. He realised that D was wearing a strap on and was fucking S’s ass with it. He could feel the pressure from the dildo on his penis. He couldn’t hold on much longer.
“I’m going to CUM!”
“Me Too”
They both exploded at the same time.

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