Rough sex

He was a bit stressed. She tried a few times to get his attention by offering to massage him. – his response was “Maybe later”, rubbing his cock through his pants – his response was “I’m not ready yet”

She pulled back and gave him the space he needed.

He slowly started unwinding and kissed her passionately as he went past her to freshen up his drink. She responded to him passionately but didn’t push for any more.

They eventually went to bed. She started showing him some porn from her Twitter feed. He started showing interest. She put her hand on his still flaccid cock and started playing with it. She started commenting on the porn and telling him how it was turning her on and what she would like to experience with him. He was getting harder.

He rolled her onto her stomach, put a pillow under her hips and entered her from behind. She kept the porn playing where he could watch it.

“I want to fuck you” She said to him.

He leaned over and pinned her hands above her head and kept pounding in to her. He was hard and massive.

She wriggled, trying to get free from his hold.

“Please, I want to fuck you and take my pleasure from you”

He carried on pounding her for a few minutes before releasing her suddenly and rolling onto his back.

She covered his cock in lube and then mounted him reverse cowgirl so that she could watch herself in the mirror and he could watch his massive cock going in and out of her.

She was incredibly turned on.

He slapped her a few times leaving red prints of possession on her perky butt.

She dismounted and asked him to turn around so that she could mount him cowgirl and still be able to watch in the mirror. She was swollen and wet. She ground down hard on him. He started fucking her from below. She tried to slow him down as it was really intense for her. He slapped her breast. He was fucking her. She was fucking him. He was slapping her. She started cumming hard. She was beating his chest in a combination of pain and pleasure. He grabbed onto her hips and held her down as he fuck her through her orgasm.

“I can’t anymore. Please take me” she cried out

He pushed her off. She got onto her hands and knees. He grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled it as he fucked her hard.

“Fuck me like you own me!”

That sent him over the edge and he exploded into her.

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