Star wars

She was all dressed and ready for the party. She’d decided to switch things up a bit and was going as lady Darth Vader. The outfit was tight and showed off all her curves. The heels gave her legs the perfect shape.

All heads turned to look at her as she walked through the door. No one knew who she was. There was something sexy about the anonymity that the mask afforded her.

She noticed him as soon as she walked out into the garden. He was dressed as princess Leia. He broad shoulders, square jaw and easy confidence told her straight way that he was Straight. He was holding audience to a group of girls all dressed up to theme. He had them eating out of his hands.

She could feel his eyes on her as she slowly sauntered over to the various groups greeting them. She finally made her way over to his group. She knew a number of the girls who all greeted her and complimented her on her costume. She greeted him with

“Leia, I am your father” which he seemed to find very amusing.

“Come and have a drink with me, Daddy”

She followed him to the bar where they had a couple of shooters and a long drink each.

They danced together for a while. She was strangely turned on by the increadibly manly man in his girls dress and hair. There was a sexy confidence about him. He flirted with all the girls who came past and danced near them.

The hostess came and called her away to assist her with a small issue. When she returned to the dance floor he was no where to be seen.

She walked out to the garden but he wasn’t anywhere that she could see. She decided to take a walk to the far end of the garden. The moon was full and it lit up the garden in a soft yellow glow.

She took a moment to gaze at the moon and appreciate her surroundings.

“Hello Daddy”

She smiled and slowly turned around. He had a naughty smile on his face. He lifted the mask off her face and kissed her passionately. His hands exploring her body. They found themselves next to the trunk of a large tree.

She pushed him up against the trunk as she went down onto her knees and lifted his dress. He was naked underneath it. She took his large, pulsating cock in her mouth. She was very aware of the sound of music and people talking and laughing a few meters away. She loved the feeling of his engorged member as she sucked and licked it. She had one hand on is balls while the other one was acting as an extension of her warm, wet mouth. She looked up at this man/woman basked in the golden glow of the moon. The experience was surreal. His moans were a clear reminder that this was a real man.

He pulled her up and turned her around so that she had her back against the trunk. The kissed her deeply as he undid the zip slowly and peeled the costume off her, exposing her naked breasts. Her nipples were hard and pointed. He sucked them and caressed them. She was moaning softly.

He made his way down her body. Planting soft, sensual kisses along her stomach. He slowly pushed the bottom half of the costume over her hips and let it fall to her ankles. He spread her legs as far as they could go and started eating her out. He inserted a large finger into her and started finger fucking her while he was licking and sucking her clit. She was gripping the tree trunk and moaning loudly. The handsome man, dressed as a woman knew exactly what he was doing. He didn’t stop until she clamped down on him and cried out in ecstasy.

He quickly turned her around, lifted up his dress and entered her from behind. He grabbed a hand full of hair and fucked her hard. She pushed herself back at him in order to get maximum penetration. He slapped her hard. She let out a wail of surprise. That seemed to push him over the edge. He pulled out and came all over the small of her back.

She smiled to herself as she knew that this would be a memory she hold on to for ever.

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