The First

They worked together. He finished a little bit before some of the staff and was sitting at a table in the back of the restaurant paging through a book. She went and stood with him and looked at what he was busy with. The book was open at a picture of snow.

“I’ve never seen snow before” she said wistfully.
He looked at her for a moment as though weighing things up.
“Take a few days off and bring some clothes for a few day with you to work tomorrow night. I’m taking you snow hunting”
She’d brought her clothes with her to work, managed to get a few days off and now she was settling in to sleep on a mattress in his lounge.
He woke her up with a cup of coffee. It was still dark outside. He had transferred her clothes and toiletries to a hiking back pack.

She followed him out as he walked the distance to the closest highway. He instructed her to stand off the road as he put his thumb out to hitch hike. She was full of butterflies as she’d never done anything like this before. Her parents would kill her if they found out.

It wasn’t long before a car stopped.
“Where you going?”
“We’re trying to find snow”
“Hop in, I’ll drop you as close as I can get”
They managed to get a few different lifts that got them close to the closest mountain with snow. Just before dark, a local farmer picked them up and took them to a tiny town at the foot of the snow covered mountain. They managed to hire a small house for the night.
They had a light dinner at the local restaurant. It was freezing outside and he built a fire in the fireplace when they returned to the house. He dragged one of the double matresses from the room so that they could lie on it in front of the fire. It felt so natural when he took her into his arms and kissed her. There was so much chemistry between them. She hardly noticed when he started rubbing and tweaking her breasts. She didn’t hesitate for a moment when he removed her top. He kissed her body gently and passionately. Her body was on fire. She found herself removing his shirt and kissing his body. They took their time tasting, teasing and exploring. She’d never experienced lust like this before. Part of her mind told her to stop, but it all felt so right that she didn’t want to.
After what may have been hours, he removed her pants. He was the first man to see her naked and she found herself blushing.
“Wow! You are so beautiful!”
He started slowly exploring her. Parting her lips gently with his fingers. Running his tongue over her. Expertly making love to her with his fingers and tongue. These were all firsts for her. She allowed herself to relax and enjoy every sensation. He took his time and made sure that she was properly ready for him. She was more than ready. She craved him. He lay over her and kissed her passionately. She was arching up into him.
“Are you sure you’re ready for this?”
“Yes please. I need you”
There was a sharp pain as he entered her for the very first time. She let out a gasp and then pulled him deeper into her.
It didn’t last very long as they were both extremely turned on.
He lay holding her, stroking her hair and body afterwards until she fell into and exhausted sleep.
They woke up during the middle of the night and made love again. She was so happy. She could not have wished for a more romantic and special way to lose her virginity.

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