They had taken the weekend to reconnect. Life had happened and between children, flu and work, they hadn’t had much alone time in the recent weeks.

It was the beginning of Spring and the days had turned warm. They tore each others clothes off as soon as they arrived at his house on the Friday evening before making quick, passionate love. They had stayed naked since then.
They’d had their usual morning wake up sex. It was functional for his release as she took a while to warm up and participate fully. He brought her breakfast in bed and they relaxed, chatting and catching up for a while.
“Go put some on some clothes, we need to pop out to the shop” he instructed her.
She slipped a short summer dress over her head and grabbed some summer shoes.


she was heading towards the door, he came up behind her. He lifted her dress and bent her over the back of the couch. He grabbed her hips and pushed into her. She was instantly wet with the excitement of being taken. He took her like a rampant beast. She had to hold onto the couch and push back against him in order to prevent herself from falling. She could feel the heat rise off him. He wanted and needed her and nothing was going to stop him form having his way. He finally let out his roar of release and collapsed onto her. She fell over the back of the couch in order to support his weight, grinning widely. It was such a turn on to be taken in that way.
They were back home, naked, and had been drinking. The music was playing and they were very cheerful. He went to the kitchen to get them more drinks. When he came back, she beckoned to him with her finger to come closer. She had a strange smile on her face. He came right up to her. She bent her head down and took his cock into her mouth. He felt the strangest sensation as she slid her mouth over his hood and then started stroking down his shaft with her hands. The mouth and hands kept sucking and moving until he was hard. She finally lifted her head and gave him a naughty grin. He looked down and realised what the strange sensation was. She’d put a condom on him with her mouth. He’d never had that done before.
It was late and they were back on the bed. Both of them were tipsy. They were kissing and getting hot and heavy. He moved down her body until his warm lips found her very wet pussy. He started sucking on her Clit. She arched up into him. He inserted a finger into her and stimulated her G-spot while licking and sucking her. She was moaning and moving with him. He could feel her getting wetter, He added another finger into her and started moving them vigorously. She was almost frantic with her movement and moans. He kept up the internal and external rhythm until she finally clamped down against him and exploded.
He took his own pleasure as day one came to an end


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