Full moon fantasy

The reflection of the full moon stretched along the length of the ocean. The warm air caressed her skin as she leaned over the balcony rail. She sensed his presence as he came up behind her. He put his hands on her hips and leaned in and kissed her neck. She took a deep breath. He smelled so good.

She turned around into his big arms that instantly wrapped around her. They started moving together to the music playing in the background. Their hand were moving over each other. She looked up at him and his mouth came down to meet hers. They kissed deeply and passionately. Her heart was racing. Her breathing had quickened.
They moved towards the deck table. He lifted her up and put her on the table. She lay down over the table. He pushed her dress up to around her waist and went down onto his knees. He started licking her pussy. She arched her back and pushed up into him. She looked to the side and took in the beautiful scenery of the moon playing on the water as her pleasure grew. He skillfully brought her to a screaming climax.
He helped her off the table and he leaned against the railing as she returned the favour. She licked his penis from the base, taking his balls into her mouth for a few moments before continuing up his throbbing shaft. She stretched her lips and slowly moved her mouth over his engorged head. She flicked her tongue over and around the base of the head. She had both her her hands around his shaft and moved them to the rhythm of her sucking. His penis was moving and throbbing. He started moaning with pleasure.
She slid her bottom hand down and started rubbing and playing with his balls. She ran her hand between his legs and massaged his perineum. His cock grew even harder. She moved her finger and started teasing his ass. His moaning grew louder. She slowly slid her finger into him. He started moving against her. She increased the pace of her sucking. He arched back and let out and animalistic roar as he exploded and filled her mouth. She looked up at him with a cheeky grin as she swallowed and licked her lips.

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