Friends who like friends

They’d spent a few days on a beach holiday with some new friends. They’d interacted with them on a number of occasions at social events but had never spent real 1:1 time with any of them. They’d heard rumours that they were Swingers but had never seen real evidence to support this. During the few days spent together the couples both seems really attentive and loving to their spouses. There was no evidence whatsoever of inappropriate behaviour.

It was their last night so they brought out the bubbly which they all enjoyed as sundowners. The conversation and laughter flowed freely. The topic of sex came up and they were asked about their preferences and opinions. They spoke about the fact that they were both sexually adventurous and were contemplating getting into the swinging lifestyle. The new friends opened up about them being in the lifestyle.

The wind came up and the air turned cold. They all moved inside. One of the men picked up a tin and spun it around on the floor. It stopped with the nozzle pointing to one of the wives.

‘Take off an item of clothing’

She laughed and removed her top. The game continued and before long everyone was naked. There was a lot of laughter and gentle teasing.

The men carried a mattress into the lounge and put it in front of the couches. The sexual energy was palpable. The other couples started kissing and interacting with the opposite spouses. They were kissing each other. One of the wives asked her how best to give a blow job. She lay down flat on her back with her head off the mattress. He kneeled behind her and fucked her mouth. He went deep into her throat causing her to gag a number of times. Everyone seemed to enjoy the show.

One of the wives was lying on the mattress one husband was kissing her then the other was sucking her nipples.

“I’m sure she would love it if you joined in”

He looked into her eyes to gauge her sincerety before asking permission of the wife and her husband. They both welcomed him into the play.

She loved watching him. It was such a turn on. She zoned in on her emotions and have herself an internal high five when she realised that there was no jealousy present.

He kept glancing back at her to check in. She gave him smiles of encouragement. The husband took his hand and put it on his wives pussy. He looked back for reassurance before starting to play with her. The wife was moaning with pleasure. Loving the attention. The other wife had also joined in the action and was kissing her.

He took the husband’s hand and replaced it with his as he came back to her. They kissed each other passionately as the other 4 continued with their play.

He lead her to their bedroom and they made love and fucked each other til morning.

It wasn’t much, but their swinging cherry had been broken and they were both rather pleased with themselves and each other

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