She pulled into her parking after a long, hard, sweaty workout at the gym. As she stopped she saw his shadow move. He came and opened her door for her.
‘Good evening Mam”

“Good Evening Thomas. Everything needs to go in tonight”

She started making her way up the steep stairs to the apartment while he collected her things. It wasn’t long before she heard him behind her. She made her strides slower, knowing that her Lycra gym tights hugged her ass tightly. Although he was her servant, she knew that he was still a man with many urges and desires. She loved thee power she had over him.
When she reached the top of the stairs, she stood to the side so that he could open the door for her. She went through and he followed and put her bags down.
He came back and offered her a glass of wine which she accepted. She sat for a while enjoying her wine and listened to the music playing in the background.
She watched Thomas as he busied himself putting the final touches to her dinner. The uniform she had bought him fitted him beautifully, accentuating his muscular body.He kept an eye on her glass and as she had her last sip, he lead her to the bathroom, where he turned on the shower to the setting she loved best. He took her clothes from her as she undressed. He averted his eyes.
“Look at me Thomas. I want you to appreciate the hard work I’ve put into this body”

He looked long and lustfully
“I do Mam”

She took her time, enjoying the hot water caressing her body. She shaved and washed her hair. When she finally stepped out of the shower he was standing holding a large heated towel for her to step into. He lead her to the bedroom where he had the candles burning as requested by her. He used the towel to dry her. She lay down on the bed
“I’m ready for that massage, Thomas”
He covered his hands in the massage oil that she loved and started massaging her. She had sent him for Tantric massage lessons. He was an expert at giving them. After he’d massaged the rest of her back, he slid his hands between her legs and started giving her a Yoni massage. She closed her eyes and got lost in the pure sensation of his hands on and inside her. She tried to control her breathing in order to draw out the experience. The waves of pleasure started riding up and down her body. She could visualize them and feel them at the same time. Her body started quivering. He became slightly rougher and the rhythm became faster. She gave herself over to the sensation and cried out as she came.
He stood at the side of the bed as she took a few minutes to recover.

She rolled over
“Remove your clothes Thomas, and lie down on your back. I’m not done yet”

He did as instructed. She put a condom on him and mounted him. He was large and hard. She rode him hard and exploded once again. He didn’t cum.
She got off him.

“Thank you Thomas. I’ll go and clean up and will be in the dining room for dinner shortly”

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