Weekend away

He was waiting for her when she got home from work with the car already packed. He was tempted to have his way with her quickly but they were already behind schedule. The talk was hot and steamy with a lot of groin grabbing on the way to collect their friend.

The drive was just over 3 hours long. The sun set about an hour into their journey. Her hand found it’s way to his crotch. She started playing with his cock through the fabric of his pants. He was going commando so there was no restricting his growing and throbbing cock. Their friend must have noticed what was going on but they all kept up the general conversation .

They arrived just in time to meet everyone out for dinner. These were all people that he’d met without her. He could see that everyone approved of her. That made him horny in a slightly possessive way. They flirted and touched throughout the dinner and excused themselves as soon as it was polite to do so.

They checked in to their accommodation. They had a beautiful, large onsuite room overlooking one of the many trout dams. As soon as they had unpacked he grabbed her, bent her over and pulled her jeans down to her knees. He was so hard. She was wet and ready for him. He pounded her hard and took his pleasure.
He kissed her and told her not to wait up. He’d promised his friends that he’d go and have a night cap with them.

She woke up with his cold hand on her. He had climbed into the bed behind her and was kissing her neck. She moaned through the layer of sleep. That was all the encouragement he needed. He put some lube on his cock and pushed it into her. She moved her leg so that he had better access and pushed back into him. He started off gently. She was soon moving to his rhythm even though her eyes were still closed. He was squeezing her nipples which were rock hard. Small moans were escaping her lips. He rolled her onto her back, lifted her legs up against his chest and rode her. She cupped her hands around his ass and pulled him deeper into her. He could feel her swollen pleasure. As her explosion contracted around him, he erupted too. She went straight back to sleep.

She became conscious of his throbbing cock against the small of her back again in the early hours of the morning. She put her hand back and started playing with him. He started fucking her hand. It wasn’t too long before he flipped her onto her stomach and fucked her from behind. It didn’t take long for him to find his release and pass out again.

She woke up with the sun high in the sky. He had made her some coffee. He let her drink it before starting to kiss her. They took their time getting really intimate and made slow, passionate love.

After breakfast they decided to go for a walk along the Weir. The water was crystal clear. They were holding hands and laughing and chatting.

“I want to fuck you”
She went and leaned over a sign and indicated that she was ready for him. He came up behind her and released his massive cock. She turned around, went onto her knees and started sucking him. He was turned on more by the knowledge that anyone could be watching them from the surrounding houses. When she could feel that he was close to cumming, she turned around, dropped her pants and leaned over the sign. He fucked her hard. As he pulled out, his cum started running down her leg. She gathered it in her hand and washed it off in the dam. They laughed about feeding the fish.

They went back and showered. Both giving each other a good cleaning. When they got back into the room she pushed him onto the bed.
“My turn”
She jumped onto him and rode him hard. This was for her pleasure. She lubed up her fingers and rubbed her clit hard for added pleasure. She wouldn’t let him move as she wanted total control. She knew her body and how to get maximum satisfaction. She knew she was close and asked for his help. He grabbed her hips and helped her grind through the sensation bringing her to the point where she was shaking with pleasure and couldn’t handle any more. She collapsed and had to take time out before they could leave for their next engagement.

They were both tired and sexually saturated by the time they were driving home. This didn’t stop her from playing with him again. This time she was a little bit less subtle. She didn’t care of the friend could see her. She had a suspicion that he was getting turned on by it too. He had to push her away from time to time as the sensation was too intense.

They dropped their friend off and rushed back to her house. He was on the bed. She straddled his face and started sucking his cock. He was sucking and licking her pussy. She started playing with his ass with her fingers,rubbing and gently pocking. She could feel him swell in her mouth. He had his fingers inside her and the simultaneous internal and external stimulation was driving her crazy. She couldn’t suck him any more. She was too distracted. She jumped on top of him and fucked him. He was moving and fucking her too. They were frenzied and almost desperate.
“Oh my fuck! I’m exploding!!” That was all he needed. He roared out as she was beating his chest and came hard too. It was the crescendo to a truly explosive weekend of fucking and love.

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