The Artist

He blindfolded her and undressed her, leaving her only in her thigh high stockings and stilettos.

He lead her by the hand. She felt a cold breeze caressing her body. He seated her on a chair. He nudged her knees so that her feet were just wider than hip width and her thighs were open. She was very aware of the cool wind brushing against her fanny.
‘I’ll be right back’whispered against her ear.
She became aware of all her senses. The darkness instead of sight. The sound of traffic passing close by. The smell of exhaust fumes and a distant hint of salt. Goosebumps all over her skin. The metallic taste of nervousness and excitement.
She realised that she was on their first floor balcony. They lived next to main road and anyone who happened to look up would be able to see most of her exposed body. Her excitement grew.

He was back. She could sense and hear his movements around her. A sudden deep kiss, exquisitely intensified by her lack of sight.
A moment later a shiver ran down her body as a wet line was drawn from her ankle, along the inside of her leg and thigh stopping just short of her sweet spot. Half a minute, which felt like an hour, later, it was repeated on the other side.
A soft slow kiss at the back of her neck. She turned her head hoping that his lips would find her hungry mouth. They didn’t. She was left longing.
The same wet sensation being created around her breasts. An infinity sign getting smaller and smaller until her nipples were the point of concentration. Slow wet circles. Every nerve endings in her body was on edge. As the brush was moved away, it left a wet trail that the cool wind found sending shivers through her.
The wetness was being drawn down her body and spent some time at and around her belly button. Only he knew that this was one of her most sensitive erogenous zones.
‘Please kiss me’ she begged him. He brought his head up and she leaned her face to where she sensed that he was. He leaned forward and gently kissed the side of her mouth and pulled away again!
She was so hungry for his kiss, his touch, his love. She wanted all of him.
She sat in the silence trying to picture where he was, experiencing the cravings of her body for him to its fullest.
She was vaguely aware of some cat calling and whistling from below. She wasn’t sure if it was aimed at her.

After forever, she felt his body heat near her. He gave her the kiss she’d begged for. Slowly and gently at first, growing deeper and more passionate. She knew he wanted her as much as she needed him. He pulled away and ran his tongue down her throat , over her erect breast, around her super-sensitive stomach, finally reaching her dripping wet Pussy. He sat between her open thighs and started licking her engorged clit. The flicking of his tongue started off slowly and gently but soon became faster and harder. He inserted 2 fingers into her and started stroking her spongy front wall. She started moaning and arching into him. He started sucking her clit and rubbing her g-spot more vigorously. She was seeing spots where the darkness had been. Everything became increasingly intense. She was very vocal. Cars were hooting below. He held her on the brink for a short while before finally pushing her over the edge. She was soaked.
He lifted her out of the chair and took her behind it and bent her over the back. He pulled her blindfold off her as he pushed himself into her. She could see people looking up at them as he pounded her hard taking his pleasure.
A small part of her wondered in any of them would ever know the depths of pleasure she got to experience.

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