It was her birthday month. As part of her celebrations he’d told her that he was taking her to a swingers party. Although they’d been to one together before, they had never played at a club together. They’d both said they wanted to and that they were ready. They booked for the busiest night of the month, which also happened to be the busiest night of the year to date. During the build up to the night, they had a lot of conversations about their expectations and rules and boundaries. They both also had dreams about it highlighting their individual fears. They’d agreed that the night would be about her. They’d also agreed that there would only be female interaction with her and that might extend to him if she felt comfortable and in control. They agreed that there would be no penetration with another female. He had agreed that he wouldn’t leave her alone e either as she kept having abandonment dreams and it was clearly a big concern for her.

The night finally arrived. They’d decided that they would get ready together as she loved the excitement of the preparation and anticipation. When he finally arrived at her house, he was already dressed and ready, so he just kept her company while she got ready. He chose the slightly less revealing dress of the 2 options she’d given him and she was relieved as she wasn’t at her best as she’d missed gym for most of the week.

They left a lot earlier than was strictly necessary as they were as excited as kids at Christmas. The traffic ended up being terrible so they arrived at the club only a few minutes ahead of the original planned time.

After paying the entrance fee and securing their locker, they made their way to the bar. They were still deciding where to settle when they were approached by a couple asking if they were their nicknames. It was a couple who’d contacted them earlier in the week and asked if they would like to meet for a drink. The usual pleasantries were make and drinks were acquired. The other couple were regulars and a lot of people stopped to greet them and have a drink etc. She was really enjoying herself. Everything was easy. She chatted to everyone they were introduced to while keeping an eye on everyone’s arriving. She loved seeing the variety coming through the door. Young, old, peak shape and over weight, dressed to kill and very casual.

They decided to take a walk around the club. The upstairs area had been changed. They walked passed a couple and the guy stopped her and asked her if they were their site nickname. This was another couple they had chatted to. She really liked the look of both of them. They had a drink with them and they all hung out whilst watching the stripper on the pole downstairs.

Her partner left her with them a number of times. Either to go to the bar or the bathroom or to go and chat to people he knew from his past. Although she was comfortable standing with them, she didn’t like the way that some men and couples were looking for at her, possibly assuming that she was there alone.

He wanted to dance so they went and danced on the dance floor. Their friends from earlier were there and they danced with them a bit. They also bumped into some other friends who they knew from outside of the club and danced with them for a while. She realised that it was getting late and there didn’t seem to be any indication of the playing. She was shy to initiate anything with anyone else so she turned to him and told him to pull down his pants as she was going to give him a blow job. He did as instructed and leaned against the stage as she took his large cock into her hungry mouth. She sucked him until he became hard and started moaning and then stopped. She wasn’t ready for the evening to end like that. They dances with their hips gyrating against each other.

He whispered I to her ear: “I need to fuck you”.

They left the dance floor and she lead him into the voyeur room where there were loads of couples in various states of fucking. He said that it was too full, so she lead hi. To the Jacuzzi that had only 1 other couple in it. After asking for permission they stripped down and joined them. The conversation and laughter flowed easily.

After a short while a single guy came to join them. It wasn’t long before she felt his hands on her legs. She pushed them away indicating clearly that that wasn’t how they played. A single lady came to join them which evened things out a bit again. She really wanted some action so once again went to her go to party started and turned to her partner and asked him to sit on the side of the Jacuzzi as she wanted to give him a blow job. She did so for a while and he was moaning with pleasure but wasn’t really getting hard so she stopped. He slid back in next to her again. She heard his telling g the original girl that she had to ask her permission. She assumed the other girl had asked to kiss her or something and laughed and agreed. She leaned over him thinking that they were going to kiss when. She realised that the other girl was actually giving her guy a hand job. After taking a second to compute what was happening and realising that she wasn’t feeling any jealousy, she decided not to be left out and added her hand to his penis so that he was getting a hand job from both of them. He became rock hard. She was horny and climbed onto his lap. He couldn’t go into her. They got out and went to the mattress next door. She wanted to mount him and ride him but he turned her around and took her from behind. After a few seconds he came leaving her frustrated and unsatisfied.

They left the club soon afterwards. They had crossed new teriitories and this was an achievement. She had had a lot of fun and had really enjoyed the night, but she couldn’t help feeling disappointed and unsatisfied. They would just have to go back and try again some time.