Birthday treat

It was her birthday and they had decided to go to the club as part of the celebrations. They chose a lifestyle party as they were always the busiest and they had never been to one before. The timing was also great as the next one was during the week of her actual birthday.

They arrived early to ensure that they got towels and a locker. They also wanted to find space near the bar to sit as this would give them a good vantage point of everyone coming in. She decided that she wanted to let her hair down and started off with a few shooters straight away. She knew herself well enough to know just how many to have to relax her but to still keep her mind sharp. There was an excited sense of anticipation between them. It was one of her favorite feelings. She loved going on ‘adventures’ with him.

The bar quickly started filling up with people of all shapes, sizes and ages. They greeted and chatted to a few. From time to time he would mention that it was her birthday (to the ones he knew she’d find attractive) and they would give her a good, long kiss. Both male and female. It was good fun and nothing too serious at this stage. The whole experience was a huge turn on to her. She kept grabbing her partner and kissing him too.

The DJ started turning up the music. They decided to go and dance. Everyone was friendly. The shooters had started having their desired effect and she was moving and smiling at everyone. She felt some hands come around her from the back. She leaned into the body and turned her head to see who it was. Before she knew what was happening, she felt a warm mouth against hers. She turned her body around so that she could enjoy the experience fully. They finally pulled apart and she saw that it was one of the hot girls from earlier. She took hold of her hand and drew her with her to her guy. She could see that he was enjoying what he was seeing. She whispered to her new friend, and they each took one of his hands and lead him away. They were laughing and teasing him by kissing each other and then both kissing him too. The bedrooms were all already occupied. She had an idea and lead the way to the showers.

She turned on the water to start heating up and the girls started removing his clothes. They pushed him into the shower and quickly removed their own clothes and joined him. They took the soap and started washing him. Both of them were kissing him and each other and rubbing him all over. His cock was, large and fully engorged. Both girls went onto their knees on either side of his cock and started licking and sucking him. One had his balls in her mouth as the other one gave him a blow job. Every now and again, one would work her way up his torso and then kiss him. His hands were all over them too. The girls hands and mouths were all over each other too. They were vaguely aware of people watching them from the outdoor. It added to the sensation.

She had her partners throbbing penis in her mouth. The other girl moved around and started rimming him. She could feel that he was ready and added a little bit more pressure with her hands and sucked him the way she knew would push him over the edge. His moaning increased and he leaned back. The other girl pushed her thumb into his ass and he roared out and exploded in her mouth. She loved the peppery taste of him. The other girl came around and kissed her deeply. Tasting the remnants of him. She made her way down her tight stomach and stuck her head between her legs and ate her out until she cried out and came.

She suddenly became aware of everyone around her again and started laughing. What a way to celebrate a birthday.

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