The House of Extreme Pleasure

“Good Morning Mr. D. This message serves to confirm your appointment at The House of Extreme Pleasure this evening 9 May 2017 at 18H30. Please ensure that you bring along a gown. You will be required to sleep over. Madam Ecstasy”

His heart beat a little harder. He wasn’t sure what to expect. He’d just returned from 2 back to back trips and he was exhausted. His PA had booked this evening for him on a recommendation from a colleague.

He arrived promptly at 18H30 and was met by an incredibly sexy brunette. She was dressed in a very tight, off the shoulder black dress, fishnet stockings and heels. He smiled in approval.

“Good evening Mr. D. Welcome to the House of Extreme Pleasure. I am Madam Ecstasy. I’ll be in charge of your pleasure this evening. In order to get the most out of this experience, please follow all instructions without question”

And with that, she handed him a capsule and a glass of wine and told him to drink it.

She lead him into a very comfortable lounge and ensured that he was comfortable. There was gentle trance like music playing. She returned with a tray containing one of the most delicious meals he’d ever eaten. She sat with him and let him speak about his recent trips while he had his dinner.

Once he was done, she showed him to the bathroom, handed him a large fluffy towel and instructed him to shower, put on his gown and go through to the treatment room.

He was seated on a large, comfortable chair. She sat on an ottoman in front of him. She lifted one of his legs and proceeded to give him a pedicure. As she started massaging his foot, his body started to tingle. Whatever was in the capsule had started working. He closed his eyes and gave himself over to the sensation of her small firm hands on his feet and legs. She alternated firm, deep massaging with light, teasing ticketing. He was in heaven. She did the same with his other foot. He was aware of the smell of incense and the gentle flicker of the candle light played behind his eyelids. All his senses were stimulates.

She placed his feet in slippers and stood behind him. She pushed the gown off his shoulders. She ran her fingers through his hair. His entire scalp started tingling. She massaged his head, and stroked it lightly and even pulled his hair. She used a steel head massager on him too. Her hands made their way over his face, tapping lightly at his sinuses, and down his jaw. She gave him a mini facial.
Next she started massaging his shoulders firmly. Finding and releasing all the knots caused by stress and travel. She worked her hands down his large arms. Up again. And this time she leaned over him, running her hands firmly over his chest, down his stomach and over his penis. It all felt so good. This was repeated a number of times.

She gave him a glass of water and instructed him to drink it all before she lead him to the bed. He lay down on his back. She kneeled on the bed at his feet, pushing his legs open. She applied a generous amount of oil onto her hands and started massaging him. She started at his legs and worked her way up his body. She ran her flat hands over and around his penis as part of the massage. Although it felt amazing, it didn’t feel intrusive at all. His eyes were closed and every sensation seemed heightened. Just as he thought it couldn’t get any better, she placed a vibrator next to his penis. She left it there while she continues with her massaging and stroking of the rest of his body. She re-positioned it a few times. She started rubbing it against his perineum. He felt his cock respond and start to grow really hard. She didn’t seem to notice as she continued with the massage as if nothing was out of place. She used the vibrator to tease his nipples and then returned it to it’s position against his now throbbing cock. He felt a cold sensation as her wet lips started sucking his nipples. A moan of pleasure escaped his lips. He felt her move away and there was some movement next to him. He realised that she had removed her stockings as she quickly encased him in a condom and then lowered her very wet, tight pussy onto him. The pleasure was pulsating through his entire body. She started moving in time to the music. He could tell that she was extremely turned on. He opened his eyes and looked into her enlarged pupils.

“I’m about to cum”

“I’m ready for you, Big Boy!”

She used her contracting body to milk every drop out of him.

He understood the meaning of both her name and her practices’. He would be back.

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