Quickie with the ex

Life had happened. He had been away for more than a week. They were both horny and needed to have sex. They had planned to meet at her place before they left town again for sex but due to a number of unfortunate circumstances, he was running really late. They only had time to collect her bags and leave straight away as they needed to fetch his kids at the school before a certain time.

His son was upset as he had realised that the special gift he’d made for his granny was left at his home. In order to keep the peace, they decided to quickly stop at the mothers house to collect it.

The kids both jumped out and ran to their respective room to fetch the forgotten goods. His daughter had suddenly remembered something too.

She decided to use the stop to pop to the bathroom. As she flushes the toilet, there was a light knock on the door. She opened it to find him standing there with a naughty grin on his face. He pushed her back into the bathroom and locked the door. He dropped his pants. His cock was ready for action. She realised that she was too. She removed her panties and bent over the basin, watching as he come behind her and lifted her dress. She arched her back as he entered her. Their eyes locked as they started moving in unison. Her breathing was heavy. She had to bite her lip to control the sounds that were escaping her lips. She could both see and feel his build up. She was more than ready for him. He let out a loud grunt and slapped her exposed ass. She exploded with him. He pulled out quickly and a blob of his cum fell onto the carpet. She made sure she left a tiny bit behind as she cleaned it up. There was an evil pleasure knowing that they’d fucked in the ex’s house.

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