The Cock-Ring

He’d grown up in a privileged existence as the son of a diplomat in Zambia. The lifestyle was very colonial. He’d had servants and house boys taking care of his every need for as long as he could remember. He never wanted for anything. He was rather spoiled. He was sent to boarding school from the age of 6.
Once he reached puberty he did what was expected of him and found himself a girlfriend from the sister school. They would see each other at the term dances where they would hold hands and sneak a kiss or two. He sometimes thought that he was more excited by the fact that it was forbidden then by the actual act.
At some stage during high school the boys started masturbating each other. It started as a joke/challenge and just seemed to carry on. This was his favorite part of school. He lived his days, waiting for those forbidden nights. The boys were always reassuring each other that this was normal and that they weren’t gay.
By the time he left school, he knew that he was more attracted to boys than girls. He decided to go on a working gab year with his British Visa to England. He managed to get a job working as an advertising intern which paid him enough that he could spend his weekends traveling around Europe.
He was in Amsterdam for the weekend. He stayed at his favorite back packers, Bobs backpackers where he always met the most interesting people from all over the world. A group of the gay guys he’d met this time had decided to go to a local gay bar called The Cock-Ring.
The club was pumping by the time they got there. They were already quite drunk as the drinks at the club were expensive so they bought booze at the bottle store and drank beforehand. He bought a long drink at the bar and took his time taking it all in. He noticed a very fit looking, dark African man staring at him from the other side of the bar. He looked as though he could be an Olympic swimmer. He picked up his drink and walked around to him.
They started chatting and ended up on the packed dance floor. The music was new to him. Their hands were exploring each other and soon they were kissing and grinding.
“Let’s get out of here. Where are you staying”
“Bobs Backpackers”
“Screw that, we’ll go to mine” He waved down a cab.
They were at his place in no time at all. From the outside, it looked just like every other house in the block. Inside was it was beautiful. He didn’t have much time to look around though. He had never been with a black man before. The fact that it was ‘forbidden’ was such a turn on. Their clothes were off in seconds. WOW!! Everything he’d ever heard about a black man was true. He loved the feel of him in his mouth. He could add both his hands too during the blow job. His hands looked almost normal sized against his Big Black Cock! It was so black it almost looked metallic with his spit glistening on it. After he swallowed his cock, it seemed to gain a new energy. He was fully gorged.
He parted his but cheeks with his perfectly manicured hands and proceeded to spit a big blob of spit on his throbbing manhole, and started teasing his hole with the head of his throbbing cock. He couldn’t take the teasing anymore so he thrust himself backwards onto his throbbing cock. They both gave out a grunt.
Once he adapted to the enormous piece of meat inside him, he Iubed it up and rode till neither of them could carry on.
“I need to grab something” the swimmer took a shoe sized box out of his cupboard. It was full of watches. He’d never seen a collection quite like that before. The swimmer took one out and brought it over. He strapped it on the base of his penis like a cock ring. His penis seemed to swell to a new size. And it was so hard.
They had sex for hours. The raunchiest sex of his life (he knew it was amazing even though he’d only had a few partners previously), and intermittently a new watch was strapped onto his cock. The swimmer told him that he had had a watch fetish for years. Every time he strapped on a new watch (there were about 30), he took a photo for his online gay profile. He knew that this would never be a fetish of his but the entire newness and strangeness of the experience made it the hottest experience of his life. He left the next morning knowing that this was one that he would always remember but wasn’t sure that he’d be able to tell anyone about it.

The Lesson

He just didn’t get it. She didn’t ask for much. She hardly ever asked for anything and let him have his freedom. The issue was that her love language was quality time. She didn’t need to be with him every breathing minute, but she needed more than twice a week. She would get so excited about seeing him, that when they had time planned together, and it didn’t happen, she got really upset. She didn’t expect to be taken out or to even do anything special. She was happy to just spend time together as long as they had lots of sex.
His plane had been delayed and by the time he eventually landed, he decided that it was too late to see her. Then he woke up feeling sick. She had the day off work and offered to go to his place to play nurse to him. He had turned the offer down stating that he didn’t want to get her sick too. She felt rejected and grumpy and sexually frustrated. She couldn’t remember her last orgasm as his kids had been with them the previous weekend so quickies for his pleasure was the only sex that got banged out.
She met one of her ex friends with benefits for coffee. It was good to catch up. He had been her gym buddy for a long time and they spent most of the time chatting about how and why his body had improved even more since she’d last seen him. She asked him about his love life as he knew all about hers. He told her that he was seeing a new woman, called Bronwyn, but had informed her that he wouldn’t date her until she learned how to give a proper blow job. He said that he had mentioned her and her classes to Bronwyn and told her that she needed to go for one of the classes. He asked if she would be willing to give her a 1:1 lessons. She agreed.
She was sitting at home wondering what to do with herself as she had planned to spend the night with her man, who was now sick. Her phone rang and it was her friend asking her what she was doing. She told him that her plans had been cancelled and hadn’t decided on a back-up plan yet. He asked her to come around for dinner then she could meet Bronwyn too.
She quickly showered and changed and grabbed her teaching bag and left for his place. It was just around the corner.
Bronwyn pleasantly surprised her. She was Blonde, in fantastic shape and had a British accent. They all went inside. He got them all drinks and asked them to sit at the kitchen counter to keep him company while he cooked dinner.
“I think you should give us a bit of a tease by wearing only an apron.” She looked over at Bronwyn to gauge her response.
“Yes, Stud, give us girls something to wet our appetites. “ Bronwyn added.
The girls giggled and seemed to have bonded by their naughty suggestions.
They made small talk for a short while but soon the conversation turned to the matter at hand, or shall we say mouth!
Bronwyn started asking her questions, so she decided to get her demo dildo, Jean, out to demonstrate.
She showed her how to put a condom on with her mouth. She explained some of the basics: make sure that your mouth is always wet, keep your mouth loose, use firm suction but not too hard (test it on your thumb), use your hands to lengthen the area of pleasure, use your tongue, paying special attention to the nerve endings around the head of the penis, don’t neglect the balls, NEVER use your teeth, treat it like a treat and not a chore, show enjoyment.
Bronwyn had a lot of questions. She seemed to understand but still seemed a bit unsure.
‘Why don’t you go and test it on him. Let me watch so that I can give you advice and pointers”
She handed Bronwyn one of the condoms from her bag. She tore off the wrapper and put it in her mouth as shown. She tried to put it over his penis as shown but just couldn’t get it right.
“Please come and show me. It will be easier to see on a real model”
‘You sure you’re both OK with this?”
“Sure” he said
“Absolutely, in fact it’s a huge turn on” said Bronwyn
She walked around the counter and went onto her knees in front of him. She removed the condom from its sleeve and put it into her mouth. A quick look to confirm that everyone seemed OK and she lifted his apron and proceeded to roll it over his very erect penis with her mouth. Using her hands to assist in securing it properly.
Bronwyn had moved closer and he was kissing her. He had taken off her top and had her breasts in his hands. They looked really happy so she carried on sucking his cock. She used her one hand to extend her mouth and the other one started massaging his balls and perineum.
“One way to ensure that your mouth is wet enough is to have a small sip of wine and then take him into your mouth”
Bronwen went to the counter, took a large sip of wine and then walked over to her. She bent her head down and kissed her. She passed some wine into her mouth. She was shocked but in a very pleasant way. She kissed her back and passed some of the wine back into her mouth.
“I think you should try it on him.”
Bronwyn got down on her knees, she took him into her mouth. A small stream of wine dripped down his shaft. Bronwyn looked up at them. (by this stage the apron had been removed). She looked so HOT with his wet cock between her luscious lips. She sucked him and licked him for a while. She started moaning and so did he.
“Don’t forget the balls”
“Come and show me”
She got down onto her knees next to Bronwyn and started licking his balls. Bronwyn watched for a short while and then went back to sucking his cock. She popped a ball in her mouth and started sucking gently. Bronwyn stated making her way down his penis and took his other ball in her mouth. the girls eyes caught for a moment before they both looked at him. He took his penis into his hands and started masturbating. Every now and again, the girls lips would touch. She was massaging his perineum too. She felt the build-up starting between her hands. The balls contracted in their mouths. He was moaning and swearing. Both girls were moaning too. He arched back and both girls started sucking the side of his cock as he exploded all over them. They looked at each other and started laughing.
“You’ve got something on your face” Bronwyn leaned over and licked off the cum and then kissed her passionately.
“Are you satisfied with your lesson?” she asked both of them.
They both thanked her for the hottest lesson ever.