Cum for Coffee

“My plans have changed and I’m in your area. May I stop by for some coffee please?”
He checked the time. He had an hour before he had to be somewhere.
He sent her a location pin
“Kettles on”
She was there within 5 minutes. He was relieved to see that she looked just like her on line photos. No super model, but no dog either. It was always a risk inviting someone into your home on a first meeting. They had been chatting for a while and he had made his intentions very clear to her – NSA. He was happy to chat but wasn’t interested in any form of a relationship at this time. She had said that she was on the same page as him. They had spoken about meeting up a few times but just didn’t seem to coordinate diaries.
They made general small talk while he made the coffee. He was conscious of the fact that he had a time restraint. He allowed her to finish her coffee before he took her by the hand and lead her to the bedroom. He kissed her and started removing her dress.
“Woah! Slow down”
“We both know this is why you are here, so why waste precious time?”
He had her dress off and went down on his knees in front of her as he removed her panties. He pushed her legs apart and started kissing, licking and sucking her cleanly shaved pussy. She started moaning and he pushed her back onto the bed so that he could have easier access. He inserted a finger and stroked her front wall urgently whilst building the pressure on her clit. She was really wett. He looked up at her. She was playing with her large boobs and pinching her nipples. He could feel his erection getting a life of its own. He forced himself to control himself enough to bring her to a massive orgasm.
Her juices were dripping off his chin. He gave it a quick wipe before he turned her over and plunged into her warm wetness. He had given her her pleasure and now it was his time to be totally selfish. He grabbed a handful of hair as he pounded deep into her. He told her to get onto her knees with her head flat on the bed.
“Open yourself up for me!”
She placed her hands on her bum cheeks and pulled them apart. The sighte of her starfish and his cock pounding into her was all the visual stimulation he needed. He put one foot on the bed next to her so that he could go even deeper and harder. She was making noises which were a mixture of pleasure and pain. He slapped her hard on the ass and as she cried out, so did he. The orgasm ripped through his body. She collapsed under him.
He got up cleaned himself off and gave her her clothes and waited for her in the lounge. He opened the front door.
“That was fantastic. Thank you for stopping by”
“Is that it? Are you not even going to offer me another coffee or something”
“No, I made my intentions clear, and I have things to do and places to go”

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