Dinner in the City

He was up from his coastal town for business and decided to extend his stay and make a long weekend of it.
He’d recently broken up with girlfriend, and had decided to take his sisters advice and joined Tinder to break him from the habit of contacting his ex. His phone hadn’t stopped flashing with Tinder notifications since he’d landed in JHB. He was new meat in town, and the ladies had noticed.
He started swiping and saying ‘hi’ to the ladies he matched with. There was the usual case of no response and those who only said “hi” back and no further conversation was forthcoming. There were a few who he managed to have decent conversations with. He decided not to meet any as he knew it would be futile as there would be no chance of a long-term relationship because of the distance and he wanted to spend as much time as he could with his sister who he hardly ever saw. He found that he was spending all his free time speaking to one particular match. He stopped replying to the others as they just didn’t seem very interesting anymore. They spoke into the early hours of the morning by which time he knew he had to meet her so he invited her to meet for coffee the next day.
He arrived a few minutes late as he really struggled to make his way around in the big city traffic. She stood up as he entered. She was tall. He was 6ft tall and she must be close to that. He greeted her with a hug and a kiss on the cheek before sitting down. The conversation flowed easily. 2 cups of coffee each later and they were nowhere near finished chatting. They decided to order lunch. They hardly noticed what they were eating. They were laughing and touching each other for emphases. Their plates had been cleared away a long time ago and the waiter kept coming to ask if he could get them anything else. They had overstayed their welcome. He paid the bill and they walked out.
“Would you like a tour of the mall?” she asked him.
“Please take me on a tour” and he gave her his hand.
Holding hands, walking around the mall, laughing chatting and being slightly silly seemed like the most natural thing in the world. The hours flew by.
“How about dinner?
They decided on a restaurant in the same center. They were seated at a dimly lit back table. He sat at the seat next to her. He ordered a bottle of wine for them and a couple of steaks. Before long he found himself holding her hand again. It all just seemed so natural and flowed.
He kept telling himself to slow down. He remembered his resolve not to get involved with anyone so far from home, but he just couldn’t stop it. He knew he wanted and needed more. Once their plates were cleared away, they ordered Don Pedro’s. He leaned over to her and said:
“I need to kiss you”
She leaned in and obliged. He felt like he had finally tasted the woman of his fantasies. Her kiss was soft and firm with just the right amount of tongue and some soft biting. It felt like it went on for ever. They finally separated long enough to finish their drinks. He paid the bill and they walked out. He walked her to her car.
“I don’t want this date to end yet”
“We can sit in the car for a bit”
He felt like a school boy as they sat in the car kissing. He found his hands getting a life of their own. They were exploring her body. She started moaning and moving into him. Her hands were also exploring. They sent electrical shocks through him. He felt her hands on the bulge in his pants. He was rock hard. She detached her lips from his and pulled away to look into his eyes. She could see the longing there. She held his gaze as she undid his zip. She slid her hand into his pants and released his throbbing cock. She started tugging at it with both hands. She didn’t want to hurt him as she was very conscious that it was dry, so she bent her head down and took him between her lips. Her hands kept busy and fell into the rhythm of her mouth. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed himself deeper into her. She started moaning with pleasure. He was throbbing inside her. Her hands were moving firmly up and down his shaft too. He saw a shadow moving outside and was reminded that anyone could walk up to the car at any time. They were in a public parking lot. The thought of it got him really excited. She was so skilled with her mouth. Her tongue was flicking around his swollen head as she sucked and tugged at him. The moaning was causing a vibration up and down his shaft. The sight of her, the feeling of her, the knowledge that they could be caught, all added up and it didn’t take him too long before he cried out and exploded into her mouth.
“Holly crap!!That was flipping amazing. I know it is wrong and I promised myself not to get near to anyone here, but you are perfect. So irresistible. “
They snuggled and kissed for a while before the day finally had to draw to an end. The entire experience had been so surreal that he felt as if it may have been a dream

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