She was running a bit late and had a lot going on in her head as she pulled into his visitors parking. She didn’t notice anything out of place.
She went to the front of the house and used her key to let herself in. Only once she was inside did she compute that the house was in darkness baring a few lit candles in the lounge. She stopped and took a deep breath while she allowed her eyes to adjust to the dim light. She became aware of the music coming out of the speakers.
As she was about to call out, he walked into the room. He came straight up to her and kissed her.
“What’s going on here?” she asked.
“You’ll see, or rather feel..” he said with a smile in his voice. He had a blind fold in his hand which she hadn’t noticed before. He put it over her eyes and secured it in place.
Her heart started beating fast and her palms grew sweaty. She just knew that she was in for a memorable night. He loved their fantasy date nights and always came up with new and exciting ‘plays’.
He took her small hand in his big, strong one and lead her to the bedroom. She could smell incense. He took his time undressing her. Kissing the skin as he exposed it, interspersed with kisses on her lips and an occasional deep, passionate kiss. He left her suspenders with sheer stocking and heels on. He guided her to gently lie down on the bed on her stomach.
She heard him moving around for a few minutes before she felt his big, wet hands on her back. He had warmed the oil up and it felt really good. She let her mind focus on his hands as they moved over her shapely back. He seemed to know just where the knots were. She found herself moaning with a mixture of pain and pleasure as he worked them out. He poured a generous amount of oil onto her bum and she felt it running between her cheeks. She was getting wet from the inside and outside. He spent a few minutes kneading her ass, allowing his fingers to trace the trail of the oil. Her legs automatically spread open for him.
He slapped her ass hard, leaned over her and whispered to her to roll onto her back. She was very aware of the stinging where he had slapped her. She quite liked it in a perverse sort of way.
She sensed the presence over her head before she felt the lips on hers. A slow kiss and then the tongue prying her lips open. The warmth of another tongue exploring her mouth. It felt strange but she couldn’t put her finger on why. They had kissed a million times before.
She became aware of his hands prying her thighs apart. His warm breath working its way up towards her very wet pussy. He stopped just before he reached his destination and pulled away. She moaned in frustration.
Lips on hers again. This kiss felt familiar. She got lost in the passion of it, until she became aware of a sensation of lips on her inner thighs. It took her a few seconds to comprehend that there was more than one person in the room with her. She was slightly shocked and very turned on. She tried to focus on all the sensations at the same time. His mouth was kissing her hungrily while the second mouth had found her engorged pussy and was licking and sucking it. He moved downwards and his mouth found her rock hard nipples. He was sucking and biting them. She gasped at the sensation of being penetrated. The sucking and licking was still going on so she realised that it was a dildo that had penetrated her. The next sensation she became aware of was the vibrating of the dildo.
She had giving up trying to control her responsive sounds and movements. Every nerve ending was stimulated. She had shock waves shooting through her body.
There was some movement. The bodies seemed to swap positions. She felt pressure against her face and opened her mouth. The object started moving. She stuck her tongue out and tasted the unfamiliar taste of female excitement. She started licking as the pussy was gyrating against her mouth. She was more turned on than she had ever thought possible.
Without warning he plunged his massive, engaged cock into her. Just a she thought that she had reached the top of being pleasured, he plunged the well lubbed dildo into her ass. She was being double penetrated while licking a very wet pussy. The sounds of pleasure from all parties was loud.
‘I’m about to cum!!”
As she let out her cry of pleasure, he slapped her hard and let out a roar of his own.
All 3 bodies collapsed. After a few minutes she felt a soft kiss on her lips
“Thank you” she said and walked out
Another perfect fantasy date and she would never find out who the 3rd person was.

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