The doorbell rang. She took a large swig of her drink and went to open it.

He was so much better looking in real life than in the photos on his profile. Her heart was pounding as she invited him in. He smiled broadly and told her she looked beautiful as he bent down to kiss her. She showed him into the lounge and offered him a drink. She poured his vodka cranberry quickly and topped up her own.

She handed him his drink and sat down gingerly next to him. Within a few minutes she’d relaxed totally and was laughing and even touching is arm for emphasis. He had a way of making her feel like she was the only woman in the world. This made him even more attractive.

She excused herself in order to go and freshen up their drinks and get some snacks. She was busy getting the snacks out of the cupboard when she felt large hands on her waist. His hot mouth was on her neck. She leaned back into him. His hand had found her breasts. She turned her head so that her lips could find his. In the middle of their passionate kisses he turned her around. He picked her up and put her on the counter. He kissed her mouth and then started kissing her neck, using his hands to push her dress off her shoulders, exposing her bare breasts. His lips followed his hands as they pulled her dress lower down. She arched up as he slipped it over her hips, exposing her nakedness. She ĺay back on her elbows as he went down on her. It was such a turn on watching him. She loved what he was doing and couldn’t suppress her moans but she was impatient.

“Fuck me now!”

He stood up, undid his zip, pushed his pants to his knees and had a condom on him ginormous cock in a matter of second. He flipped her over and plunged into her. She reached forward and grabbed the far edge of the counter. He fucked her really hard and selfishly until she cried out as she came. He turned her around and lead her by the hand to the sturdy bar stool. He sat down and she mounted him. She put her feet on the supporting struts so that she got maximum movement. She road him hard. She slowed down every time she felt like she was close to coming, as she wanted to prolong the exquisite pleasure. Finally she couldn’t hold back anymore. She felt the wave of pleasure take over. Every nerve being stimulated.

He had his hands on her hips and he took over, continuing to move her after her body had started to contract. She let out a roar of pleasure as she could see that he was coming too.

He came through to the entrance hall once he was dressed again. She reached up to kiss him. She handed him an envelope.

“Thank you. That was worth every cent. I will be booking you again”

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