She had been training for over a year and was really excited that the weekend had finally arrived.

She had registered and booked her bike in. She would drive the route and do a final practice sea swim in the morning. Her team mates had decided to hit the town for a few hours after dinner but she’d decided to call it a night. She was too nervous to pretend to be having fun drinking and making small talk.

The hotel lobby was empty except for a few late arrivals who were checking in. She pushed her floor number and watched the light counting down the floors as the lift came to fetch her. The doors opened and she got in. Just as the door was about to close, someone run up and got into the lift. She watched his sinewy arm as he punched in his floor number. He moved to the side and she could see his face. He looked up and caught her eye.

“Oh my word! Didn’t you go to Hudson Park High School?”
“Yes” she looked at him carefully but didn’t recognize him.
He saw the confused look on her face and told her his name.
“No ways! You look totally different!”
He laughed from his belly and told her that he’d lost more than half his weight since they’d left school.

Her floor was rapidly approaching.
“Would you like to come to my room so that we can catch up some more?”
He agreed and she lead the way.

She asked him to make himself comfortable while she poured drinks from the mini bar. She could feel his eyes on her.

She looked up and caught him staring.
“I’m sorry. I can’t help it. This seems so unreal. Never once during our time at school, while I was perving over you, did I ever think that I would be sharing a drink with you in your hotel room ”

She smiled as she walked to him. She bent over and put the drink on the table next to him. She paused and looked up at him. Her smile changed into a naughty grid. She stood up and the straddled him. She put her hands behind his head and leaned in slowly.

“I never imagined that you would be this handsome man that I want to kiss and do bad things with”

She closed the gap and they kissed passionately. Her hands were moving over him. Exploring his hard muscles below the fabric of his tailored shirt. She was so turned on by this man who was once the object of her mockery and teasing.

He tightened his arms around her and stood up. Her legs wrapped around his waist. He was so strong and manly.
He carried her into the main room and dropped her on the king sized bed. Her eyes followed his every move as he removed his shirt revealing a chiseled torso. He bent down and removed his shoes and socks. He came closer and pulled her legs to the the edge of the bed. He removed her heels and threw them onto the floor. She arched her hips up to him as he removed her pants. He looked at her as he slowly started kissing her instep. He planted kisses on her exposed calves, and worked his way up between her thighs. He stopped just before he reached her sweet spot. She realised that she was holding her breath in anticipation. His breath on her sent shivers through her body. Finally she felt his warm tongue on her. She was already so wet. He was a master with his technique and had her squirming with pleasure. One of his large fingers was inside her. It had found her g-spot and it was growing under his attention. The combined pleasure from inside and outside was exquisite. She had closed her eyes and had her full attention on the pleasure. She was breathing heavily and moaning. He now had 2 fingers inside her and his hand was moving frantically his tongue was using the same rhythm. Her pleasure was building. She was seeing spots. The pleasure was almost painful and she felt like she needed to wee but she pushed through it.
“Oh my Fucking hell!!” She cried
out as she exploded and squirted.

He stepped away and quickly removed his pants. She noticed his magnificent throbbing cock as he covered it with a condom. He rolled her over and used her for his pleasure. He was a perfect fit and her pleasure grew again with his. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her roughly as he sank himself deeper into her for his final few strokes. He paused for a second before his final explosion. Her body contracted tightly around his as she also came.

They were lying next to each other on the bed while her hands were running over his perfect body.
“How did that happen? How did you get so good?”
“I had a lot of time to do research and fantasize while women wouldn’t look twice at me. I eventually decided that in order to share what I’d learned, I’d have to get into shape. And here i am”

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