Reinventing herself

She’d been through a very rough divorce. All her fairy-tale ideas had been destroyed. She had decided that for the foreseeable future she would not engage with anyone where there would ever be an expectation of commitment.

She had started going to gym for 2 hours a day as it was proving to be a welcome therapy. She had already been in fairly good shape, but her body was becoming really toned now.  On a whim, she’d shaved her long blonde hair down to a number 4 and dyed it black. She looked like a GI Jane. Few of her old acquaintances recognised her. This suited her idea of creating a new life for herself perfectly.

She resigned from her job and decided to do mindless waitressing for a year while she got her head right again.

She was working the night shift in the restaurant built over the ocean that attracted a lot of foreigners. She was finding it really easy chatting to, and connecting with all the strangers who knew nothing about her. She was starting to find her bubbly personality that had been hidden for so long.

She walked up to the newly seated table, a young couple, and introduced herself. To her surprise, they introduced themselves to her to.

‘I am Sebastian and this is my cousin Gertrude. We are from Germany”

After their meal, they lingered over their drinks. They asked her if there was anywhere fun to go and have a drink afterwards. She told them about the nightclub next door.

“Please will you join us after your shift?”

They were her last table for the evening and she managed to join them shortly after they left. They had a shooter waiting for her which she accepted happily. She knew a number of the locals and soon they were in a big group of people. Sebastian seemed to be paying special attention to her. She looked around to ensure that Gertrude wasn’t feeling left out, and saw her laughing with a group of locals. Time flew.

“Let’s get out of here.”

She hesitated for a few minutes, but realised that this was exactly what she was looking for.

“We can’t go to my place, as my roommate will be there. How do you feel about an adventure on the beach? I have a blanket in my car”

They made sure that Gertrude was fine and then left in her car. He couldn’t keep his hands off her as they drove the 5 minutes to a secluded section of the beach. She took the blanket out of the boot and ran into the dunes. He was hot on her heals. She’d barely had time to put the blanket over the sand, when he pulled her onto it with him.

He was kissing her hungrily, only stopping to tell her how beautiful she was.  He pulled her up onto her knees and quickly removed her top and bra. He took a moment to appreciate her body. Running his hands over her. He removed his T-shirt too. He was built like the statue of David.  This time she was the one all over him. All inhabitations had left her. She was super turned on and couldn’t wait much longer to experience him. She stood up and removed her jeans and panties. She went down on her knees in front of him and helped him remove his pants.  He was beautiful.  She was still admiring his chiselled body when he grabbed a condom out of his pocket and put it on.

He pushed her onto her back and started kissing her passionately. Her body started arching up to him. She wanted him. She needed him. Small moans were escaping her lips. That was all the encouragement he needed. He seemed to want her as much as she wanted him.

He plunged deep into her, hesitating only a second for her body to adjust to him. He held her legs up against his chest as he pounded into her. The moon was behind him as she watched his muscles ripple with every movement he made.  The light breeze brought the scent of his cologne to her. All her senses were being stimulated.

There was no holding back, she found herself crying out as her orgasm built and ripped through her body. He pulled out and turned her over. She went onto her hands and knees as he pushed deep into her. He grabbed her hair and roughly rode himself to his explosion.

She lay in his arms. Spent. The moon shed a soft glow on their naked bodies, the sound of the waves breaking on the ocean in the background. She was happy. He kept telling her how beautiful he thought she was. She felt wanted and lusted after and satisfied. She knew that there was no chance of this going any further than a holiday interlude. He was the perfect man for her at this stage of her life.

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