Her pleasure

She is removing her clothes, getting ready to shower. He walks into the room and looks over her with lust and appreciation.
“I need to fuck you right now, I can’t wait for you to shower first”
He pushes her onto her back on the bed and places a finger inside her.  He walks to the side table, takes out the lube and covers his hand with it. He looks her in the eyes as he stroks his cock with it. Moments later is plunging into her. He spread her legs wide.
“I want all of you inside me”
She tilts her hips up, moving with his rhythm. He leans forward to kiss her.
“I want to fuck you. I need to go on top”
“Not yet” he fucks her hard. She can feel him in her deepest places.
“Please…. I need to fuck you!”
He pulls out abruptly, but instead of lying down, he turns her over and takes her roughly from behind. She can’t stop herself from pushing up into him. She starts to moan with pleasure. He pulls out without warning and lies on his back. She mounts him quickly. His large curved cock rubs against her g-spot. Her clit rubs hard against the lubed base of his penis. She moves her hips urgently.  His large hands are assisting her. She feels the fiery explosion start to build.  She slows down to draw it out. She is gasping and moaning and swearing. She starts to see black dots as her entire body convulses in a double orgasm. He has taken control and keeps moving her hips as he too reaches his release. She is swearing and giggling hysterically as she collapses on top of him.
“Oh my fucking hell! I just exploded!”


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