Happy ending

‘I’ve had a really rough night and need a good massage. Are you home?

‘It will cost you a chocolate and bottle  of bubbly, but I’m happy to oblige’

He walked through her front door about 15minutes later with the gifts in hand. She welcomed him with an open beer which they enjoyed while catching up.
They went through to the room where he undressed and lay on his stomach on the bed. She warmed the oil up and spread in over his vast back. She started aplying more pressure and working out the knots. She moved to the base of the bed and started rubbing his legs.  She paid special attention to his ass. Firm yet suductive.
Once she was satisfied that all his knots were worked out she asked him to roll over. She stood over his head and started massaging his expansive chest. Her breasts stroked his face as she leaned forward to reach his waist.She moved around as she administered pressure around his belly button and then moved down his legs again. He had his eyes closed.
She moved away from the bed and put some tingling massage oil/lube between her hands and rubbed them together. She came back to the bed and positioned herseld over his legs. She took his semi flacid cock between her hands and started rubbing the oil on it. She stroked  her hunds up from his balls, over the base and shaft. She repeated this until his cock started to grow slightly hard. She started twisting her hands up and down his shaft, feeling the oil warm up. She knew the tingle was starting to work when he grew really hard and started moaning. Her hands were moving up and down in rapid succession. The veins were becoming engorged. Each hand was moving it its own direction and coming back again to meet in the middle. She had increased  the pressure and the speed. He was moaning continually and his hips had started moving. She could feel the liquid filling his pipes. She gripped the base of his cock with one hand while tugging his shaft hard and fast with the other. His breathing was heavy and his cock was throbbing under her fingers. His stomach  muscles started hardening and his legs were contracting. She kept up the rythm and watched his face become flushed and contorted as he let out at roar seconds before he started ejecting semen all over her hands.

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