It was her bachelorette party. They had played the normal “guess the gift” games and made her drink her drink with a penis straw. She’d had a fair amount to drink and was looking forward to seeing who the surprise guest was. She really hoped it wasn’t a  male stripper as they didn’t appeal to her at all.

The door bell rang and her matron of honor went to fetch the guest. A few moments later she came back with a normal looking girl in tow.

“Ladies, meet Karin. She will be coming around to you individually while you are refreshing your drinks to tell you what she needs from you.”

Everyone dispersed to top up drinks and have a smoke.

Karin dug in her bag and took out a few pens, an empty jar and some strips of paper. She walked up to the nearest group of ladies.

“Hello ladies, please could each one of you take a piece of paper and pen and write one question related to sex down and then fold it and pop it into this jar that I will leave on the front table.”

She proceeded to give all the ladies the same instructions. Nervous giggles could be heard as the ladies were trying to decide what to ask.

“OK ladies, it looks like everyone is done. Please take your seats.
Tonight i am here to give you some honeymoon tips and tricks. – the good news is that you don’t actually need a honeymoon as an excuse to use them.
Let’s start by asking a few questions from the jar. I will read it out and then open it to the floor for everyone to share their advice. First question: “What is the best way to initial anal play with my partner?””

Once the first question was asked, everyone got involved. Some of the questions were serious and others funny but she learned a lot (also that some of her friends were way more experienced than she would have ever imagined)

“We’ll continue with questions throughout the evening. Now I’m going to teach you a very easy, sexy lap dance. You’ve been given all this lingerie and there’s no better way to show it off than with a lap dance.”


A few more questions.

“Time for the most handy skill you’ll ever learn. Excuse the pun!”

She took out a flesh coloured dildo with a flat base and placed it on the table in front of her.

“Ladies, I’d like you to meet Juan. He’s going to help teach you how to give the best hand job of any mans life. A hand job is perfect for when you are sore or not in the mood for sex of feeling playful during a movie or when he’s driving or any time really. Also a great way to get him in the mood when you are horny and he isn’t.”

She proceeded to teach them 8 different strokes and how to use them and how to mix them up for maximum pleasure.
The girls were asking questions and taking notes. There was a lot of laughter too.

More questions.

“Ladies time for my last subject. How to give a fantastic blow job. Part of every mans fantasy is a girl who enjoys giving the best blow job ever. The irony is that the most important aspect of a great blow job is letting him know how much you are enjoying it. Let’s start by learning how to put a condom on  with your mouth”

More laughter and note taking. The girls had so much fun.

This was the best bachelorette party ever.

She waited until the second night of honeymoon. They were in their hotel room in Zanzibar. They had both rested and were relaxed.

“Would you like to see some of the gifts the girls gave me?”

“Of course! !”

She placed a chair in the center of the room and asked him to take a seat and wait for her. She quickly went and changed into her sexiest number and then put on some music. She took a deep breath ‘Fake it til you make it’ she heard Karin’s voice in her head. Smile on, chest out and she started taking the slow swaying steps towards him. She kept eye contact the entire time. She stopped in front of him and ran her hands over her body. His eyes followed her hands hungrily  (just as Karin said they would) . She felt super sexy and in control. She continued the dance as she’d been shown. He seemed to love it.
She ended on her knees in front of him. She looked up at him with naughty smile as her hand undid his pants and released his throbbing cock. He let out a groan of pleasure. She used some of the hand techniques that she had been taught. He could hardly contain his pleasure but she stopped every time that he seemed like he was ready to cum. Time for her next tick.  She reached behind him and retrieved the condom in the open sleeve that she had hidden in the fold of the chair earlier. She took it out and placed it in her mouth. She looked up at him again as she slid her mouth over his cock. Her hand assisting her in securing the condom at its base. She started moving her head up and down. Small moans of pleasure escaping her. It didn’t take long for his deeper grunts to join hers. She could feel the veins along his shaft start to pump. She quickly got up, moved her lace panties to the side and mounted him. They were both so turned on. It didn’t take long for her to ride him to his pleasure while she took hers.

He knew that he had secured himself the best wife in the world!!

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