The club

They had decided to go to a swingers club. They were both curious and had no idea what to expect. They had decided that the rules were that they were just going to have a look to see what it was all about. They would watch, and maybe be watched, but they wouldn’t interact with anyone else.

They arrived a bit earlier than the cut off time for new members. There weren’t many cars in the car park.

They were both a bit self-conscious when they walked in but the friendly old man at the reception quickly put them at ease. He greeted them like old friends and explained the payment and key deposit for the locker and towels to them. After they had handed over the cash, he explained where the bar was and wished them a good night.

It took a few minutes for their eyes to adjust to the dark room as they walked out of the reception and headed towards the bar. There were a few people chatting and laughing comfortably at the bar. They found an empty spot and ordered shooters and long drinks for themselves.  They looked around and took in their surroundings. There was a stage with a DJ box. In front of it was a dance floor and that was surrounded by various tables, chairs and couches. Not much different to any night club they had been to before. There was a big screen TV suspended from the ceiling playing porn. They watched a silent threesome for a few minutes in fascination.

“Hi, is this your first time?” The voice was coming from a blonde lady who had approached them with a dark-haired man.

“Yes, just coming to see what it’s all about”

“Welcome” and they introduced themselves

A few different couples came up to them and introduced themselves and chatted casually to them. They felt very welcome and the entire experience seemed very ‘normal’. The bar was filling up quite quickly. Just after 8pm the announcement was made that all new members needed to go for orientation. They followed instructions and went to the room next to the reception.

There were 10 new members of various descriptions. 2 other couples, 3 single ladies and 1 single man.  They were taken through the club rules. The most important being that ladies rule. The rest were all based around respect, non-judgement and cleanliness and health. They were given a tour of the premises. A variety of rooms.  A voyeur room, a dark room, an orgy room, a few private play rooms, rooms with swings etc., a pool room, jacuzzi, showers, an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor swimming pool and a dining hall. Everything seemed clean and well maintained.

The bar was a buzz of activity by the time they made their way back there. They ordered fresh drinks and decided to go and get some dinner. The food was surprisingly good. The tables were large and they met a few of the other members as they were eating. Everyone was very friendly and normal. They started relaxing and enjoying themselves.

They decided to go and change into towels after dinner. Most of the members were walking around with just towels wrapped around them. A few were naked. They noticed that several rooms were already occupied. They stopped at the voyeur room and watched as a couple walked in and started undressing each other. She pushed him down onto the floor and proceeded to give him a blow job. They noticed that there were a few couples and one threesome busy with various forms of fucking. They were both getting very aroused by all the action around them. He was standing behind her with his arms around her and she could feel the hardness of his cock pushing into the small of her back. She turned around and kissed him hungrily.

He took her by the hand and let her the short distance to one of the private rooms. The door was barely closed before their towels were thrown onto the floor and they were fucking. There was no love making tonight, it was animal lust and they fucked for their selfish pleasure.

Once they were both done, they donned their towels and went and had a shower where they took their time washing each other.

They went past the bar to freshen their drinks and watched the people on the dance floor who were dancing and kissing and giving blow-jobs and even fucking. Neither of them had ever been in such a sexually charged environment before. Things that might have shocked them even earlier that day seemed quite normal. It was as if their normal ‘base line” had shifted.

There were bodies all over the swimming pool. There was an orgy where they could hardly see who what doing what to whom. There were groups of twos and threes in various states of physical interaction around the pool too. They found a small upstairs pool that was empty. They removed their towels and sat in the warm water. They could watch everyone from their vantage point and were very aware that anyone who looked their way could see them too. She had her hand on his cock and started playing with it. He was already very hard again. She was so turned on she couldn’t hold back anymore. She got onto his lap and slid his cock into her. She looked over his shoulder and realised that there was a couple watching them. She smiled and kept eye contact with them as she started moving up and down. She saw the man’s cock grow hard as she started moaning.  The woman noticed it too. She dropped onto her knees in front of him and proceeded to give him a blowjob as he watched.

As he had cum before, he took longer than he would normally to reach his explosion. She took advantage of it and used his hard cock to satisfy herself.  Once she came facing him, she turned around and rode him reverse cowgirl while she watched everyone in the pool below fucking. She exploded violently that time. He was ready. He bent her over the side of the pool and shoved his cock into her ass and fucked her with no mercy until he roared his pleasure.

They knew that the club would see them again.


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