Giving up control

They had met on a dating site. The talk had moved to all things sexual. She’d confided in him that she had never had an orgasm with a man before.

She had been married to a man for 7 years who made her feel that it was her fault that she couldn’t have an orgasm. He had lead her to  believe that there was something wrong with her. It came out after the fact that he was having affairs and wasn’t’ really interested in sex with her.
She was able to bring herself to one without much trouble, but for some reason she couldn’t let go and have an orgasm with her husband.. She was always focused on his pleasure and aware that something must be wrong with her.
He had asked her to send him a video of herself masturbating, which she did. he said that he believed that he would be able to bring her to orgasm but she would have to trust him 100% and follow his instructions.
They had been chatting for a few weeks by the time that she felt that she was ready to trust him.
He opened the door for her and told her to remove all her clothes. She hesitated for just a minute but he reminded her that she had promised to give up control and trust him. Once she was standing naked in font of him, he told her to sit on a chair that he had placed in the middle of the room. He didn’t kiss or touch her. He put a blindfold on her. He spoke to her the entire time reassuring her.
He started touching her softly, as if by accident. Breathing on her.
He instructed her to open her legs. He ran his tongue down her neck, then around her nipples. He ran his index finger over her lips softly but slightly harder over her clit. He did it again. this time slightly harder, parting her lips.
He stroked his hands over her belly, cupping her breast, his thumb squeezing her nipple.
Her hand moved up to grab his.
“No! if you move again, I will tie you up”
He slid his hand down again, his fingers parting her lips, his thumb rubbing over her clit. She was becoming very wett.
He leaned in whilst his fingers probed a bit deeper, kissing her softly, his tongue parting her lips.
He slipped his middle finger in deeper, up and over her g spot. Her hands gripped the chair and she pushed harder against his hand.
He put his other hand behind her head as he kissed her hungrily.
He started moving his hand in slightly circular movements, his thumb rubbing and applying pressure to her clit.
His mouth moved to her neck. She moaned that she wanted to touch him as her hips started moving rhythmically to ride his hand.
His left hand grabbed her hair and pulled her head back slightly as he kissed her hard. His hand was moving faster and harder whilst she was thrusting hard against it
He could feel the slight little tremors starting inside her.
“Don’t cum yet!” He said
“I want to feel you inside me!”
She gave up all control as she moaned and moved against his hand. His cock was so hard, it felt as though it was going to tear off.
He pulled her up and pushed her down onto the couch. He rubbed his wet hand over her mouth.
Her knees were pulled up. Her vagina pink and wet. Open and inviting.
He slipped just the tip of his swollen glandis into her. She moaned and tried to wrap her arms around him to cling to him. He pushed her arms above her head and pinned them there with one hand.
Once again, he slowly pushed only the head in. He held it a second before pulling back. She felt hot, wet and silky inside. He lowered his hips lightly and pushed again. Slowly. This time he pushed all the way in, even curling his hips the last bit. His pelvis grinding against her.
He could feel the tip moving against something hard inside her. He could feel her anterior wall. She moaned and pushed up against him. He began a slow, deep thrusting movement. She was so wet and smooth. He could feel the inside of her vagina swelling as she lost herself completely.
“I can’t hold back much longer” she pants
“OK. Cum when you are ready”
He felt his own orgasm starting as she lost complete control. There was no rhythm. She just pulled him  deeper whilst he kept thrusting mercilessly into her. Her orgasm had complete control over her.
“Stay there, don’t stop” he tells her.
He started to ejaculate. Time had no meaning as he kept pushing and thrusting into her whilst her whole body seemed to be in spasm.
His abs were cramping painfully but he couldn’t stop.
 Another orgasm ripped through her body as he collapsed on top of her.
 They were both drenched. He was exhausted, Her body was still trembling.
“I cant feel my legs” she manager to whisper.
He just laughed ” I told you there was nothing wrong with you. It’s a good thing you left that loser husband of yours.”
 It was her first orgasm and a multiple one at that…

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