Road Trip

They had had the most amazing holiday together. Sea, sand and lots of sex in all sorts of places. Time had stood still and they were well rested.

They were heading home. It had been a long road. The 200km’s to the boarder had taken them just under 5 hours. They had alternated between companionable silence and chatting about the fun they had had. They had been reminiscing about some of the sexual adventures they had partaken in.

The sex in the dunes. The sex in the ocean whilst skinny-dip snorkeling. The sex in the open top Jeep in an abandoned field on some of their exploratory trips. The sex on the deck, overlooking the ocean in the middle of a storm. The 3sum with the Australian girl they had met playing pool at the local tavern. Waking each other up at various times of the night for sex.

All this talk was getting them both worked up. She had her hand on his lap and started moving it higher until she felt the bulge of his cock. She caressed and massaged him through his pants for a while. He started moving. She undid his button and zip and released his throbbing cock. She opened the tin of red Zumbak that was on the dashboard and spread it between her hands. With her eyes on the road, she took his cock between her fingers. She rubbed the Zumbak around the head and then slowly down the shaft. She started moving her hands up and down with firm,circular movements. Then up and down alternated with up, up, up, down, down, down. He was struggling to keep focused on the road ahead of him. She loved the effect she was having on him. She could fee his veins pump as the blood rushed through them.

Without warning she bent over and took him into her mouth. She used one hand to hold the base of his cock firmly whilst her other hand was attached to her mouth as it moved up and down his shaft. She ensured that her mouth was lose and the sucking pressure was just right. He was groaning and moving. She kept up the consistent pace, stretching out the experience.

“Fuck!! There’s a toll gate up ahead!!”

She increased the speed and pressure and moved her hand down to his balls. A sure trigger to push him over the edge. The car started slowing down. She kept doing what she was doing.

“Mother of GOD!” her persistence paid off as he exploded into her mouth. He pulled her up and covered his lap with his hand just as they drew up to the pay station.

That was close! What a thrill.

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