Christmas with a twist

It was Christmas morning. They were on holiday in Mozambique. They’d been there for a week and the friends who had been staying with them had left the evening before to get back in time to spend Christmas with their loved ones in Johannesburg. Neither of them celebrated Christmas.

They were up before the sun came up and made some coffee and walked down to the beach across the road. They walked a little distance to the dunes where they sat enjoying the coffee and watched the multiple colours of the sunrise playing over the ocean.

The temperature was well into the mid 20’s by the time they got back to their holiday home.  They made themselves smoothies with fresh fruit and ice and took it out to the pool on the deck.  They both stripped naked before diving into the fresh water. Once wet and refreshed, they got onto the lilos with their drinks letting the natural flow of the water gently move them around the pool. The music from the speakers on the deck added to the relaxed vibe.

She had her eyes closed, her senses absorbing all the stimulation. She was in her happy place, sun kissing her naked body, drinks, music, water and the best company a girl could ask for. She heard the splash as he fell into the water. Droplets of chilly water fell on her, sending a slight shiver through her body. It was perfect.

Her feet went under the water as his weight pushed the bottom of the lilo down. Cold hands pushed her thighs apart. She kept her eyes closed, concentrating on each sensation. His head was between her legs. The warmth of his tongue a sweet contrast to the icy water. The sound and occasional splash of his kicking to keep himself afloat. She had to control her movements as she didn’t want to fall and end the excruciating pleasure. She felt him insert a large finger into her, building her up to an internal orgasm along with her external one. Her entire body convulsed and she slid into the water as he let her go.

As she came up for air, her body still vibrating, he grabbed her and drew her to the side of the pool. He pushed her back against the wall and slid his engorged cock into her. She wrapped her legs around him. He kissed her passionately as he grinded into her. The waves of pleasure were running through her entire body like and electric current.

He moved her to the shallow end and turned her around. She bent over and grabbed onto the ledge at the side of the pool. He didn’t hold back he grabbed her hair with one hand and shoulder with the other and pulled her back into him with every forceful thrust. He let out a guttural growl and he finally spent his load deep inside her.

She smiled as she thought of how the rest of the world was spending their Christmas.

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