She’d started going to Pilates recently as her doctor recommended it due to lower back problems. She wasn’t too keen on the classes as they were uncomfortable and the movements hurt her. She found that the best way to get through the classes was to distract herself by watching the other members of the class. Lately she’d been drawn more and more to one particular member.  He always caused a stir when he arrived at the class. He was loud and friendly and greeted everyone.  Everyone was drawn to his positive energy. It helped that he was really good looking too. Blonde with blue eyes, not her usual type, but there was just something about him.

She arrived early and chose a spot behind where she knew he usually liked to stand. She decided to get a mat for him. She tried not to make it obvious that she was watching the door hoping that he would arrive. She must have been holding her breath in anticipation as she expelled a huge breath the minute she heard his cheerful voice greeting everyone outside of the class.

She caught his eye as he walked in. ‘Hello Lady”, he greeted her.

“Here’s a spare mat.” She indicated the mat she’d put out for him.

“Thank you! That’s made my day” he always said such positive things.

He caught her looking at him a number of times during the class. Each time he winked and gave her a huge smile. She returned his smile with a blush and a nervous smile.

After the class he was the centre of attention again as he thanked the instructor for the class and chatted to other members. She rolled up her mat, sent out a general goodbye to everyone and headed to the changing rooms.

Her mind was full of thoughts of him and the noises he made while contorting himself into the different poses as she changed into her costume. She needed to spend some time in the sauna to relax her over stretched muscles. She enjoyed going at this time as the sauna was usually deserted. Very few people hang around after the last classes of the day and the hard core body builders who were still training didn’t use the sauna.

She was sitting in the unisex sauna. Just in her very skimpy bikini with her mind wondering when the door opened. She got a freight and then a very pleasant surprise as she saw that it was the guy from the class. He had a minuscule towel wrapped around his waist.

“Hello there.  This is a bonus! I was expecting to be here alone but I’d much rather be sharing the sauna with such a beautiful woman” Smooth as always.

He came and sat on the bench below her, facing her so that they could chat. He put his legs onto the bench in front of him with knees bent. She couldn’t help noticing that he wasn’t wearing any underwear and his cock looked massive. She started to blush and looked up. He was watching her.

“Like what you see?”

“Um…, I do” blushing even deeper.

He loosened his towel and let it fall down next to him. While holding her gaze, he took his engorged cock into his big hand and started stroking it. It got bigger and harder. She couldn’t help watching it hungrily. His smile was wide and cheeky.

He got up and stood in front of her.

‘Why don’t you show me how much you like what you see”.

She looked up at him for just a second before she took his massive cock into her mouth. She put both her hands around him too and let them follow her mouth as it glided up and down his shaft. She looked up at him as he started moaning. She continued as she felt him throbbing between her lips. She could see the sweat glistening on his toned muscles. Such a turn on.

He suddenly pulled away. He pulled her onto her feet and turned her around. He pushed her bikini bottoms to the side and entered her from behind.  She braced herself against the sauna wall. Their sweat was mixing as it fell below them. Their breathing was shallow and fast in the heat. She was very aware that anyone could walk into the sauna at any minute. All the excitement combined with the size of him, brought her to her pleasure very quickly. She cried out and managed to hold on a few seconds longer until he roared and pulled out and spilled all over her back.

She collapsed forward. She heard the door open and close, and by the time she turned around, he was gone.

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