Hook, Line and Sinker

They had had an amazing night. Discussed their turn-on’s and passions. They had stripped a few more layers of each other’s “onion”.

She’d pushed him to reveal some of the darker sides of his desires. And she was excited by what she’d discovered. The more she got to know about him, the more she liked.

All the talking and exploring had got them both really excited. The sex was hard and fast and didn’t last very long. She passed out with a huge smile on her face to happy, sexually charged dreams.

She came to with a pressure against the base of her back and warm kisses in her neck. She pushed back into him and could feel him throbbing against her. She turned her head so that she caught his hungry mouth with hers. She moved her bum and he slid into her very wet pussy. They picked up a rhythm that worked for both of them very quickly. She opened her eyes and saw that it was still dark outside with the moon shining into the window.

She rolled onto her stomach and lifted herself onto her knees. He placed one foot on the bed next to her and started pounding her hard. She pushed into him with every thrust. He was so deep inside her, pressing right against her g-spot. She could feel her bodies response as it swelled up. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it as he increased the speed of his thrusting. It didn’t take long before she was pushed over the edge into her explosion.

She collapsed under him. He rolled her onto her back and was quickly inside her again, taking his own satisfaction. Her waves of pleasure were building along with his again. He had a wild look about him and he was chasing his pleasure. His selfishness was such a turn on to her. She didn’t need his focus as she was right there with him, every stroke of the way. Her body knew his well and as soon as he started approaching his end, her body started contracting with him. They came hard together. Her body milked him til all his flued and transferred into her body.

He fell into her embrace, as if dead to the world. She held him close. Taking the feeling and smell of his body in. At that moment she knew that she had fallen for him; Hook, Line and Sinker.

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