Bored at home

She was at home alone feeling very horny. Her current lover was meant to spend the night with her and they’d been building up to a night full of sex but he’d blown her off at the last minute. She hadn’t had sex for a few days and was not happy about it.

“What are you up to Sexy?”  The message was from her FWB. She hadn’t seen him, or anyone else, since the new lover had entered her life (and her). She was bored and desperately needing some action so she decided to play a bit.
“Lying naked on my bed thinking about the last time we were together.” Send……
“Show me!”
She opened her legs slightly and placed a finger on her clit and took a photo of it. She sent it to him.
A picture of his hard cock. “Look what you do to me”
 “I’m thinking of all the things i could do with that hard cock and its making me very wett”
“Stop teasing me! You’re driving me wild!”
“It doesn’t have to be a tease. I’ll come and show you if you want”
“Please!! I am so ready for you.”
“See you in 10. Be ready for me”
She slipped a dress over her naked body and grabbed a pair of heels.
She’d been to his house often and knew the quickest route. She turned her music up loud. Her heart was pumping heard and she was getting very wett at the excitement of this unscheduled adventure.
The door was unlocked so she let herself in and walked through to the bedroom. He was lying naked on the bed with his hard cock waiting for her.
She paused just long enough to pull the dress over her head. She wasted no time at all before she lowered herself onto him. She started moving slowly feeling her bodies response to him. While holding his gaze, she stuck her middle finger into his mouth so that it was wet. She pulled it out and placed it on her clit. She stimulated herself externally as she used his cock to stimulate her internally.
Her pleasure was mounting fast. Her walls were starting to contract hard around him. His cheeks were becoming flushed. His pupils were dilating. He started to moan. “Cum with me” she said as she started moving faster and harder.
“Now!” He cried out and she joined him as they both released pure pleasure.
She collapsed on top of him for just a few moments before she got up, put her dress on and kissed him.
“Thank you. I needed that”
She was on her way home with a big smile on her face.

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