Out of town visitor

He is a businessman from out of town.

After dinner he receives an envelope from his host saying that they want to show him their appreciation for his business and they have bought him a gift. He is instructed to only open the envelope once he gets into his car.

When he opens the envelope, he gets a note that reads: Put the following address into your GPS:2267 Albertina Avenue, Rosebank.  Further instructions will await you once you get there. There is a remote to open a gate in the envelope.

He arrives at the address and uses the remote to go in. He finds a parking and makes his way to the balcony of the dimly lit house. He notices a chalk board on the table lit with tea light candles. He takes a closer look and reads: Put the mask on and come inside. He sees the mask lying on the table. He familiarizes himself with where the door is and then puts on the mask. He feels his way to the door and slides it open and steps inside. He stands still as he allows his senses to take in everything around him. The trance-like music, the musky smell of incense, the sound of heels coming towards him, the feel of hands in his. He gets tugged gently so that he is walking forward a short distance.
They stop and his clothes get removed.When he is naked he gets lead two more steps and a voice whispers into his ear: “Lie down on your stomach please”
He feels a cold liquid being spread across his back and massaged in. Next it gets spread over his ass and down his legs. The hands work their way all the way up again. Right up to his shoulders where he is massaged for a while. His body starts to relax.
WHACK!! The sharp pain shoots right up through his body from where he was hit.
The voice whispers in his ear : “roll over please”
He feels a light ticklish sensation as something is run up and down his body. It is stroked around his cock and balls. Then over it. His arms are lifted above his head and tied to the bed post. He hears the sound of steel against steel. His entire body shivers as an ice cold object is scraped over his skin. It feels as if it has broken the skins and blood is dripping down his torso.
Next he feels a very warm mouth running over him. He feels a warm, most sensation as it sucks his nipples .
“Ouch!!” a sharp, burning sensation on his nipple. Now ice.
A wet mouth kissing his torso. All the way down to his cock. Lips over it and sucking eagerly.
He gets harder and his cock has a life of it’s own. She moves away and his mind is full of thoughts about what might follow.
He feels her very wet pussy sliding over him.  As she moves over him, the blind fold gets pulled off his eyes.
She is wearing a very short black skirt with a tight black and white button up shirt, suspender belt, sheer stocking and very high heeled black shoes
She fucks him until he explodes.

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