The club

They had decided to go to a swingers club. They were both curious and had no idea what to expect. They had decided that the rules were that they were just going to have a look to see what it was all about. They would watch, and maybe be watched, but they wouldn’t interact with anyone else.

They arrived a bit earlier than the cut off time for new members. There weren’t many cars in the car park.

They were both a bit self-conscious when they walked in but the friendly old man at the reception quickly put them at ease. He greeted them like old friends and explained the payment and key deposit for the locker and towels to them. After they had handed over the cash, he explained where the bar was and wished them a good night.

It took a few minutes for their eyes to adjust to the dark room as they walked out of the reception and headed towards the bar. There were a few people chatting and laughing comfortably at the bar. They found an empty spot and ordered shooters and long drinks for themselves.  They looked around and took in their surroundings. There was a stage with a DJ box. In front of it was a dance floor and that was surrounded by various tables, chairs and couches. Not much different to any night club they had been to before. There was a big screen TV suspended from the ceiling playing porn. They watched a silent threesome for a few minutes in fascination.

“Hi, is this your first time?” The voice was coming from a blonde lady who had approached them with a dark-haired man.

“Yes, just coming to see what it’s all about”

“Welcome” and they introduced themselves

A few different couples came up to them and introduced themselves and chatted casually to them. They felt very welcome and the entire experience seemed very ‘normal’. The bar was filling up quite quickly. Just after 8pm the announcement was made that all new members needed to go for orientation. They followed instructions and went to the room next to the reception.

There were 10 new members of various descriptions. 2 other couples, 3 single ladies and 1 single man.  They were taken through the club rules. The most important being that ladies rule. The rest were all based around respect, non-judgement and cleanliness and health. They were given a tour of the premises. A variety of rooms.  A voyeur room, a dark room, an orgy room, a few private play rooms, rooms with swings etc., a pool room, jacuzzi, showers, an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor swimming pool and a dining hall. Everything seemed clean and well maintained.

The bar was a buzz of activity by the time they made their way back there. They ordered fresh drinks and decided to go and get some dinner. The food was surprisingly good. The tables were large and they met a few of the other members as they were eating. Everyone was very friendly and normal. They started relaxing and enjoying themselves.

They decided to go and change into towels after dinner. Most of the members were walking around with just towels wrapped around them. A few were naked. They noticed that several rooms were already occupied. They stopped at the voyeur room and watched as a couple walked in and started undressing each other. She pushed him down onto the floor and proceeded to give him a blow job. They noticed that there were a few couples and one threesome busy with various forms of fucking. They were both getting very aroused by all the action around them. He was standing behind her with his arms around her and she could feel the hardness of his cock pushing into the small of her back. She turned around and kissed him hungrily.

He took her by the hand and let her the short distance to one of the private rooms. The door was barely closed before their towels were thrown onto the floor and they were fucking. There was no love making tonight, it was animal lust and they fucked for their selfish pleasure.

Once they were both done, they donned their towels and went and had a shower where they took their time washing each other.

They went past the bar to freshen their drinks and watched the people on the dance floor who were dancing and kissing and giving blow-jobs and even fucking. Neither of them had ever been in such a sexually charged environment before. Things that might have shocked them even earlier that day seemed quite normal. It was as if their normal ‘base line” had shifted.

There were bodies all over the swimming pool. There was an orgy where they could hardly see who what doing what to whom. There were groups of twos and threes in various states of physical interaction around the pool too. They found a small upstairs pool that was empty. They removed their towels and sat in the warm water. They could watch everyone from their vantage point and were very aware that anyone who looked their way could see them too. She had her hand on his cock and started playing with it. He was already very hard again. She was so turned on she couldn’t hold back anymore. She got onto his lap and slid his cock into her. She looked over his shoulder and realised that there was a couple watching them. She smiled and kept eye contact with them as she started moving up and down. She saw the man’s cock grow hard as she started moaning.  The woman noticed it too. She dropped onto her knees in front of him and proceeded to give him a blowjob as he watched.

As he had cum before, he took longer than he would normally to reach his explosion. She took advantage of it and used his hard cock to satisfy herself.  Once she came facing him, she turned around and rode him reverse cowgirl while she watched everyone in the pool below fucking. She exploded violently that time. He was ready. He bent her over the side of the pool and shoved his cock into her ass and fucked her with no mercy until he roared his pleasure.

They knew that the club would see them again.


Giving up control

They had met on a dating site. The talk had moved to all things sexual. She’d confided in him that she had never had an orgasm with a man before.

She had been married to a man for 7 years who made her feel that it was her fault that she couldn’t have an orgasm. He had lead her to  believe that there was something wrong with her. It came out after the fact that he was having affairs and wasn’t’ really interested in sex with her.
She was able to bring herself to one without much trouble, but for some reason she couldn’t let go and have an orgasm with her husband.. She was always focused on his pleasure and aware that something must be wrong with her.
He had asked her to send him a video of herself masturbating, which she did. he said that he believed that he would be able to bring her to orgasm but she would have to trust him 100% and follow his instructions.
They had been chatting for a few weeks by the time that she felt that she was ready to trust him.
He opened the door for her and told her to remove all her clothes. She hesitated for just a minute but he reminded her that she had promised to give up control and trust him. Once she was standing naked in font of him, he told her to sit on a chair that he had placed in the middle of the room. He didn’t kiss or touch her. He put a blindfold on her. He spoke to her the entire time reassuring her.
He started touching her softly, as if by accident. Breathing on her.
He instructed her to open her legs. He ran his tongue down her neck, then around her nipples. He ran his index finger over her lips softly but slightly harder over her clit. He did it again. this time slightly harder, parting her lips.
He stroked his hands over her belly, cupping her breast, his thumb squeezing her nipple.
Her hand moved up to grab his.
“No! if you move again, I will tie you up”
He slid his hand down again, his fingers parting her lips, his thumb rubbing over her clit. She was becoming very wett.
He leaned in whilst his fingers probed a bit deeper, kissing her softly, his tongue parting her lips.
He slipped his middle finger in deeper, up and over her g spot. Her hands gripped the chair and she pushed harder against his hand.
He put his other hand behind her head as he kissed her hungrily.
He started moving his hand in slightly circular movements, his thumb rubbing and applying pressure to her clit.
His mouth moved to her neck. She moaned that she wanted to touch him as her hips started moving rhythmically to ride his hand.
His left hand grabbed her hair and pulled her head back slightly as he kissed her hard. His hand was moving faster and harder whilst she was thrusting hard against it
He could feel the slight little tremors starting inside her.
“Don’t cum yet!” He said
“I want to feel you inside me!”
She gave up all control as she moaned and moved against his hand. His cock was so hard, it felt as though it was going to tear off.
He pulled her up and pushed her down onto the couch. He rubbed his wet hand over her mouth.
Her knees were pulled up. Her vagina pink and wet. Open and inviting.
He slipped just the tip of his swollen glandis into her. She moaned and tried to wrap her arms around him to cling to him. He pushed her arms above her head and pinned them there with one hand.
Once again, he slowly pushed only the head in. He held it a second before pulling back. She felt hot, wet and silky inside. He lowered his hips lightly and pushed again. Slowly. This time he pushed all the way in, even curling his hips the last bit. His pelvis grinding against her.
He could feel the tip moving against something hard inside her. He could feel her anterior wall. She moaned and pushed up against him. He began a slow, deep thrusting movement. She was so wet and smooth. He could feel the inside of her vagina swelling as she lost herself completely.
“I can’t hold back much longer” she pants
“OK. Cum when you are ready”
He felt his own orgasm starting as she lost complete control. There was no rhythm. She just pulled him  deeper whilst he kept thrusting mercilessly into her. Her orgasm had complete control over her.
“Stay there, don’t stop” he tells her.
He started to ejaculate. Time had no meaning as he kept pushing and thrusting into her whilst her whole body seemed to be in spasm.
His abs were cramping painfully but he couldn’t stop.
 Another orgasm ripped through her body as he collapsed on top of her.
 They were both drenched. He was exhausted, Her body was still trembling.
“I cant feel my legs” she manager to whisper.
He just laughed ” I told you there was nothing wrong with you. It’s a good thing you left that loser husband of yours.”
 It was her first orgasm and a multiple one at that…

Road Trip

They had had the most amazing holiday together. Sea, sand and lots of sex in all sorts of places. Time had stood still and they were well rested.

They were heading home. It had been a long road. The 200km’s to the boarder had taken them just under 5 hours. They had alternated between companionable silence and chatting about the fun they had had. They had been reminiscing about some of the sexual adventures they had partaken in.

The sex in the dunes. The sex in the ocean whilst skinny-dip snorkeling. The sex in the open top Jeep in an abandoned field on some of their exploratory trips. The sex on the deck, overlooking the ocean in the middle of a storm. The 3sum with the Australian girl they had met playing pool at the local tavern. Waking each other up at various times of the night for sex.

All this talk was getting them both worked up. She had her hand on his lap and started moving it higher until she felt the bulge of his cock. She caressed and massaged him through his pants for a while. He started moving. She undid his button and zip and released his throbbing cock. She opened the tin of red Zumbak that was on the dashboard and spread it between her hands. With her eyes on the road, she took his cock between her fingers. She rubbed the Zumbak around the head and then slowly down the shaft. She started moving her hands up and down with firm,circular movements. Then up and down alternated with up, up, up, down, down, down. He was struggling to keep focused on the road ahead of him. She loved the effect she was having on him. She could fee his veins pump as the blood rushed through them.

Without warning she bent over and took him into her mouth. She used one hand to hold the base of his cock firmly whilst her other hand was attached to her mouth as it moved up and down his shaft. She ensured that her mouth was lose and the sucking pressure was just right. He was groaning and moving. She kept up the consistent pace, stretching out the experience.

“Fuck!! There’s a toll gate up ahead!!”

She increased the speed and pressure and moved her hand down to his balls. A sure trigger to push him over the edge. The car started slowing down. She kept doing what she was doing.

“Mother of GOD!” her persistence paid off as he exploded into her mouth. He pulled her up and covered his lap with his hand just as they drew up to the pay station.

That was close! What a thrill.

Christmas with a twist

It was Christmas morning. They were on holiday in Mozambique. They’d been there for a week and the friends who had been staying with them had left the evening before to get back in time to spend Christmas with their loved ones in Johannesburg. Neither of them celebrated Christmas.

They were up before the sun came up and made some coffee and walked down to the beach across the road. They walked a little distance to the dunes where they sat enjoying the coffee and watched the multiple colours of the sunrise playing over the ocean.

The temperature was well into the mid 20’s by the time they got back to their holiday home.  They made themselves smoothies with fresh fruit and ice and took it out to the pool on the deck.  They both stripped naked before diving into the fresh water. Once wet and refreshed, they got onto the lilos with their drinks letting the natural flow of the water gently move them around the pool. The music from the speakers on the deck added to the relaxed vibe.

She had her eyes closed, her senses absorbing all the stimulation. She was in her happy place, sun kissing her naked body, drinks, music, water and the best company a girl could ask for. She heard the splash as he fell into the water. Droplets of chilly water fell on her, sending a slight shiver through her body. It was perfect.

Her feet went under the water as his weight pushed the bottom of the lilo down. Cold hands pushed her thighs apart. She kept her eyes closed, concentrating on each sensation. His head was between her legs. The warmth of his tongue a sweet contrast to the icy water. The sound and occasional splash of his kicking to keep himself afloat. She had to control her movements as she didn’t want to fall and end the excruciating pleasure. She felt him insert a large finger into her, building her up to an internal orgasm along with her external one. Her entire body convulsed and she slid into the water as he let her go.

As she came up for air, her body still vibrating, he grabbed her and drew her to the side of the pool. He pushed her back against the wall and slid his engorged cock into her. She wrapped her legs around him. He kissed her passionately as he grinded into her. The waves of pleasure were running through her entire body like and electric current.

He moved her to the shallow end and turned her around. She bent over and grabbed onto the ledge at the side of the pool. He didn’t hold back he grabbed her hair with one hand and shoulder with the other and pulled her back into him with every forceful thrust. He let out a guttural growl and he finally spent his load deep inside her.

She smiled as she thought of how the rest of the world was spending their Christmas.


She’d started going to Pilates recently as her doctor recommended it due to lower back problems. She wasn’t too keen on the classes as they were uncomfortable and the movements hurt her. She found that the best way to get through the classes was to distract herself by watching the other members of the class. Lately she’d been drawn more and more to one particular member.  He always caused a stir when he arrived at the class. He was loud and friendly and greeted everyone.  Everyone was drawn to his positive energy. It helped that he was really good looking too. Blonde with blue eyes, not her usual type, but there was just something about him.

She arrived early and chose a spot behind where she knew he usually liked to stand. She decided to get a mat for him. She tried not to make it obvious that she was watching the door hoping that he would arrive. She must have been holding her breath in anticipation as she expelled a huge breath the minute she heard his cheerful voice greeting everyone outside of the class.

She caught his eye as he walked in. ‘Hello Lady”, he greeted her.

“Here’s a spare mat.” She indicated the mat she’d put out for him.

“Thank you! That’s made my day” he always said such positive things.

He caught her looking at him a number of times during the class. Each time he winked and gave her a huge smile. She returned his smile with a blush and a nervous smile.

After the class he was the centre of attention again as he thanked the instructor for the class and chatted to other members. She rolled up her mat, sent out a general goodbye to everyone and headed to the changing rooms.

Her mind was full of thoughts of him and the noises he made while contorting himself into the different poses as she changed into her costume. She needed to spend some time in the sauna to relax her over stretched muscles. She enjoyed going at this time as the sauna was usually deserted. Very few people hang around after the last classes of the day and the hard core body builders who were still training didn’t use the sauna.

She was sitting in the unisex sauna. Just in her very skimpy bikini with her mind wondering when the door opened. She got a freight and then a very pleasant surprise as she saw that it was the guy from the class. He had a minuscule towel wrapped around his waist.

“Hello there.  This is a bonus! I was expecting to be here alone but I’d much rather be sharing the sauna with such a beautiful woman” Smooth as always.

He came and sat on the bench below her, facing her so that they could chat. He put his legs onto the bench in front of him with knees bent. She couldn’t help noticing that he wasn’t wearing any underwear and his cock looked massive. She started to blush and looked up. He was watching her.

“Like what you see?”

“Um…, I do” blushing even deeper.

He loosened his towel and let it fall down next to him. While holding her gaze, he took his engorged cock into his big hand and started stroking it. It got bigger and harder. She couldn’t help watching it hungrily. His smile was wide and cheeky.

He got up and stood in front of her.

‘Why don’t you show me how much you like what you see”.

She looked up at him for just a second before she took his massive cock into her mouth. She put both her hands around him too and let them follow her mouth as it glided up and down his shaft. She looked up at him as he started moaning. She continued as she felt him throbbing between her lips. She could see the sweat glistening on his toned muscles. Such a turn on.

He suddenly pulled away. He pulled her onto her feet and turned her around. He pushed her bikini bottoms to the side and entered her from behind.  She braced herself against the sauna wall. Their sweat was mixing as it fell below them. Their breathing was shallow and fast in the heat. She was very aware that anyone could walk into the sauna at any minute. All the excitement combined with the size of him, brought her to her pleasure very quickly. She cried out and managed to hold on a few seconds longer until he roared and pulled out and spilled all over her back.

She collapsed forward. She heard the door open and close, and by the time she turned around, he was gone.

The Irish Visitor

It had been 11 years since they last had sex.

She was excitedly nervous. How much had he changed, how much had she?
He was over 50 now. Would he still be able to get a hard on? Would he still be able to keep it up? And for how long?
Would she still do it for him?

‘Come up to the room, 1225. I need to hop into the shower’ his message read.
She walked along the hotel passages with purpose, trying to look like she belonged there. Butterflies. Acidic taste in her mouth.

She stopped at the door and took a few deep breaths before she knocked. The door opened.
She walked in.

He was standing facing her, drying himself off with a towel.

Her breath caught… Everything she remembered and more.

2 large strides and he had her in his arms. His mouth hot against hers. He only pulls away long enough to say ‘hello Baby’ in his strong Irish accent. So familiar….

He lifts her up and throws her on the bed. Before she knows what is happening, her panties are off and he is tasting her.  His big, strong hands are cupping her hips and lifting them as she pushes into him.

She feels the blood rushing towards her inflamed, pulsating wetness. She is starting to see spots…

She pushes him away and then pulls him up towards her. She doesn’t want the first one to be like that.
As she’s kissing him, she turns him over.
He pulls away and quickly removes the offending towel.
She pushes him back onto his back and takes his large throbbing cock between her lips. She sucks and licks and feels him grow even more. She feels the veins pulsating.

She can’t wait a second longer!
She climbs on top of him and slowly lowers herself onto him. She can feel ever inch of this hard cock as it penetrates her.

Before he is fully inside her she starts moving. He puts his massive hands on her hips and assists her with the motion. She can see his face become flushed and his pupils dulate. She knows he can see the same happening to her. The rhythm increases. She bites her lip.
‘Oh MY FUCK!’ ….
‘Bloody HELL’’ the sensation is shooting through her, building up. She feels herself getting wetter and wetter.
She can feel him in places that no one has reached in years.
She quickens the pace as he strokes her exploding wall.
‘JEEEEsUS!!!’ She exclaims as she explodes and he is right behind her.

She collapses. He entire body is convulsing. She rolls off him and pushes his hands away when he tries to touch her. Her entire body is exploding. Like the firecrackers of her youth.

Finally she recovers and looks over at him.

‘WOW! Welcome’

Hook, Line and Sinker

They had had an amazing night. Discussed their turn-on’s and passions. They had stripped a few more layers of each other’s “onion”.

She’d pushed him to reveal some of the darker sides of his desires. And she was excited by what she’d discovered. The more she got to know about him, the more she liked.

All the talking and exploring had got them both really excited. The sex was hard and fast and didn’t last very long. She passed out with a huge smile on her face to happy, sexually charged dreams.

She came to with a pressure against the base of her back and warm kisses in her neck. She pushed back into him and could feel him throbbing against her. She turned her head so that she caught his hungry mouth with hers. She moved her bum and he slid into her very wet pussy. They picked up a rhythm that worked for both of them very quickly. She opened her eyes and saw that it was still dark outside with the moon shining into the window.

She rolled onto her stomach and lifted herself onto her knees. He placed one foot on the bed next to her and started pounding her hard. She pushed into him with every thrust. He was so deep inside her, pressing right against her g-spot. She could feel her bodies response as it swelled up. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it as he increased the speed of his thrusting. It didn’t take long before she was pushed over the edge into her explosion.

She collapsed under him. He rolled her onto her back and was quickly inside her again, taking his own satisfaction. Her waves of pleasure were building along with his again. He had a wild look about him and he was chasing his pleasure. His selfishness was such a turn on to her. She didn’t need his focus as she was right there with him, every stroke of the way. Her body knew his well and as soon as he started approaching his end, her body started contracting with him. They came hard together. Her body milked him til all his flued and transferred into her body.

He fell into her embrace, as if dead to the world. She held him close. Taking the feeling and smell of his body in. At that moment she knew that she had fallen for him; Hook, Line and Sinker.