The Show

It had been a long week. Her face was tired from all the fake smiling and greeting of potential customers. She had a dull head ache from the fumes being emitted from the display machines all around.

She noticed him as soon as he entered the hall. He was dress differently to the usual industry crowd. His work pants were slim fitted. His collared shirt tucked in, leather belt and shoes matching.

She ensured that she caught his eye and drew him in to the stand. She gave him the sales pitch about their products even though she knew he wasn’t a potential customer.
“Would you like to see the most creative stand on the show?” She asked him, wanted to prolong their time together.

“Show me”

She lead him to the Alice in Wonderland themed stand a short way away. She was very aware of his presence and his smell. She may have been walking closer to him than she would with most people.
After listening to the sales pitch about the stand, she said she’d give him the tour.

She lead him through the maze of displays and cut-outs. They stopped in the second chamber where among other things there was an information video running. He saw a door in the wall and opened it. He beckoned her to follow him in. He grabbed her as soon as she stepped over the threshold. He kissed her long and hard. His hands finding their way up her skirt. Her hands found themselves gripping his hard cock through his tight pants. After what felt like hours, he pulled away from her. “Let’s get out of here”

She straightened herself up and followed him. He lead her out of the hall and down a flight of stairs. The thought crossed her mind that he could be a serial killer but she was beyond caring. He finally lead her through a hidden door into what could only be described as a neglected store room. ” I often do shows here” by way of explanation before he grabbed her again.

There was no holding back. He was kissing her and lifting her skirt at the same time. Her hands were working his button and zip loose.  He lifted her up and pinned her back against the wall. Her legs wrapped around him as she felt him enter her. She let out a gasp as her body adjusted to the size of him. Soon they were in a frantic rhythm. Her insides contracted hard around him with every thrust. He was using her body for his pleasure and in doing so, he was increasing her pleasure. She could feel his explosion getting closer and she was ready for him. He gave three slow strokes and then banged her to his release. She followed seconds after him.

She untangled herself, fixed her clothes and then followed him out to the exit. He leaned in for a hug.”Fantastic meeting you.”

And just like that her handsome stranger was gone.

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