Car Service

He’s sitting in the reception, waiting patiently for the cars disks to be skimmed. …. He hears his phone beeping…

Before he has a chance to read the message, the receptionist walks up to him and asks him to go to behind the workshop.

Why would they not ask him to go into the workshop where they are busy on the car.?

Slightly puzzled, he does as instructed.
He sees her as soon as he rounds the corner. She is wearing just a workers over-all jacket with fishnet stockings and heels. She has one foot up against the wall. She smiles mischievously at him and beckons him to come closer with her finger.
He is grinning broadly and walks towards her. She puts her arms around his neck and pulls him in to her and kisses him.
They have somehow turned around and he is standing with his back against the wall.  She pulls away and undoes his button and zip holding his gaze the entire time. The smile has not budged off her face.
She drops down onto her knees in front of him and takes his enormous, engorged cock into her mouth.  She plays with it at first, licking, and kissing and stroking.

Just as his frustration reaches tipping point, she takes him in her mouth and sucks him hard.  He is very aware of the warehouse noises all around them. They are out in the open and anyone can walk around the corner at any time.  He looks down at her and see the roundness of her ass sticking out of the bottom of the shirt.  Moving in time to her sucking. It’s enough to finish him. He shoots into the back of her throat. She swallows and then pulls his cock out of her mouth so that his remaining cum runs off her chin and onto her exposed breasts.


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