Shower release

He was having a hot shower before he had to rush of and get to the days’ business.

His mind was full of the previous night’s excitement. After having sex on the couch and in the kitchen, they were in the bed upstairs. She was falling asleep, her body drained from all the pleasure. He wanted more, and he knew that she would appreciate one final explosion before she passed out.

He kissed her gently. Starting with her swollen lips, moving over her flushed cheeks, making his way down her throat, stopping to kiss the sweet spot at the nape at her neck, down to her very taunt nipples, rolling them between his teeth and tongue, down her stomach, her body started arching up towards him. He hesitated just for a moment before cupping her already engorged clit with his mouth. As he started licking and sucking, he inserted one of his large fingers into her. He was stroking her front wall. He could feel her g-spot already swollen from all the previous orgasms. He made sure that his pressure was gentle and rhythmic as he knew that she was quite sensitive. He continues to lick and suck with varying pressure and strokes. Her hips started moving. Slowly at first and then with a definite urgency. He could read her body and gave her what she was asking for. She contracted hard around his finger as she cried out and then everything was wet.

He quickly put on a condom and mounted her. She was so wet and tight. He knew it would take him a while before he could cum again as he’d already cum a three times over the last few hours. He was moaning with a mixture of pleasure and pain. He knew that she was extremely sensitive and even raw in some places.  He was building, building, building but not quite there yet. “Let me finish you off with my hand, please…”

He pulled out and rolled onto his back. She sat up on her haunches over him and took his encouraged cock into her small hands. She lathered it with lube. She knew just how he liked to be stroked mostly over the bulb of his cocks’ head. Within minutes he was moaning. He loved the way she seemed to get so excited by his mounting pleasure. Every now and again a small moan would escape from her.  She sped up, slowed down and sped up again bringing him to his climax. She watched intensely as the condom filled with his cum. She’d never given him a hand job with a condom on before. She pumped him dry, watching each volcanic eruption of sperm being caught behind the latex. She smiled at him. ‘Thank you.”

He was brought back to reality and the shower by the sound of the shower door opening. She stepped in and kissed him under the water before taking his hard cock in her hands. She went down onto her knees in front of him and took him between her lips. He closed his eyes and focused on the sensation of her warm, sucking mouth and the water running over him.  Her hands were on his tight ass, pulling him deep into her throat. He looked downs at her head bobbing up un down with the water running over it. She was moaning with pure pleasure. He didn’t think he could get any harder than he was. He could feel his cock pulsating with a life of its own. She moved one hand around and cupped his balls with it, massaging gently. Her other hand pushed his ass cheeks open. He gasped in as he felt her finger slide into him. Her sucking became more urgent. He was moving his hips. The sensations where coming at him from all sides. He let out a roar as he started cumming. She swallowed a mouthful and then pulled him out of her mouth as he watched his cum covering her chin and chest. His entire body was convulsing with pleasure. She stood up, rinsed herself off, kissed him lightly and stepped out of the shower. What a start to his day.

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