Naked dinner

They had been online friends for almost a year before he eventually invited her around to his place for a braai. She felt very comfortable with him as he felt like an old friend. He was nicer in person than she’d perceived him to be on line. He made a comment about her being in really good shape, so she though he liked what he saw too, but there was no physical interest shown at all.

They had remained friends and have visited each other from time to time, either for dinners or swimming at his pool. They had an easy friendship that just seemed to flow. They often shared stories of their ‘romantic’ interludes with others.

Over the last few months, he’d become a little more suggestive in his chats with her. She wasn’t sure how to read it so just took it with a pinch of salt and replied in a joking way.

They were chatting in their usual manner one day when out of the blue she received the following message:

“How daring are you?”. She wasn’t sure where he was going with this so decided to just be honest in her responses.


“Do you trust me?”.

“Of course”

“Are you comfortable with me?’


“Will you have a naked dinner with me?”. Not at all what she expected, but she was willing to see where it was going

“Yes.”  No response for a very long time. She wasn’t sure if she’d said the wrong thing somehow.

“I was sure you’d say no. I’m glad you didn’t. So naked dinner at my place tomorrow evening then.”

“What are the rules and boundaries?”

“There aren’t any from my side. What are yours?”

“I’ll go with none for now, except that you need to have a heater on. If anything feels uncomfortable, I’ll say so.”

“Deal. I look forward to it”

She ensured that she was wearing her new matching LaSenza lingerie. She arrived at his place with butterflied dancing in her belly. She had no idea what to expect.

He greeted her as per normal and lead her to the kitchen where he was cooking and poured her a drink. They spoke about everything and nothing. She wondered if he had changed his mind so just took large sips of her drink. She noticed that he was putting his away quickly too.

“Dinner’s almost ready, should we get undressed?” He said.

“Let’s play strip spin the knife to make it fun” She suggested and fetched a steak knife from the kitchen.

The knife seemed to select them fairly evenly and they were both down to their underwear. She removed her bra and spun again. Dammit!, it landed on her again. She removed her last safety net.

He quickly removed his underpants too.

He showed her the blanket that had been placed in front of the heater and asked her to lie down on it. She did as instructed. Soon he had his hands full of warm oil and was massaging her naked body. It felt really good and helped her relax. He asked her to roll over and massaged her front, paying special attention to her breasts and nipples.

“Your turn!” She jumped up so that he could lie down in her place.

She filled her hands with oil and started giving him a really good massage. She knew she was good at it and his soft moans confirmed this. She paid special attention to the area between and below his butt cheeks. She slapped his side lightly indicating that he needed to roll over. She positioned herself at his head and leaned over his face as she stroked her hands down his chest. She moved to his feet and gave him a really firm leg rub. Just stopping short of his cock every time. She moved to his side and took his cock between her hands and started to give him a hand job. He was really hard and she could tell that he was enjoying it. She was getting really excited too and also wanted some attention. She quickly jumped up and went and fetched a condom. She put it in her mouth and knelt over him as she put it onto his throbbing cock. Before she could do anything else, he pushed her off him, onto her all fours and entered her from behind. He took her hard and urgently. “Oh my FUCK” it was so good. She pulled away from him and pushed him onto his back and mounted him and started riding him hard. She could feel her knees grazing as her pleasure was mounting. She didn’t care and moved faster and harder until she exploded on him. He threw her off him and lifted her legs up against his chest as he drove deep into her and took his own pleasure. His entire body shook with the force of his orgasm.

They both lay recovering for a few minutes. He was stroking her body.

“Let’s eat”




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