Doggy on the dunes

It was another beautiful day in Paradise. They decided to go for a walk along the beach. Somewhere the decision was made to walk the +- 7 kms to the next village.
They paused often to appreciate the scenery and a lot of kissing took place. The sun always made her horny and the animal chemistry between them added to it.

Before long, he was pulling her up the sand dune. There were no bushes or alcoves to hide them but they couldn’t see anyone else on the beach.  He stood in front of her as she kneeled in front of him trying to get his pants off.  Her frustration grew as she struggled with the knot. She felt like an animal on heat. She needed him. He eventually took over and managed to get the pants over his bulging thighs, releasing his massive,  engorged cock.  She looked at it hungrily and stretched her mouth over it. She could feel herself dripping as he seemed to grow even harder. She was moaning with pleasure.

After a while, he went behind her and pulled her pants down. He pushed her onto her all fours.Grabbing a handful of hair he took her hard from behind. She looked out over the ocean and focased on all her senses being stimulated. Fuck it was HOT! He used her body hard as she pushed back into him. She could feel every inch of his hardness inside her. Every nerve ending stimulated. She forced herself to regulate her breathing in order to hold back and wait for him. She heard and felt him as he got closer. She allowed herself to give in to her pleasure too.
‘Oh my FUCK’ she cried out as he roared his release.

He had to release her gently as she had no energy to stop herself from rolling down the hill.

It just kept getting better.

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