Beach Break

They’d known each other socially for a number of years but had never had 1 on 1 time so the call to join him and his friends on a beach vacation came as a surprise. She’d had a tough year and decided to take him up on the offer as a break would do her good.

It was day 3. They had had a great time together. The other 3 couples were happy to stay at camp and cook and drink. The 2 of them preferred exploring along the beach and local villages.

At 3am she’d rolled over and placed her small hand in his massive paw. It just felt right and so safe. He’d pulled her in close to him and she’d fallen back into a deep sleep, secure in his big arms.

They decided to go and get some beach time and to brace the winter water. They found a private alcove on the dunes with a small bush in front of them. They lay on their towels, soaking up the winter sun. He said something to her and she rolled over to hear him more clearly. As she looked down at him from the vantage point of resting on her elbow, she couldn’t help perving over his sculptured body. Without thinking, she lowered her head and took his nipple ring into her mouth. She rolled it with her tongue. She tugged at it with her teeth. He let out a soft groan. She pulled away and replaced her mouth with her fingers. She looked into his eyes for a second, confirming that he wanted her as much as she did him, before he pulled her into a passionate kiss.

She continued kissing his face, his ears, working her way down his throat and torso. Paying special attention to the nipples.  When she reached his trunks; she asked him to kneel in front of her. She slid them over him masculine hips and stopped to appreciate to size of his huge, throbbing cock.  What an unexpected surprise. She had to really stretch her mouth to accommodate him, but he felt so good. She used both her hands to add the the pleasure as one barely went around half of him. She paused to take in the moment. There she was, in paradise, on a sand dune, overlooking the bluest seas, with the most beautiful man’s cock in her mouth. Perfection. She proceeded to show him how much she was loving it and from his moans she knew that he was feeling the same.

She rolled him onto his towel in his back, stood above him where anyone who happen to look that way could see her as she removed her costume. She was so wett for him. She mounted him and slowly lowered herself over him. Feeling herself stretch to maximise capacity to accommodate him. She started moving slowly but he soon had his hands around her hips, moving her faster and harder. She couldn’t hold out and her whole body shuddered as she exploded, drenching him. He flipped her off him and entered her hard. She locked eyes with him as she watched his build up. He came long and hard and her body reacted with another explosion of its own.

They both collapsed for a few moments of recovery before racing each other into the ocean.

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