Car Service

He’s sitting in the reception, waiting patiently for the cars disks to be skimmed. …. He hears his phone beeping…

Before he has a chance to read the message, the receptionist walks up to him and asks him to go to behind the workshop.

Why would they not ask him to go into the workshop where they are busy on the car.?

Slightly puzzled, he does as instructed.
He sees her as soon as he rounds the corner. She is wearing just a workers over-all jacket with fishnet stockings and heels. She has one foot up against the wall. She smiles mischievously at him and beckons him to come closer with her finger.
He is grinning broadly and walks towards her. She puts her arms around his neck and pulls him in to her and kisses him.
They have somehow turned around and he is standing with his back against the wall.  She pulls away and undoes his button and zip holding his gaze the entire time. The smile has not budged off her face.
She drops down onto her knees in front of him and takes his enormous, engorged cock into her mouth.  She plays with it at first, licking, and kissing and stroking.

Just as his frustration reaches tipping point, she takes him in her mouth and sucks him hard.  He is very aware of the warehouse noises all around them. They are out in the open and anyone can walk around the corner at any time.  He looks down at her and see the roundness of her ass sticking out of the bottom of the shirt.  Moving in time to her sucking. It’s enough to finish him. He shoots into the back of her throat. She swallows and then pulls his cock out of her mouth so that his remaining cum runs off her chin and onto her exposed breasts.


Fantasy Date

She walked into the restaurant slowly and had a good look around at who was there. No one caught her eye. She walked over to the bar and ordered a drink. She decided to move to the far side of the bar where she had a clear view of the rest of the bar and restaurant.

She took a long sip of her drink when it arrived and cast her eyes over the patrons. Mostly men. No one with any promise at all. The only other woman was sitting at a table with what seemed to be a bunch of work colleagues, getting horribly drunk while trying to keep up with the boys. She was happy that wasn’t her.

She settled down to enjoy her drink. A movement at the bar caught her eye. She looked up from the message she was typing on her phone. Her breath caught…. The man that had taken his place at the bar a little way up from her was the HOTTEST piece of meat she’d seen in a very long time.  He was tall, with salon quality hair stylishly combed to the side, heavy framed glasses, a perfectly fitted 3-piece navy suite that stretched over his broad shoulders, polished shoes and a manly watch that just showed on his right wrist. She couldn’t help herself, she was perving openly. She was sure he could feel the heat of her gaze on him.

She took a long drink and tried to calm her breathing. She looked around the bar, trying to seem as if she hadn’t noticed him, but her eyes kept returning to him. She needed to get his attention. Should she buy him a drink? She decided against it as she knew that real men like to hunt and he was definitely a real man. She tried to focus on the TV in the corner playing the Olympics.

The barman was in front of her. He put a tequila down in front of her. “From that gentleman” nodding in the direction of her Perv. She looked up, caught his eye, smiled at him and lifted her glass and downed the drink. Finally!  She couldn’t stop smiling. He picked up his drink and walked over to her.

“I’m David” She took his offered hand. It felt like and electrical current running through her. “Mind if I join you?’

“Pleased to meet you David. Please do”

They made small talk for a while and had a few more drinks. There was an ease to the conversation as well as an underlying current of pure chemistry.  She couldn’t keep her eyes off him and found herself touching his arm to emphasize what she said continuously. She could see that he was enjoying the attention and he never took his eyes off her.

She excused herself and went to the bathroom. When she got back he asked her if she would like to move to the outside bar. He had already settled the bill. She liked his confidence. She followed him down the stairs, and found a table for them while he went to the bar to order more drinks.  He came and sat next to her at the table. She looked into his eyes as he leaned forward and hesitated just in front of her face. She had to physically restrain herself so that she didn’t kiss him. And then he did what she’d been craving so desperately. He took her in a long passionate kiss, taking his time to explore her mouth. She had never experienced electricity like that before. Tiny moans were escaping her.

“Please come home with me”. They agreed that she would follow him in her car.  He had his window rolled down and his arm leaning out. She couldn’t help perving over his very muscular forearm. She had a thing for sexy forearms and his didn’t disappoint.

She followed him into his complex and parked where indicated. He let her walk up the steps in front of him. She could feel his eyes burning into her ass. She took slow purposeful steps that she knew would show off her ass in the best way.  They stopped at the top of the steps to catch their breath and to admire the almost full moon shining down on the valley below. She could feel his breath on the nape of her neck as he stood really close behind her. It sent shivers over her.

He opened the door and she stepped in.  She had a quick look around and turned straight into his arms.  He wasted no time in kissing her passionately. There was an electric current running through them. It was almost tangible. He slid her jacket off her shoulders and tossed it on the couch. She quickly removed his jacket too. She took a moment to appreciate him in his waist coat. So old school, but so HOT!!! She took her time in removing it. They continued kissing. She let her hands wander to the buttons of his shirt and deftly undid them. She pulled away and ran her hands over his exposed, chiseled chest. She was breathing really quickly. She had to have him soon.

He seemed to feel the same way as he led her to his bedroom. He stood in front of her as he pulled her dress over her head. She let him admire her exposed body, clad only is sexy lingerie and fishnet stocking with her heels. His physical reaction was obvious. She went down onto her knees and undid his zip. She looked up into his eyes as she released his enormous, throbbing cock.  She took it in her hand and smiled as she saw that her hand wouldn’t go around it. She lowered her head and stretched her mouth over him. She started sliding her mouth over his shaft. Supporting it with both hands. She licked around his head and down the shaft and took his balls into her mouth, sucking gently. Her fingers sliding between his ass cheeks. Teasing. She made her way up again and took his cock deep into her throat. He moaned and pulled her off him. He lay her down onto his bed and mounted her. She was so wet that she stretched over him easily.  Her nails dug into him as her pleasure grew. He was so big that his cock rubbed every part of her. Her g-spot was swelling with every stroke. “Cum with me” he said. Her entire body contracted as he exploded deep inside her.

“Thanks Stud, what a fun date”

Naked dinner

They had been online friends for almost a year before he eventually invited her around to his place for a braai. She felt very comfortable with him as he felt like an old friend. He was nicer in person than she’d perceived him to be on line. He made a comment about her being in really good shape, so she though he liked what he saw too, but there was no physical interest shown at all.

They had remained friends and have visited each other from time to time, either for dinners or swimming at his pool. They had an easy friendship that just seemed to flow. They often shared stories of their ‘romantic’ interludes with others.

Over the last few months, he’d become a little more suggestive in his chats with her. She wasn’t sure how to read it so just took it with a pinch of salt and replied in a joking way.

They were chatting in their usual manner one day when out of the blue she received the following message:

“How daring are you?”. She wasn’t sure where he was going with this so decided to just be honest in her responses.


“Do you trust me?”.

“Of course”

“Are you comfortable with me?’


“Will you have a naked dinner with me?”. Not at all what she expected, but she was willing to see where it was going

“Yes.”  No response for a very long time. She wasn’t sure if she’d said the wrong thing somehow.

“I was sure you’d say no. I’m glad you didn’t. So naked dinner at my place tomorrow evening then.”

“What are the rules and boundaries?”

“There aren’t any from my side. What are yours?”

“I’ll go with none for now, except that you need to have a heater on. If anything feels uncomfortable, I’ll say so.”

“Deal. I look forward to it”

She ensured that she was wearing her new matching LaSenza lingerie. She arrived at his place with butterflied dancing in her belly. She had no idea what to expect.

He greeted her as per normal and lead her to the kitchen where he was cooking and poured her a drink. They spoke about everything and nothing. She wondered if he had changed his mind so just took large sips of her drink. She noticed that he was putting his away quickly too.

“Dinner’s almost ready, should we get undressed?” He said.

“Let’s play strip spin the knife to make it fun” She suggested and fetched a steak knife from the kitchen.

The knife seemed to select them fairly evenly and they were both down to their underwear. She removed her bra and spun again. Dammit!, it landed on her again. She removed her last safety net.

He quickly removed his underpants too.

He showed her the blanket that had been placed in front of the heater and asked her to lie down on it. She did as instructed. Soon he had his hands full of warm oil and was massaging her naked body. It felt really good and helped her relax. He asked her to roll over and massaged her front, paying special attention to her breasts and nipples.

“Your turn!” She jumped up so that he could lie down in her place.

She filled her hands with oil and started giving him a really good massage. She knew she was good at it and his soft moans confirmed this. She paid special attention to the area between and below his butt cheeks. She slapped his side lightly indicating that he needed to roll over. She positioned herself at his head and leaned over his face as she stroked her hands down his chest. She moved to his feet and gave him a really firm leg rub. Just stopping short of his cock every time. She moved to his side and took his cock between her hands and started to give him a hand job. He was really hard and she could tell that he was enjoying it. She was getting really excited too and also wanted some attention. She quickly jumped up and went and fetched a condom. She put it in her mouth and knelt over him as she put it onto his throbbing cock. Before she could do anything else, he pushed her off him, onto her all fours and entered her from behind. He took her hard and urgently. “Oh my FUCK” it was so good. She pulled away from him and pushed him onto his back and mounted him and started riding him hard. She could feel her knees grazing as her pleasure was mounting. She didn’t care and moved faster and harder until she exploded on him. He threw her off him and lifted her legs up against his chest as he drove deep into her and took his own pleasure. His entire body shook with the force of his orgasm.

They both lay recovering for a few minutes. He was stroking her body.

“Let’s eat”




Shower release

He was having a hot shower before he had to rush of and get to the days’ business.

His mind was full of the previous night’s excitement. After having sex on the couch and in the kitchen, they were in the bed upstairs. She was falling asleep, her body drained from all the pleasure. He wanted more, and he knew that she would appreciate one final explosion before she passed out.

He kissed her gently. Starting with her swollen lips, moving over her flushed cheeks, making his way down her throat, stopping to kiss the sweet spot at the nape at her neck, down to her very taunt nipples, rolling them between his teeth and tongue, down her stomach, her body started arching up towards him. He hesitated just for a moment before cupping her already engorged clit with his mouth. As he started licking and sucking, he inserted one of his large fingers into her. He was stroking her front wall. He could feel her g-spot already swollen from all the previous orgasms. He made sure that his pressure was gentle and rhythmic as he knew that she was quite sensitive. He continues to lick and suck with varying pressure and strokes. Her hips started moving. Slowly at first and then with a definite urgency. He could read her body and gave her what she was asking for. She contracted hard around his finger as she cried out and then everything was wet.

He quickly put on a condom and mounted her. She was so wet and tight. He knew it would take him a while before he could cum again as he’d already cum a three times over the last few hours. He was moaning with a mixture of pleasure and pain. He knew that she was extremely sensitive and even raw in some places.  He was building, building, building but not quite there yet. “Let me finish you off with my hand, please…”

He pulled out and rolled onto his back. She sat up on her haunches over him and took his encouraged cock into her small hands. She lathered it with lube. She knew just how he liked to be stroked mostly over the bulb of his cocks’ head. Within minutes he was moaning. He loved the way she seemed to get so excited by his mounting pleasure. Every now and again a small moan would escape from her.  She sped up, slowed down and sped up again bringing him to his climax. She watched intensely as the condom filled with his cum. She’d never given him a hand job with a condom on before. She pumped him dry, watching each volcanic eruption of sperm being caught behind the latex. She smiled at him. ‘Thank you.”

He was brought back to reality and the shower by the sound of the shower door opening. She stepped in and kissed him under the water before taking his hard cock in her hands. She went down onto her knees in front of him and took him between her lips. He closed his eyes and focused on the sensation of her warm, sucking mouth and the water running over him.  Her hands were on his tight ass, pulling him deep into her throat. He looked downs at her head bobbing up un down with the water running over it. She was moaning with pure pleasure. He didn’t think he could get any harder than he was. He could feel his cock pulsating with a life of its own. She moved one hand around and cupped his balls with it, massaging gently. Her other hand pushed his ass cheeks open. He gasped in as he felt her finger slide into him. Her sucking became more urgent. He was moving his hips. The sensations where coming at him from all sides. He let out a roar as he started cumming. She swallowed a mouthful and then pulled him out of her mouth as he watched his cum covering her chin and chest. His entire body was convulsing with pleasure. She stood up, rinsed herself off, kissed him lightly and stepped out of the shower. What a start to his day.

Doggy on the dunes

It was another beautiful day in Paradise. They decided to go for a walk along the beach. Somewhere the decision was made to walk the +- 7 kms to the next village.
They paused often to appreciate the scenery and a lot of kissing took place. The sun always made her horny and the animal chemistry between them added to it.

Before long, he was pulling her up the sand dune. There were no bushes or alcoves to hide them but they couldn’t see anyone else on the beach.  He stood in front of her as she kneeled in front of him trying to get his pants off.  Her frustration grew as she struggled with the knot. She felt like an animal on heat. She needed him. He eventually took over and managed to get the pants over his bulging thighs, releasing his massive,  engorged cock.  She looked at it hungrily and stretched her mouth over it. She could feel herself dripping as he seemed to grow even harder. She was moaning with pleasure.

After a while, he went behind her and pulled her pants down. He pushed her onto her all fours.Grabbing a handful of hair he took her hard from behind. She looked out over the ocean and focased on all her senses being stimulated. Fuck it was HOT! He used her body hard as she pushed back into him. She could feel every inch of his hardness inside her. Every nerve ending stimulated. She forced herself to regulate her breathing in order to hold back and wait for him. She heard and felt him as he got closer. She allowed herself to give in to her pleasure too.
‘Oh my FUCK’ she cried out as he roared his release.

He had to release her gently as she had no energy to stop herself from rolling down the hill.

It just kept getting better.

Beach Break

They’d known each other socially for a number of years but had never had 1 on 1 time so the call to join him and his friends on a beach vacation came as a surprise. She’d had a tough year and decided to take him up on the offer as a break would do her good.

It was day 3. They had had a great time together. The other 3 couples were happy to stay at camp and cook and drink. The 2 of them preferred exploring along the beach and local villages.

At 3am she’d rolled over and placed her small hand in his massive paw. It just felt right and so safe. He’d pulled her in close to him and she’d fallen back into a deep sleep, secure in his big arms.

They decided to go and get some beach time and to brace the winter water. They found a private alcove on the dunes with a small bush in front of them. They lay on their towels, soaking up the winter sun. He said something to her and she rolled over to hear him more clearly. As she looked down at him from the vantage point of resting on her elbow, she couldn’t help perving over his sculptured body. Without thinking, she lowered her head and took his nipple ring into her mouth. She rolled it with her tongue. She tugged at it with her teeth. He let out a soft groan. She pulled away and replaced her mouth with her fingers. She looked into his eyes for a second, confirming that he wanted her as much as she did him, before he pulled her into a passionate kiss.

She continued kissing his face, his ears, working her way down his throat and torso. Paying special attention to the nipples.  When she reached his trunks; she asked him to kneel in front of her. She slid them over him masculine hips and stopped to appreciate to size of his huge, throbbing cock.  What an unexpected surprise. She had to really stretch her mouth to accommodate him, but he felt so good. She used both her hands to add the the pleasure as one barely went around half of him. She paused to take in the moment. There she was, in paradise, on a sand dune, overlooking the bluest seas, with the most beautiful man’s cock in her mouth. Perfection. She proceeded to show him how much she was loving it and from his moans she knew that he was feeling the same.

She rolled him onto his towel in his back, stood above him where anyone who happen to look that way could see her as she removed her costume. She was so wett for him. She mounted him and slowly lowered herself over him. Feeling herself stretch to maximise capacity to accommodate him. She started moving slowly but he soon had his hands around her hips, moving her faster and harder. She couldn’t hold out and her whole body shuddered as she exploded, drenching him. He flipped her off him and entered her hard. She locked eyes with him as she watched his build up. He came long and hard and her body reacted with another explosion of its own.

They both collapsed for a few moments of recovery before racing each other into the ocean.