Play night

Tonight was play night. Ladies choice. She was really excited as she’d been learning a few new tricks.

She heard the car pull up and did a final check to ensure that she had everything ready in place.

As he stepped through the door she greeted him with a passionate kiss. “Welcome to Fantasia” she said as she blindfolded him. She took his bag from him and placed it out of the way. She led him by the hand through the candle lit apartment to the bathroom. She slowly removed his clothes. Kissing each exposed area of skin. Once he was standing in front of her totally naked, she gently assisted him into the warm soapy water and proceeded to wash him. His favorite music was playing in the back ground. She’d placed a glass of whiskey in his hand for him to enjoy while she sponged him down.

She took the glass from him and too a large sip herself. She kissed him and released a bit of the liquid into his mouth. He let out a laugh of surprise. She helped him out of he bath and took her time drying him off, ensuring that she reached every nook and cranny.

She spent a few minutes kissing him and then led him back into the room where she had the chair perfectly positioned. She seated him on the chair with his hand behind it. She tied them there. She stood behind him and removed the blindfold giving his eyes a moment to adjust to the candle light.

She slowly moved around the chair and moved to stand where he could take in  the full glory of her in her very sexy lingerie and stiletto heels. As the music changed to a sultry, sexy song she started moving towards him slowly, swaying her sexy hips.  She leaned in to him running her hands over her body. Seeing his eyes follow as desired. She rubbed her boobs in his face. She held his eyes for a moment before slowly turning around shaking her sexy ass. Bending over, stroking her legs, looking at him through her legs, up again, a slap on her bum (he liked that), turning around and walking around him, her hands running over his body, she stopped behind him and run her hands down his chest, then raked her nails up his chest, around his neck and through his hair,  around to his side,  heel placed on his lap, stroking her leg as she learned down to his ear “tonight I’m going to make you beg for me” she slid her leg over  him so that she was straddled over his lap facing him. She moved her body up and down his, letting her lips graze him, leg over him so that she was standing next to him, she moved behind him and loosened his hands and asked him to stand up. She smiled as she notices his big erection.

She placed his hands in front him and tied them in a rope cuff. She instructed him to kneel in front of her. She placed the noose she’d weaved over his head so that it fit loosely around his neck. He looked up at her questioningly.  She took his face between her hands and bent down to kiss him. She retrieved the blind from earlier and placed it over his eyes. He stood up and she lead him by the collar to the pull up bar she’d placed above the door. She lifted his hand above his head and tied tied them to it.  She ran her nails down his chest, all the way down his torso,  over this legs. Stopping at the ankles briefly before making her way up the back of his legs, paying special attention to the back of his knees. Up over his bum,  applying more pressure to his back, leaving visible trails. Her hot breath caressing his skin.

She walked to the front of him and went down on her knees. He let out a gasp when he felt the warmth of her wet mouth over his throbbing cock.  She locked her one hand to her mouth and used it as an extension for pleasure. Her other hand caressed his balls and slowly made it’s way between his legs, massaging his most sensitive parts. His mind was full of images as he experienced the tugging of the mouth and playing of the fingers.  She slid a finger into his ass.  He focused on relaxing into it and allowed himself to enjoy the forbidden pleasure.  She brought him to the brink of his orgasm and then stopped abruptly.
“Don’t stop!” But it was too late. He felt her body pressed against him as she stretched up and whispered in his ear…” I’m going to release you now, then I’m going to lead you to the bed where I am going to use your hard cock to take my pleasure. Once I’m satisfied, you may use my body for your release. Do you understand? ”
“I do”
She released him and lead him to the bed where she made him her Stallion.  She took off the blindfold so that he could watch her as she fucked him. “Mother FUCKER! !” He felt her wetness flood him.
She released his hands.
He pulled her to the edge of the bed and pulled her legs up against his chest. He entered her deep and hard.
His animal came out and he fucked her as if there was no tomorrow. She was so turned on by this manly side of him. Her body started contracting an vibrating. His growls were getting louder.  Her breathing was fast and she was moaning “ FUUUUUUCK” as her muscles grasped him, he let out the most guttural sound and exploded.

She liked play night.

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