Gym funnies

A sexy bitch has to stay in shape. I go to gym at least 5 x / week and follow a stringent weights program.

It’s often a challenge to leave my double down duvet bed to brace the cold and dark to make it in time to have proper workout and still get to work on time, but I do it. I always project myself to the feeling I have when I’m at the office after a good gym session. Not much can beat that.

To say that I’m not at my best at 5am is putting it lightly. I’ve been known to do a few very silly and forgetful things. I’ve opened my gym bag after a really warm shower on occasion to find that I don’t have a bra packed in. (Thankfully it was in winter so I just kept my many layers on.) I’ve had to go commando a number of times, and not by choice.

A little while ago, I was punished (by myself) for not getting up in time in the morning. I went to gym after work only to realise that I didn’t have any gym shoes packed in. I trained in my socks as I knew I couldn’t miss the session. I caught many strange glances, but I gave them a look that said “Didn’t you get the ‘no shoes’ memo?” I also made sure I trained arms that day.

My most recent adventure was on a day where I made it into the gym on time. I avoided that mirrors at all costs as I knew that I looked like the worst possible version of myself. I had woken up with a terrible sinus headache and puffy eyes and a swollen face. I didn’t really care what I looked like as I was there to train and not pick up anyone. (Thankfully there isn’t anyone at the gym who attracts me in the slightest either.)

I was training chest and back which involved a number of exercises using dumbells. I do supersets and do 4 sets of each. I find that I train harder than normal when I don’t feel well as I try and push myself to compensate for it.   I had finished my workout and took the weights back to the weight rack. As I placed the weights next to each other, I noticed something strange. I took a closer look and realised that I had been using 2 different sized weights!! I started laughing out loud right there. My day was made. I can be such a dumb ass at times!!!


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