The after party

They’d been out to a club and had a fantastic night. The dancing and kissing on the dance floor had become really steamy.

They decided to leave as they knew that the show they were about to put on was not appropriate for that club.
He was driving. She leaned over and started kissing his neck. He grunted as he struggled to stay focused on the road.
She undid his zip and released his engorged cock. She took it in  her hand and started gently playing with it while she kissed his neck.
“You’re so bad” looking at her naughty grin out of the side of his eye

Luckily the drive was not very long and soon he was pulling into the driveway.
He’d hardly turned the ignition off before she was climbing onto his lap. He quickly leaned down and pulled the leaver so that the chair shot back.
Her dress was up at her waist. No sign of any panties. He felt his throbbing cock enter her as she started kissing him. His movement was resricted by his jeans so she had full control. She was moving fast and hard. Her breathing had quickened. Small moans were escaping her.  She took his hands and put them on her hips so that he could assist her with her grinding. It didn’t take long before he felt her muscles tightning and she cried out as she came violently.

They went into the house. Straight into the bedroom, where he pushed her up agaist the wall. He quickly dropped his pants and entered her from behind. She was clawing the walls with pleasure as she pushed back into him as he repeatedly entered her. She was so wet, warm and tight. He controlled himself as he wasn’t ready to finish yet.

They moved to the bed. He had her on her back with her legs up against his chest. This allowed him to enter her deeply. She let out a gasp with every deep thrust. He looked down at her and she held his eye as she started stimulating her clit. Her hips started moving up and down and her hand was working furiously.  He loved the sight of her pleasurung herself. Her cheeks were flushed and she was moaning. ‘Oh my fuck’ as he felt her inner walls contracting hard around him. He started his magic rythm…. slow, slow, slow…. fast!fast!fast!
Her body picked up his rythm and she moved with him. He could hear her wetness as the rythm of her hand also changes.
‘I’m going to cum!’
And they both did

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