Fetish introduction

I’ve always been interested in different lifestyles and how they work and who they draw.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me if I would like to accompany him to a fetish party. I said yes, of course.

The theme was steam punk or black or fetish. I dressed in a short leather shirt with a steam punk themed top, high boots and fishnet stockings. I felt and looked the part.

We arrived early as instructed as there was a new comers tour at 8pm.  After paying our entrance fee, we walked through to the bar. I was intrigued by the people who were there already. Much to my disappointment, no one was wearing anything outrageous. Mostly tutus, corsets and heels for the ladies and black for the men. One or two dog collars on display and one young boy with only briefs and sitting in a corner.

There were various pieces of “furniture” on the dance floor. A wooden structure, a large suspension ring and a bench with leather padding. There was a DJ setting up on the stage.

We stood at the bar with our drinks and watched as groups of people arrived. Many of them seemed to know each other. The atmosphere was jovial.

I overheard one of the girls excitedly telling her friend that she was going to be tied up and suspended. A few of the guys took their shirts off and the conversations were becoming animated.

Just after 8 an announcement was made that all new comers should go to the back room.

There was a four poster bed, cage and other ‘toys’ in the room.  I was very keen to explore but had to wait until the intro was over. The ‘boss’ introduced himself and went through the rules. Nothing strange or unusual. He introduced the dungeon masters and explained each ones speciality.  I’d never heard of some of them… like needling and knifing. I wasn’t sure I was ready to be exposed to them yet. He also mentioned that the dungeon masters were happy to answer any questions we had.

We made our way back to the front room and everyone was welcomed and the birthdays for the month were read out. As the names were called, the people walked to the front. One by one they took their position bent over the leather bench and received 2 slaps from each of the dungeon masters. This indicted the opening of play time.

One of the guys without a shirt was tied to the wooden structure. The dominant started brushing his back with a flogger. As the skin started becoming pink, he moved further away and started hitting harder. After every hard hit, he went to the sub and asked if he needed to use the safe word. He kept saying ‘green’. I couldn’t watch too much of that so we walked into the back room.

We stopped and watched some rope work. It is beautiful, but I’m not sure I understand the appeal to it.

I walked to a ‘hospital bed’ at the back of the room. There was a girl sitting on it and another one had surgical gloves on and was inserting needles through her skin. There were a number of people standing around watching. Once again, I don’t understand the pleasure in it.

I looked to the side and saw a girl sitting on a lounger with her shoes on the floor next to her. There was a man kneeling in front of her worshiping her feet. Interesting to watch, but once again, it didn’t do anything for me sexually.

I looked to the four poster bed and saw a girl busy with a rope on a guy. There was something about their energy. I stood and watched for a while. I felt like a voyeur as their interaction crackled with sexual energy and passion. She seemed to take her time, stopping every so often to run her nails over his body. His entire body quivered with her touch. I couldn’t look away. There was something so appealing about what they were doing.

My friend didn’t feel the same and was getting fidgety so we moved on. We were just in time to see 3 rope bunnies being suspended. I found the way they were tied up fascinating especially since the basic rope work seemed the same but the way they were suspended was so different. One sitting upright, one leaning slightly back and the last one lying flat. I didn’t get the same sexual vibes from these girls.

I asked one of the dungeon masters what the difference was between the rope work on the four poster bed to this of the suspended ladies. He explained that the rope work on the bed is sensual and the aim of it is to heighten the sensitivity and pleasure throughout the body. He told me that knife work often goes hand and hand with it and offered to show it to me. I asked him to show me on my friend as I was very nervous.  He produces a double edged knife and proceeded to run it around my friends’ throat. When he saw the horror on my face, he handed the knife to me and showed me the it wasn’t sharp enough to cut. It was just sharp enough to scratch the skin and cause a pleasurable sensation. I like that.

We went back to the front room and watched a few more people being beaten with various whips and paddles. The most hectic one was a girl being beaten to bleeding. The thing that I found the most fascination is that no one made any sounds as they were being beaten. To me it seemed passionless.

My conclusion. ……

  • A lot of fetishes do not incorporate sex between two people.
  • Many “normal” looking people enjoy some form of fetish
  • I don’t understand most fetishes
  • I am very drawn to sensual play

One thought on “Fetish introduction

  1. I love this, quite open minded and candid. My fetish is going beyond taboos and finding freedom in alternative dimensions of feeling and sensing.


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