The young one

They met in a pub and had been chatting, getting to know each other, for a while. He’d suggested meeting often but she was hesitant as he was 14 years younger than her. She’d agreed for him to visit her twice, but both times he’s cried off due to illness.

“I’ve got to come through to your side of the world tomorrow night. Should I pop past for a visit afterwards?” She expected him to reply that he already had plans.

“Yes!! And you can stay over”

Suddenly she was excited and nervous. She’d never been with one so much younger than her before.

“Meeting done, the GPS says 25minutes. See you shortly” The butterflies were kicking in.

She walked in and put her bag down while he poured drinks for them.

She leaned against the counter and took her drink.


He leaned in and kissed her. They didn’t seem to be able to pull apart. It was the best kiss she’d had in the longest time. Her heart was racing. Her entire body was arching into his.

When they finally managed to separate, he lead her outside where they sat chatting for a while.

“You have beautiful eyes”

She blushed. She didn’t even know she knew how to blush anymore. This young, big boy was having a strange effect on her.

They went to sit on the couch inside as she was cold. Within minutes he was kissing her again. She found herself straddling his lap. Her body had a life of its own. Her hands were all over him. His all over her.

Suddenly he stood up, she was still wrapped around his waist. He carried her like that to the bedroom. He was so big and strong. (one of her biggest turn-ons). He lay her down on the bed and started kissing her again. He took off her top. She took off his.

“I’m going to kiss your whole body”. And he did. Her body was alive. It was arching into his lips. His hands where on her pants. He loosed the zip and she lifted her hips so that he could remove them. His hot breath was causing her to get very wet as he was kissing her through her panties.

She pulled him up to her so that she could get to his pants. She ripped his button open and pushed them down.

“Condom!” as he pulled away.

She took it from him as soon as he was back and put it in her mouth.  His big cock was throbbing as she took it between her lips, working them all the way down and securing the condom at the base with her hands. He let out a groan of pleasure.  She worked her mouth up and down, loving the feeling of the veins bulging as he grew more and more excited.

“Oh, my fuck!”

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. She pushed him back onto the bed. She lowered herself onto him slowly, watching his eyes dilate as he entered her. He was a perfect fit. Her muscles contracted around his hard cock as she moved up and down. His large hands on her waist aiding her movement. Faster, harder, deeper……

“Cum with me!!”

They cried out in unison and they exploded.

A few minutes of recovery.  She snuggled against him. All thoughts of age banished.  She started kissing him again. He was instantly hard again.

There was no wasting time. He turned her around onto her all fours and entered her hard. She was so ready for him. Her body recognised his, and moved with his rhythm.  Every part of her could feel every part of him as he went deep into her. She could feel the build-up as her body started vibrating with pleasure. His body responded and he pulled her close and banged her like a screen door in hurricane season.

She exploded over and over and was vaguely aware of him as he cried out and collapsed on top of her. She could only smile as her body continued to vibrate with pleasure for minutes after.

This visit was the best decision she’d made in a long time.….

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